Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (5/8) Movie CLIP - Veronica Fills in for Ron (2004) HD

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- What? - ( wailing )
I-- I don't-- I didn't understand one word you said.
Ron, are you okay? Ron?
( wailing )
Ron. Where are you?
I'm in a glass case of emotion!
He's gonna put corningstone on.
He's gonna put corningstone on!
I've got to do the news!
( ed snickers )
( clears throat )
You're not ron.
We're on in 10. Good luck, lady.
Ready the announce.
( clears throat )
- Power. - Roll in.
Power. Power.
One slip,
And you're gone. Whammy.
Announcer: And your reporter in the field,
Brian fantana.
It's channel 4 news at 6:00.
( clears throat )
Good evening. Ron burgundy is off tonight.
I'm veronica corningstone.
Tonight's top story:
- Okay, we're off and running. - Three armed men
Wearing ski masks made off with over $20,000 from an area bank
In a daring early morning robbery.
And the winner of the frog-leaping contest was hoppy,
With a jump of seven feet, 10 inches.
I used to date a guy named hoppy down in alabama.
He was quite a jumper, too.
( laughing )
That will do it for us at 6:00.
From all of us here at channel 4 news,
I'm veronica corningstone,
And thanks for stopping by, san diego.
- ( applause ) - all clear!
Yes! Yes!