Plastic Republic Trailer

Uploaded by UCLiGEM on 09.07.2012

This summer, we're looking beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean.
A hundred million tons of tiny plastic pieces float here.
This is what happens to our plastic waste. It ends up in the oceans and breaks down
where these pieces remain for hundreds of years.
Our project deals with this environmental disaster.
We are competing in iGEM, the world's largest student synthetic biology competition.
And our aim is to build synthetic organisms to clear these plastics from the ocean.
First, we're building organisms to safely degrade the plastic.
But we also asked ourselves: Could we collect the plastic, instead of just getting rid of it?
Can we use it as a valuable resource?
So, we're building a second synthetic organism
that can stick these particles together
into large floating clumps.
These large pieces could be easily collected and recycled
Ultimately our long term vision is to turn the pollution into artificial islands.
Giving new purpose to our waste.
You can now buy land on Plastic Republic.
Be ahead of the game and invest now in the future!