2004 + Lincoln Navigator / Aviator Shifter is Stuck - Won't move from Park or move

Uploaded by EricKirkhuff on 03.09.2010

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Full Video Link Below Save Time and $$
Full Video Link Below Save Time and $$
Full Video Link Below Save Time and $$
and that's part of the button
and and
this thing comes kind of disconnected ninety-degree very carrefour pulling up
you only have a certain amount that you could pull up
or you pull the wire for the overdrive should be really careful your when
you're messed around this thing
now the thing i couldn't figure out in one of the guys showed me was
you can just push down on this and that clears bisous fits around will ring here
so it's easy
he's finished screwdriver in their sof screwdriver and push down all the way
and this will come down
and then you take a screwdriver inherent
push in here
and this will snapped this down don't force it it comes down
pretty easy
reason why this is loose
is because this crew just tiny tiny tiny little screw
goes in
their and that walk this whole housing
more than likely been pulled up this spring fell out
and it's really a drag you get back into so if you're stuck somewhere in uganda
like at least get through this
spraying is what we turned his head pushing it down
so you can put it in park
right now if you go to work on this at all and you would have to key in the
but something on both sides of the tire so you don't lose the the car doesn't
grow right
so if i put this in the air
goes back
in britain drivers in
tried to call hundreds of people
and just broaden park
committed to kenya
but and you can hear when you do it
to hear that goes a little snot
there was a little re-elect
and the relay actually releases the card
so you can take it out
without that snap you're going to be in parking you have to leave your keys in
your stuck
now they want to return in fifteen dollars for this and about
two or three hundred dollars they would like five or six hundred dollars for
this whole shifter peace
what you don't really need
you only need to talk
if you've jack the wire
they're going to make you replace it still think that you can
probably fix that if you have any kind of you know take that to electric tronic
sky are like a car stereo place but take that why rotten try and fix it if i
would think
but for now the thing that happens is that screw you gotta leave out because
were actually going to put this back in here
and even if the housing
which i'm going to show you
kinda broke a little bit
it's not going to hurt it
so eminent get these are not camelot
hema stats here
and i'm gonna grab them
and i'm going to lift this up also carefully
i'm actually going to put it in gear so i can get in that to like
part at neutral so further
x to play with can't foresee
called for
inches fell into place you have to wiggle this side a little bit only bring
it over six years
after wiggled this just a little bit click very important
and comes to him
so now what i'm going to do
'cause i'm going to lift this up
and i'm also going to push a doubt the same time so i don't lose
you know and put this
in this whole
do not lose this spring
in there
he will be screwed
fits up in there
nitin pulled away
ham almost ready to put everything back together ok if it's good
take a printout tel aviv
so now make sure that everything stranded in place
push this down slightly
with the screw in
by the way they say use blocked right
i don't think so
okay 'cause and you won't be able to work on it
and deceived
it's locked okay now i'm super he works for you to her
put this chaperone
just like that
and all i really have to do
is coming here
and him to bring this up to bring that up and i'm done
seven hundred dollars avoided