Free things to do in New York Part 3 - Great Outdoors and Indoors and TV shows tapings

Uploaded by NewYorkHabitat on 10.06.2009

Free Things to Do in New York City
Hello, I'm David with New York Habitat.
I'm back with another video
dedicated to showing you more free things to do
in New York City.
Travelling can be expensive
especially when it comes to touristic activities
and food.
But don't worry my friends,
as far as food is concerned
I've got the answers for you.
If you haven't already done so,
hop on the New York Habitat website
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I've said this before and it's still true.
In a furnished apartment
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What time is it?
One o' clock
Well now with the food out of the way,
let's hit some free activities in New York City.
You ready?
If you love nature and the great outdoors,
you may be surprised to learn
that there are plenty of outdoor opportunities
here in New York.
So where are they?
Well if you guessed Central Park,
you'd be right
especially in the summer
When the weather is nice,
You're sure to find things like free outdoor concerts
and theatrical performances.
Don't believe me?
Just check out
with its full calendar of free outdoor concerts,
or for you thespians out there,
checkout Shakespeare in the Park
for some free,
quality theatrical productions.
Another one of my favorite parks
is Bryant Park,
located on the corner of 42nd Street
and 6th Avenue,
Bryant Park also offers tons of free things to do.
Like Central Park,
you'll find lots of concerts for free
throughout the year,
but also every summer they put on a great,
free film festival.
If you're looking to get wet,
head over to New York City
Downtown Boathouse
for some free kayaking.
Located in Riverside Park at 72 Street,
the Downtown Boathouse is dedicated
to providing access to the Hudson River
for everyone.
It's generally open from May through October
and is run by volunteers that will teach you
everything you need to know.
If you like to venture out of Manhattan,
why not pay visit to the largest metropolitan zoo
in the United States.
You can be one of two million people
that visit the zoo each year.
And if you go on a Wednesday my friends,
admission is pay what you wish to donate.
Of course just next to the zoo,
you'll find The New York Botanical Garden.
It's a collection of over fifty gardens
spread out over 250 acres.
Now that's a lot of plants.
And its free on Wednesdays
and from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.
If you're looking for some fun and entertainment,
don't forget that tons of American television shows
are filmed right here in New York.
Just behind me,
NBC Studios on 50th Street at Rockefeller Center,
is home to many shows,
including Saturday Night Live,
one of the most famous American shows
of all time.
So come get in line and get your tickets.
There are many other TV shows filmed in New York
that offer tickets to the public.
Hop on the internet,
and you can find out how to get tickets for shows
like The David Letterman Show,
The View,
Good morning America,
Live with Regis and Kelly,
The Today Show,
Daily Show with Jon Stewart,
and The Colbert Report.
And while you're online,
be sure to check out our website at
You'll find thousands of
furnished apartment rentals,
not only in New York,
but also in London, Paris,
and the south of France.
A furnished apartment is an exciting
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And as I mentioned earlier,
It's a great way to save money.
I'm David Hill.
Thank you for watching another video from
New York Habitat.
We hope to see you soon
in New York City.