How to add captions and/or subtitles with Apple DVD Studio Pro

Uploaded by AutomaticSync on 10.02.2010

>> Hello. This is a short how to video on how to create caption
and subtitle DVDs in Apple's DVD Studio Pro.
So let's get started in DVD Studio Pro.
So let's open a new project, and the first thing I'll recommend is
that you view your project in extended view.
If this is your first time, it will prompt you for basic, extended,
or enhanced I think it's called.
If you've already chosen those,
you can go under window configurations, and choose extended.
So your extended view looks like this.
So now let's import our assets.
You can either click the import button here, or simply drag and drop your video
and audio data here, and that will import.
And then we can just drag those down to our track down here.
And everything looks good.
Before we get, go along further, let's look at our video file and see what sort
of frame type it is, if it's non drop or drop frame.
This is important, so if it we import our subtitle file down here,
import subtitle file, we need to select the non-drop frame variety
to match the video.
So we've got one there, imported okay,
and let's apply the line twenty one caption file
to the video file at the same time.
So line twenty one file, again, it's got to match,
non-drop frame with non-drop frame video.
And there we are.
If we go to outline, now let's set some defaults here,
like a name for our disc, let's call it our demo.
And let's set the subtitle and audio defaults here.
If you click this view button down here beside subtitles, by default,
when it plays, it will play with the subtitles on.
It will be able to be toggled on and off
with the subtitle button on the DVD remote.
But let's add a menu so that it makes things a little easier for our users.
So let's click on the menu tab up here, and then let's select one
of the prefabricated ones down here like this.
And then we can add a title, something like our demo DVD,
we don't need a big description.
And we need a couple of buttons, subtitle on and subtitle off.
So let's look at the first one.
Let's call this one subtitle on,
and target would be our track one here, so track one.
And the subtitles would be subtitle stream one, and we want to view.
The other thing we got to do here is
under the style tab is have a descriptive name,
something like subtitles on, okay?
So let's move that one out of the way, there, and move subtitles there.
So let's call the second button subtitles off.
Okay? And we have their subtitles, but do not check the view box.
So what that's going to do is turn the subtitles off.
If it was checked it would make the subtitles display, okay?
Let's make sure our target is correctly set to be track one here.
And I guess the only other thing of note with our DVD here is what to do
when we're done playing our track.
So at the end we can jump back to the menu.
Seems like a reasonable thing to do.
Okay. Now we can give it a quick preview here with the simulate.
Of note, the simulate does not exactly work correctly.
It will not work as expected with, when you hit the subtitle button on again,
it will not toggle the subtitles on and off.
It will however, work when you burn the disc.
So let's go simulate, there is our,
well I guess we could put a picture in there if we wanted.
Subtitles on, that should display our video,
and we should see our subtitles down at the bottom here.
[ music ]
[ background music ]
>> Hey dad, are you not feeling well?
>> Okay, so when we hit the menu button, we go back to the menu.
And then let's try it here with the subtitles off.
[ background music ]
Okay, and we expect this subtitle button here to toggle it on and off,
but that doesn't work correctly in the simulate.
So be aware of that, and we basically just click the burn button
up here, and we'd be good to go.