Susan Boyle Final BGT Closed Captions Includes Result, Simon On Susan Future (HQ)

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Susan Boyle has gone from being A totally anonymous spinster
From a Scottish Village, to one of the most Famous woman on the planet in seven weeks
That brings with it massive pressure
The pressure has been overwhelming But I will have to put this aside now
For anybody this is intense Huge, huge, huge pressure
And now she's got to sing
It's the most important night of my life tonight When I step on that stage, fourty years Of dreams, a lifetime ambition
Please welcome Susan Boyle
I dreamed a dream
In time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love
Would never die
I dreamed that god
Would be forgiving
But the tigers
Come at night
With their voices
Soft as thunder
As they tear
Your hope apart
And they turn
Your dream to shame....
And still I dream
He'll come to me
That we will live
The years together
But there are dreams
that cannot be
And there are storms
We cannot weather
I had a dream
My life would be
So different from
This hell I'm living
So different now
From what it seemed
Now life has killed
The dream I dreamed
Well done Susan ( Thank you very much )
Fantastic reaction all our Judges on their feet
Cheering and Applause
How was that for you ? You've had a lot of pressure this week
But you went out there And performed like you really enjoyed it
I would just like to thank the people For all the support they have given me
Especially people at home The people in the audience
Everywhere, I would like to thank you For your support ( Thank you very much )
Its been a week full of pressure For all the acts here tonight
None more so than you, was that worth it In front of everybody here
Well worth it, well worth it To hell with everything
This is where you really feel at home ? On the stage, course i do
I am among fans am I not ? ( Yes, Cheering ) yes I think you are
Lets go over to the judges and find out Piers what did you think of Susan performance
Wow, Susan you've had a very difficult week An amazing seven weeks
But a very difficult week Where you been the centre of the world attention
There have been negative headlines Where you boiling over, cracking up
Gonna quit the show, all this kind of thing
And quietly all I kept thinking to myself was All you have to do, to answer all your critics
Is walk down that stage to that microphone Sing the song we all fell in love with
Sing it better than you did last time
Susan, am not supposed to favour anyone In this competition as a judge
I should be impartial, but you know what forget it That to me was the greatest performance
I've seen in Britain's Got Talent history You should win this competiton, I loved it
Thank you Piers Amanda
Susan I have never heard such powerful Confident vocals, you sung it so well this evening
And I'll just echo what Piers said really You and everybody this week have been under
An enormous amount of pressure, but you did it You did it for Scotland, you did it for Great Britain
Thanks Amanda
Can i just say Simon had a tear in his eye And I have never seen that before
Simon, Susan I don't know Whose going to win this competition
But you know you've had a wierd seven weeks
And you had every right to walk away from this
You could have walked away and had A lot of stuff coming your way in America
And a lot of people said you shouldn't Even be in this competition
That your not equipped to deal with it For what, so you can stay at home with your cat
And say you've miss a great opportunity And I completely disagree with that, i do
And you know win or lose, you had The guts to comeback here tonight
Face your critics and you beat them And that's the most important thing ( Applause )
Whatever happens Susan, you know I have got to know the real Susan Boyle
Which is not the person that's being Portrayed in the media
Who's still a very nice shy nice person Who still wants a break
You can walk away with this win or lose With your head held high Susan
I absolutely adore you ( Applause ) Thank you Simon
Some wonderful comments there Susan Must make you feel good, yes it does Thank you very much
Susan, hello my lovely how are you ? Very well thank you
How would you sum up tonight ?
Electrifying and quite an experience for everyone And to repeat a phrase we are all winners
And do you think you performed better tonight Than you did at the very first audition
The very first audition was very nerve-racking I think I performed a bit better tonight
The winner
Of Britain's Got Talent 2009 is...
Huge Cheering and Applause
Congratulations Diversity It obviously meant a lot
So with every winner there has To be a runner-up
And this year its Susan Boyle What a fantastic competitor
Susan how do you feel right now ? The best people won
That's very gracious of you You said to me you there came runner-up
To very deserved winners Do you feel that ?
I really do, they are very entertaining I wish you all the very best
That's very gracious ( Applause )
Susan can I just say on behalf of all of us On Britain's Got Talent
It has been amazing to meet you Thank you so much for taking part
We've all shared an incredible Journey with you over the last seven weeks
You have been phenomenal one more time lets Hear it for the runner-up Susan Boyle
Susan how are you feeling now ? I think the best people won
I really do Ladies and gentlemen Diversity
Susan what does the future hold now ? I hope to get an album out and who knows
Just play it by ear, well fingers crossed It been an amazing journey, but what a journey
Three words to describe your time on the show
Unbelievable, humbling, thanks for everything
Susan Boyle Thank you very much Susan
I am gutted for Susan because she Was there at the top all the way through
But she was incredibly gracious, beautiful What advice would you give to Susan
I think Susan has come out Of this very well
We've never had a runner-up Like Susan Boyle before
I mean the idea of Susan being second Is astonishing but she's won Over a lot of fans tonight
Not just through her singing ability But through her graciousness
And people have got to see the real Susan I think
She's a really sweet person She's got a massive future ahead of her
We thought Susan was going to win and Diversity won it so its great for the show
She was gracious though Wasn't she she was
And we said it on the show that lady Has had the most phenomenal seven weeks
Regradless of this show Put this show to one side for one minute
She has had the world's press On her doorstep
She hasn't just been on this show She's been in the newspapers every day
They are the ones taking pictures of her And she's been top of every news agenda Every day for the last seven weeks
And people have went through a mix of feelings They loved her, then they went off her now
And we had to remind people She's only performed three times
She's been unfairly put through This rollercoaster, it might be a blessing
She's come second tonight So she doesn't have the pressure She can start to enjoy it again