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Let me show you how to make flying jack-o'-lanterns. You know, it's a lot of fun to carve jack-o'lanterns.
It's one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. And, of course, the jack-o'lantern, well,
it's the symbol of Halloween. But why have a jack-o'lantern just sitting around when
you can them flying around? Let me show you how to suspend a jack-o'lantern where you
can hang it from a trellis, a tree, or your porch like a lantern, as in jack-o'lantern.
What you wanna do is carve your jack-o'lantern in the way you would like, make it as spooky
or as friendly as you like. Open up the lid, and what I wanna do is pierce through here
two holes where I can run a dowel. You can use a dowel like this, this would be the largest
you'd wanna use or something even smaller. Just something strong enough to suspend it.
Or you can use some sticks if you want it look really old fashioned and natural. And
what I'm gonna do is pierce this stick through the flesh of the pumpkin at about here and
here. This stick will serve as the handle from which I can hang the jack-o'lantern.
So, one of the best things to do is just use a cordless drill. I'm gonna come down from
the top of the pumpkin down to here about 2 inches, then I'm gonna drill in like this.
Over here the same way. Then it's just a matter of taking your stick or your dowel and pushing
it in and matching up on this side over here like that. Okay, now, it's a matter of just
making sure that our top still fits -- it's does, everything's in good order. And now
we attach the wire to the top to suspend it. And what I'm gonna use here is just some steel
galvanized wire. You can use any kind of wire you like. You could even use string or jute.
But I'm gonna wrap a piece of wire here on this side like that. Of course, the thinner
the wire the better because you want these to look like they're flying around above your
head. So I'm thinking about like that looks good. So I'll mark that, giving a little length
here, cut it off, wrap the wire around here like this, make sure it's secure. There we
go. Put on the top. And, as you can see, that'll hang nicely from a variety of places. One
thing to think about is that these things will rotate around. I've often carved the
backside of them too. Because when you pop in the flame or some way to illuminate it,
in this case, I'm using these little LED lights that fire up, they don't create any heat,
you can drop two or three of those in here, and it'll give you all the illumination you
want. And without having heat in here, your jack-o'lantern will last a lot longer. Anyway,
it's a fun idea. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did. And if you like this tip, share
it with a friend, and make sure you subscribe to eHow Home. Alright, let's do another one.