ValveTime Weekly News Round-Up - 11th November 2012 + Source 2 Announced

Uploaded by ValveTime on 11.11.2012

Hi, and welcome to the ValveTime News.
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Now, the news:
This time last week, it was Gabe Newell's 50th birthday
and some members of 4Chan's /v/ board were keen to celebrate.
A huge number of 4Chan members gathered together to create a huge poster,
the final version of which contains at least several hundred messages from fans,
all wishing Gabe well on his birthday.
A group of individuals traveled to Valve to deliver the poster in-person,
along with a wooden crate marked "Mann Co."
Gabe was then forced--yes, forced--to pay $2.50
in order to purchase the key for said crate.
The contents were then revealed to be--yes, you guessed it--a hat.
You're all probably sitting at home now, thinking,
"How in the world is this the biggest news story of the week?"
But wait!
Stay a while and listen; there's more to this story.
The visit to Valve was recorded by one of the visitors and posted to YouTube earlier this week.
Much of the video is quality isn't great and the video is only the first part of two,
which total at over an hour long,
but the most interesting piece of information is located about six minutes in,
when a visitor asks about Ricochet 2 and the development of Source 2,
Valve's new next-gen engine.
While, in the past, Gabe has always avoided answering such questions,
this time he was strangely open on the subject.
As you've just heard,
Gabe confirmed that Source 2 is a brand new engine
which has been in development for a while now,
as well that Ricochet 2 has started development.
As we all know, Gabe has used "Ricochet 2" as a disguise for the next Half-Life game in the past,
and this is one of the first times he has openly mentioned or discussed the project.
Even a few details were shared.
As for Source 2,
this is the first time anyone at Valve have acknowledged the engine's existence and development,
which confirms the leaked information we found in the Source Filmmaker
shortly after its launch was indeed leftover code from a version of Source 2.
We look forward to seeing how the development of Source 2
will impact the future of Valve games
as well as how this brand new engine could potentially innovate or forward
the gaming scene similarly to how the current Source Engine did back at its reveal in 2003.
Valve definitely have their work cut out for them.
The Steam Linux beta began earlier this week
and is currently exclusively available for the 1,000 selected applicants
who signed up for the beta survey.
If you're looking to participate, then don't worry;
more invites are being sent out sometime in the future, according to Valve.
Oh, and we really don't think it's a coincidence that the Steam Linux beta
began about a week or so after the launch of Windows 8.
Just sayin'...
Nexon, an extremely successful Asian game developer and publisher,
has partnered with Valve once again this week,
this time to allow Nexon to publish Dota 2 in Japan and Korea.
Valve have previously partnered with Nexon to develop
successful free-to-play variants of existing titles, such as Counter-Strike Online,
which was a major hit in the Eastern market.
The MOBA genre is extremely popular in the Asian gaming scene,
with games such as League of Legends thriving in the free-to-play-centric environment.
This is a big step in the right direction for Valve and Dota 2
as Doug Lombadi was quoted earlier this year as saying,
"getting Dota 2 into the Chinese and Asian markets was mandatory for the game's long-term success."
We're excited to see where this partnership will lead,
especially in terms of Dota 2's worldwide success as a game and as a dominant e-sport.
In other Dota 2 news, the game received an update this week
which brought several major gameplay fixes as well as new UI additions
and unreleased cosmetic items.
UI improvements include the ability to check courier animations directly from the backpack;
sentry and observer wards received a few cosmetic variants,
alongside the inclusion of the first cosmetic player mount, dubbed "bub."
We feel this marks an important point in Dota 2's development
as Valve expands the scope and potential for cosmetic items
beyond basic clothing weapon, or hair modifications.
Also included in the update was a variety of skins, portraits, and textures
for upcoming heroes Slark, Medusa, and Shredder.
The majority of Slark and Medusa content is now in the game,
including animated portraits and voice line subtitles,
meaning that their introductions are just around the corner.
Keep an eye out for their introduction in the coming weeks.
In merchandise news, Valve released a new Team Fortress 2-themed hoodie this week
with a Mann Co. theme.
There isn't really much else to say;
I mean, look at it! The damn thing has an attached mustache!
But, yeah, it's now available from the Valve Store,
so check it out in the link in the video description.
That's if I haven't already bought them all by the time this video goes out.
Although...really, I'm quite capable of growing my own mustache,
thank you, Nick...
Earlier this year, Valve announced a partnership with Adult Swim.
The first sign of their partnership was shown by the release
of a Robot Chicken-themed Team Fortress 2 hat--
Robot Chicken being one of Adult Swim's most popular shows.
The hat release was a move which didn't exactly inspire confidence in the community--
a point our editor Glenn will most likely agree with
after having to write about it as a news story a while back.
Ah...poor Glenn.
Anyway, the partnership was highlighted once more recently
during one of Robot Chicken's episodes in which a Team Fortress-themed short
was included in the typical Robot Chicken stop-motion style.
A link to a YouTube upload of the short will be available on-screen now,
in case you feel like watching it.
The Saxxy Awards are coming to a close in a few days
and Machinima creators everywhere have been trying their hardest
to win themselves one of the elusive golden statues.
Zachariah Scott, co-founder of the Lit Fuse Films group
and head of the Open Source Filmmaker Steam community group,
uploaded a new Team Fortress-inspired SFM short this week entitled "Bad Medicine."
Another creator, known as Brett Kennedy, has created "Pyro in Love,"
a light-hearted short about finding true love.
Both videos are extremely well-animated
and are great examples of how the SFM can be used to create high-quality work
in two totally ends of the emotional spectrum.
Now, we hear you cry, "Why?!
Why make a whole news story about a few fan videos?!
Why do you waste my time, ValveTime?
I come here for news!"
Well, Mr. Cynical-No-Fun, go and watch both videos and you'll see.
Don't worry, we'll wait for you here while you watch it.
Is he gone?
Okay, anyway.
Alright, so, let's wrap this episode up
and we'll get on out of here before he gets back.
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