A Clone's Life - Vorgeschichte Part 3 (DEATH WATCH)

Uploaded by 1stCloneCommander on 13.04.2011

I think it tries to
tell us something!.
Well, something chased it away.
Sir, here is something on the radar,
something huge!.
I‘m called like my rank: ARF.
Maybe you‘re asking yourself how I could
get in such an unfortunate situation.
Well, I‘m going to tell you: We had a perfect plan, minding all circumstances
except a mandolorian‘s deceit and artfulness.
We travelled together with an SGR-Team
to a uninhabited planet called KX-34.
But according to several Terra Scans there was life on it,
probably the mandolorian terrorists Death Watch.
We flew with a small ship
on to the planet‘s surface to infiltrate their base.
The mission was completely secret.
Gee, it‘s so hot right here.
You better take off your helmets
you might die with them.
Philes, the boss is right,
take that thing off.
No. It's alright!

Come on dude!.
We‘ll need you later!.
Come on guys, you won‘t argue
because of a helmet, will you?.
Sir, I found the base!.
Nice, let‘s go!.
Their protection, is too heavy!.
I suggest plan B!.
Damn, we won‘t get in unseen then.
Ok, Hawk start the
deflection maneuver.
Yes, sir!.
What are you doing here?.
I said: Freeze!
Outpost 4 to base: They
got in, I repeat: They got in!.
Roger, Outpost 4, we heard you!.
Sir, they got in!.
Show me!.
Ok, get them!.
What‘s that?. Let‘s move on!
It hit him at his leg, he
won‘t be able to walk for long anymore.
Hey you!.
Go take him away.
I‘ll try to stop them!.
This way!
What‘s the matter Philes?.
It‘s so hot in here.
Maybe I should take off my helmet!.
From now on the whole
situation was clear.
Deatch Watch has switched one
of our team to one of them.
So they could know any step we made.
Our plan had to fail.
Now we can only sit here and
wait till someone finds us!.