Children's Discovery Center Spotlight 2

Uploaded by LCCCGoldenEagles on 18.03.2010

The Children's Discovery Center at LCCC is serving up a well balanced child development program.
The difference between childcare and child development is
that child development is very focused on learning - educational opportunities all the time.
Being at the college makes that objective easier, because they have the entire college as their classroom.
We're expanding the opportunities that we have by being here at LCCC.
Our faculty here has been very supportive and helps us come up with some wonderful resources and ideas.
Ideas that get the college's teachers and students involved with the children in music, art and other activities.
The curriculum that we use talks to making sure the environments are always stimulating for discovery for children.
That stimulation not only comes from the materials, but the teachers play a key role as well.
We have very gifted teachers here that work with observing children individually.
Our facility isn't exclusive to children of LCCC students, faculty and staff.
The community is encouraged to come out and visit the center.
We encourage people to always get an application in.
Of course we want to accept the children as soon as we have an opening.
I'm Lisa Murphy with this Laramie County Community College Spotlight.