Survivor Israel VIP S06E12 [w/eng sub]

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Previously on survivor... (Yulia won a map to the hidden idol, and Turgi made Azam believe he has cheated on the girls)
Tinium - day 17
(talking about how they acted to fool Azam and how great this move is)
[anna] I think it's a masterstroke. Now they should have a good reason to think that we're not together
- the most important thing in this stage is convince azam to trust anat
- we now don't appear as a threesome for the merge
[itay t] they all believe in this beautiful lie
- (talking in 3rd person) trying to find the idol with Anat to feel fulfilled
(interpreting the instructions)
here, I've found it.
[itay t] yes! we got it
welcome to the duel for the right to stay on hope island
- i'm happy, yulia said she'll do her best for me.
- i'll do my best, but i have to admit it's not easy for me.
[yulia] i knew i didnt stand a chance vs Azam, so that helps to solve my dilemma.
each of your will stand on a swingins beam, attached to it is a ball.
you have to stay ballanced on the beam and not drop the ball.
the winner of each round wins a point, at the end of 3 rounds, the one with most points wins.
[yulia] ok, i knew azam wasn't favourite in this task, so now i have to decide if i go with my tribe or stay true to my word.
[yulia] this task was made for me, so if this is what the 'one above' wants, I'll do it.
azam drops the ball, 1 point to yulia
[oshri] i was afraid that yulia would be scared about her tribe reaction
yulia drops the ball. 1-1.
- it wasn't on purpose. -you thought that oshri thinks it was?
- yes, this situation isn't easy. my tribe wants me to lose. but I've promised oshri i'd do my best and i meant it.
- even if i'll go back to Dang tribe and said ive won for oshri and it will cost me the game, i was brought up being honest.
final round
Yulia wins the duel. Oshri stays on hope island.
[yulia] the victory had some bad feelings, I knew my tribe won't like it.
Harel, the game is over for you.
[harel] the game started poorly for me, i had to survive in an island alone, and that was my survivor experience.
- ana, azam is coming , lets go to him.
- ive lost and oshri stayed in hope island
(telling him they had a fight with itay... going on with the act about the alliance break up)
[azam] things have changed, i'm no longer at the bottom.
[anna] azam is very enthusiastic with the fact that 'the trio that threatened him has finally broken'
He feels he is our man right now
- okay, we need to sit and talk. - what happened?
- i've won...
(telling them about the task, and how hard it was for her)
[natalie] she's so stupid, she could improve her status in the tribe, and she failed.
- (yulia) natalie, don't do that face - (natalie) all this for another clue
[yulia] i saw their nails go like this... i knew i had to stay calm.
(going on in details about the task, trying to tell them she was much better than azam at it)
[natalie] i don't buy it, it's easy to lose if you want to
- I had a dilemma, I didn't know whether to lose or win - a dilemma?
I was completely torn. I wanted to lose, but I couldn't
[itay s] i can't trust Yulia now...
- you were in great position in our tribe and now in the other tribe with turgi and oshri
- (yulia) But you got a strong alliance... - (itay s) a strong alliance? if Oshri comes back he'll join turgi, ana... and you saved his ass
(itay keeps saying this move was bad to the tribe)
- (yulia) My heart was torn... I can't explain it
- (natalie) you said to us that you would lose - (yulia) I did not say that
- Look me in the eyes and say that. I asked you 'are you going to win?', you said 'no'
- you lied to everyone since day one.
- Everything I've said is true, ask any of my alliance members
[natalie] I always feel that Yulia searches a backup plan
[moshe] yulia is confused, natalie and itay are yelling at her and she is crying. I'm on her side.
Tinium - day 18
[anna] I think we went too far with staying away from turgi
- I'll call Turgi and deal with it.
[itay t] I think the girls are getting 'soft'.
[azam] i'm happy. Turgi is getting weaker and i'm getting stronger.
(going on and on and on about this act to fool azam Anat doesn't want to overact)
- where is yulia? - she went to look for the idol.
coming up...
(yulia reads the clue and prays to god to help her find the idol)
- if yulia finds the idol, at the merge she will join Turgi.
- i saw her map, i know where the idol is. she went in the opposite direction.
[itay] buki and yulia are best friends, but when he is in danger, he'll do anything.
[buki] i went to help yulia find the idol and i told them that i'm going to steal it.
[buki] yulia is my ally and I won't cheat on her, even if it cost me the game.
[yulia] buki was in the boy scouts... so I let him navigate with the map..
hi, I'm yulia, I'll look after you
[yulia] It is in my hands, nobody can take it from me
- no one can know that I have the idol, you're the only one who knows. the game starts now...
- did you find it? - no, not yet.
[itay s] i really hope yulia didnt find the idol, but to be sure i'll have to check it with Buki.
(buki saying she didnt find it and neither did he)
(buki gives itay false instructions about how to find the idol...)
[itay s] buki was talking and talking... but at least i understood that Yulia doesn't have the idol.
So she is going home unless she wins personal immunity.
welcome Dang tribe to the personal immunity.
- each one will stand and hold a tray, on top of it will be a ball.
- the goal is to not let the ball drop. every few minutes you will add a ball.
- the last one standing will the balls, wins the immunity necklace.
ready? go!
buki the first to drop the balls
[buki] again im out first, and im in danger of being evicted... the one who casted me is an idiot...
itay drops the balls.
- 40 minutes in the task, time for the 5th ball.
(natalie wants yulia to lose and yulia wants natalie to lose...)
- natalie is out of the task.
[moshe] i knew itay and natalie counted on me to win so we can evict yulia, but it's difficult for me to be responsable for yulia's eviction.
moshe drops the balls, yulia wins personal immunity
[itay] yulia is safe, so buki will be the one going.
- is there a chance any of you will join me and evict someone else...?
(no one takes the offer...)
- this eviction is not a blindside, it's clear
[buki] yulia has the necklace, so i'm going home. for me its huge that i wasnt the first to go.
- so just tell me, are the 3 of you in alliance? let me know where i stand
- i can't vote for anyone else. - what would you have done in our place?
(buki says he understand, and he wish he could stay, the other says they'll fight for him on hope island)
- yulia you can also vote for me so it is easier for you.
[yulia] they are so sure of themselves. buki is my best friend here and i won't allow them to treat him like that.
coming up...
(talking about last tribal and the move they made to evict oshri)
(talking about oshri's good vs evil style of playing the game)
(yulia defends oshri and says natalie was wrong about him.. natalie doesn't agree...)
(now itay vs yulia about oshri being honest/liar)
(itay says he just made the move before oshri had the chance to make one and now yulia gave him another chance in the game)
(yulia says it was a difficult situation, and that "you weren't there" )
(natalie says yulia gave her word she would lose)
(yulia says: i've only told you 'not to worry...')
(yulia said she promised oshri she would do her best, and she couldn't go back on that)
(now talking about moshe's decision in the negotiation hut - giving the idol clue to anat)
(moshe says he thought he made a good move, but after he got back he was told it was a mistake)
(itay says the largest mistake was giving Turgi all he wanted)
(itay says that helping turgi is bad for him, since turgi will want to revenge oshri's eviction)
moshe: it was me who wanted to give the map to yulia, it's wasn't turgi's idea.
(moshe: it's time for me to be a man, and stand up for myself)
(yulia wants to know why she's not in the alliance and always the one who suppose to get evicted unless she wins immunity)
(natalie asks why she's only mad at her and not at buki who's done the same)
(buki defend himself and says he is not part of their alliance)
(natalie says buki wanted to join their alliance and he was willing to vote yulia out)
(buki says natalie is lying... natalie says buki is lying... )
(buki says they never took him as part of their alliance, and with yulia winning immunity, he is going home)
before the vote, yulia, you can give the necklace to somebody else or you can keep it
I keep it
coming up...
[itay votes Buki] i have no choice, i had to stay true to my alliance. i'll fight for you in hope island.
before i read the results, if anyone likes to use the idol, now is the time.
I'd like to use it.
to show that i'm loyal, I'll give it to Buki.
(buki says something about his kids taking care of him)
yulia: father and daughter.
first vote: buki - does not count.
buki - does not count.
buki - does not count.
Natalie. 1 vote to natalie.
the 7th evictee of survivor vip is...
Natalie, the tribe has spoken
thank you for the great experience, I love you.
next time on survivor...
[natalie] I can proudly raise my head and move forward, I did do everything to stay in the game.