Fighting for the Environment

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Background:  An international group of scientific experts came out today and said under no certain
terms that global warming is real and is almost certainly caused by what we humans do to this
Professor Joan Brennecke: When you drive by a power plant what you see is water
vapor, but also coming out of those stacks is carbon dioxide.  
Professor Edward Maginn:
CO2 levels are increasing across the world, this problem is only going to get worse and
we need to figure out ways to deal with this.  
Jessica Anderson: My name is Jessica
Anderson and I'm 27 years old, and I have been a graduate student here at Notre Dame
for four years now.  Human beings are large consumers of energy, the consumption of this
energy and electricity especially, is contributing to global warming.
Brennecke: We're going
to have to find other ways of generating the power and energy that we need or we need to
capture the CO2 we produce from the burning of fossil fuels.  What we are trying to do
is develop new technology that uses ionic liquids that can absorb the carbon dioxide
to remove it from the flue gas, hopefully costing a lot less and being more efficient.
Narrator: Due to the work being done by the Department of Chemical Engineering,
the University of Notre Dame is widely recognized as one of the nations leading institutions
fighting to contain carbon dioxide emissions.  With the support of the Department of Energy
and numerous corporations, Notre Dame continues to take on one of the most harmful contributors
to global warming.  
Brennecke: This fits really well with Notre Dame's mission, we're
trying to make the world a better place, we're trying to use technology to fight for improvements
in our environment.  
Narrator: The University of Notre Dame asks what would you fight for?
Fighting for the environment.
Brennecke: We are the fighting irish.