Fight Obesity Ride

Uploaded by OkStateNews on 13.07.2010

My family has some issues and it's one of those things people don't like to talk about.
Therefore, I thought this might be a roundabout way that I could talk to them about it.
And also just being active myself and fit.
When I was younger at OSU I'd put on a little weight.
It's just something I see that's such a damaging devastation and our
adults and children out there. Therefore, I didn't just want to do this ride for myself.
Like Zig Zigler said,
if you help enough people get what they want in life, you'll have everything you ever wanted.
Hopefully there's enough momentum and keep making contacts that I can get there and get some publicity that way.
Then I'll have a leg to stand on and people will have me come into communities and
talk and visit and find ways and solutions to help their obesity and overweight issues in their communities.
They're the ones getting real close to getting into leadership positions and to do more than just put the
blinders on. Be more active and don't just do your job. Be active in trying to change the community policies and
activities around wellness, health and nutrition in your communities.
Because it's ultimately the leadership in the community like the teachers, the police, mothers, fathers and grandparents
that kids are going to mimic.