Thigh Massage & Legs How to Techniques; Full Body Spa Therapy ASMR Massage

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How to Massage Thigh & Legs Techniques & Tips; Complete Spa Body Massage
>>ATHENA: This is Athena Jezik
and we are going to continue doing massage,
how to do, how I do massage on the leg,
on the back of the leg.
We did the front of the leg, so this is
pretty much the same, only you have more muscle here.
The gastrocnemius and soleus muscles
are more accessible from the back.
You want to do the thumb iron,
at least this is what I do.
It's what I have found most effective
in the years I have been doing this.
I just find a routine that works
and work it over and over. That way I know I am
quite polished on it and I am able to get from
origins to insertions, and my hands
really do know what to feel for.
I would suggest that if you are a body worker
to get a routine for your massage.
There is nothing worse than somebody working
on your back, and they are just going all over the place
and they don't really know what they are doing.
They do half the back one way and half of the back
the other way. It's just very sloppy work in my opinion.
So I would recommend you learn from that
and work from one muscle group to another
with a lot of ease and flowing movement.
It makes it much more relaxing.
Massage therapy is more for relaxation.
It does help circulation.
It does help in that regard, so you want
to make sure that what you are doing with your
routine is also going to be a relaxing experience.
We're going to do some
[short pause]
petrisaging, circular motions,
a little bit of kneading.
Now the inguinal triangle does not extend to the
back side of the leg, so you can come up
a little bit tighter into the bending area
to the hip where it attaches
and then up into the gluteus muscles.
Let's get those thumbs in there
and work them real good.
[Pause] [cough]
And a nice little pull on the leg as well.
Now sometimes, too, we can bring the leg up
and give a stretch on the quadricep which is the front,
and when I do that I take it up and
just lift the leg and give the hip a little motion this way,
and this way, and also a little stretch coming this direction
and back down.
Sometimes if they are real real relaxed on the table
I don't move them very much.
Sometimes there's a little more conversation that goes on.
Massages really change from person to person
and sometimes something happens right before they come in
and they need to vent and talk about,
so when it's a little more active massage
with more conversation I will tend to move the body
a little more than if they're deep in relaxation
or sleeping or just in a deep space
because I don't like to disturb them by moving the body.
It's just a preference that I have.
Most of them probably wouldn't notice,
but I just chose to be a little quieter with them
if they are sleeping, or if they're deep.
And then we do the same thing on the other leg.
I know that when you're watching this
it probably doesn't look like a whole lot is going on.
The amount of feeling that goes on
underneath my hands
and the amount of communication that goes on
underneath my hands because of the training
and experience that they've had
over the years is quite different
than what it looks like.
So to really master massage
it does take that deeper sense of
paying attention to what the body is really telling you.
People can mechanically do the work and get some result,
but when you really tune in there's a different quality,
not only to the work done
but to the experience of the person on the table.
And just do know that if you're wanting to get
into this kind of work, it does have
quite a bit of demand on you physically.
You have to position yourself well so as to not
blow out your wrists or your hands.
There are always a lot of sheets to wash.
After you get the routine down
and you have a lot of people coming in,
if you're not having a lot of fun
exploring what the body is saying to you.
it can become quite a boring job
even though you may love every person that comes in.
It's just work that is repeated
sometimes many times a day
which is another reason why
that it's nice to have extra tools
such as, in my case, lymphatic
and cranial sacral, because I can blend
a little bit at times and make the work
a little more interesting and personalize it
a little bit more than if it's just
a standard protocol to follow
which is something I think medicine is in need of
which is to personalize the therapy
or personalize the treatment
rather than make it a one-size-fits-all
medications or exercise or whatever it is,
because everybody is a little different
in the way their trauma happens
and in the way their healing is going to happen.
Some things just work better for people than others.
To find that is where the true healers are
going to shine, because otherwise it's just
following a protocol you've learned,
which may or may not give good results.
The other thing is you want results to happen
fairly quickly.
Ok, So with that you take a look
and stretch a little both legs.
I'll do this little stretch here as well.
Take it down, don't take it too far.
And there we are.
OK, this is Athena Jezik. For more information
please visit my website
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