PubH 6045: Skills for Policy Development

Uploaded by UMSPH on 27.11.2012

Public Health 6045 is a class that I think would appeal to a great many students - students that are interested in public policy
as well as students who are going to work in public health, as well as other professional fields.
This is a class that really is about skill development. What I ask students to do is pick one policy
topic that they will use and focus on throughout the entire 5 weeks of the course. They will do fact sheets and resolutions,
give testimony, and do practice media interviews related to the policy topic that they select. Students have selected many
different types of policy topics, from things related to obesity to alcohol control to tobacco control to public housing.
You'll do practice media interviews, practice testimony, practice interviews with policymakers, and learn
about strategy which could certainly be applied to policy work as well as many other types of professional work.
Many of us, as professionals, get asked to do testimony down at a city council
or at the legislature and it's very frightening if you've never thought about
how to do a testimony or a media interview and all of a sudden someone sticks a microphone in front of
you, and you have to do this media interview for the first time.
So whether you're doing policy work or some other type of professional work, this class will
give you some of the skills that you need to succeed in future professional roles.
I would definitely recommend taking this class. It's only five weeks. It packs a lot of punch in five weeks.
We had great guest speakers, we got immediate feedback on our exercises. You come out of
five weeks with a body of usable work.
It was very interesting, the professor was dynamic, we had a lot of fun,
and I learned a lot about other people's content areas and policies a lot too and that ways always really fun.