Walk-in Medical Centre

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Take a seat right there
My name is Chris, one of the nurse practioners here at the walk-in centre. How can I help you today
So at a nurse walk-in centre we take care of minor illnesses
injuries, things like common colds
flus, earaches, sore throats, minor headache
minor lacerations that don't require deep repair.
And so if we do get a patient or a client that does require
more in-depth assessment or dianostics such as
laboratory tests or imaging we will refer them on to
the emergency department or to the GP as appropriate.
I think that overall when we are able to treat them in the clinic they are very satisfied.
Overall the walk-in centre patients seem to
be very gratefull for the fact that they could come in here, not have any
costs incurred to them. In the past few weeks have you had a cough or any
earaches at all - no, no, ok. You should consider working in a
Australia because the world is your oyster here
so much opportunity. You find that
when you are in the US or Canada that you
you are not given a lot of opportunities because you have to fight against so many other people
that are fighting for that same position. Im just
compare, can you just put both hands up together for me I just want to compare
both hands. Nursing in Australia
is a profession to be proud of
and the wonderful opportunities out there
I think if you actyally give evidence of
that you want to learn and add value to the profession
that you are going to be supported. There is a lot
look forward to as advanced practice. I am just going to
not being a meanie I am just going try and see, establish where most of the
pain is OK? I've embarked on doing a masters degree in nursing
nurse practioner, and i've been given
opportunity particulaly working at the walk-in centre it's actually
supported my studies. I came from South Africa and being english speaking
I had'nt expected language difficulties
but I seem to say the wrong words a lot of the time but
it brought a lot of fun and I made '
a lot of friends with those mistakes. It's been
a wonderful experience. I dont regret
for a moment coming to Australia