The Scorpion King (3/9) Movie CLIP - Punishment For Stealing (2002) HD

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[Apptause, Cheering ]
No! Let me go! [Grunting ]
l didn't doanything!
You know the penalty for thievey.
[ Whimpers ] Oh, no.
lntruder! Intruder!
Follow me!
- You again. - How do l get outta here?
Through that door.
What's that?
lt was meant to be a means ofquick transportation,
but there was a little problem with the landings.
- [ Pounding On Door] - [ Man ] Open!
- Ope_t - Don't touch that. You'll set it off.
[ Commotion ]
Oh. [ Giggtes ]
A man.
What is this place? Lord Memnon's harem.
- But he visits so rarely. - And it gets so lonely.