Matthew 'Sash' Lenahan: Season Wrap-Up

Uploaded by thecorcorangroup on 05.01.2011

Hey everyone it's Sash, just an end of season wrap-up. I had a great time for the finale
out in Los Angeles. I was out there with my Mom, sister, some of my best friends from
college, my girlfriend came out too. We had an amazing time. I was also able to reconnect
with some of my best buddies from the show, Brenda, Marty, of course Fabio and Chase.
The whole cast had a great time, lots of fun, and hopefully I'll get to see them again sometime
On another note my colleagues at The Corcoran Group have been helping me out with my Team
Sash Facebook Fan Page all season long, and I'm going to be taking over the reins now
answering all your questions about real estate, anything about the show, it's going to be
lots of fun. So, continue to send me your comments, videos, everything has been so much
fun this season, and now you'll get it directly from me.
I want to give a big shootout to all my 'Sashtastic Super Fans' out there, Edwin, Gloria, Dawn,
you've been so great and amazing all season long. I've been reading all your posts on
the Team Sash Facebook Page and throughout everywhere else online. It's been great, let's
just continue to stay in touch, and keep the comments coming in.
I want to say a huge thank you to The Corcoran Group, especially Matthew Shadbolt and Mike
Adorno, who I've been working with all season long. They've been helping out on the Team
Sash Facebook Page, and Corcoran's YouTube Channel, everything has been spectacular.
I'm going to have some more videos coming out later in the year, not quite so regularly,
but you'll definitely be seeing much more of me in the future. You can reach out to
me on Corcoran's agent page, you can reach out to me through Twitter, through Facebook,
by any means you want, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch. Go Team Sash!