Ghamandee (2009) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie

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Ok, go on.
Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
Have a nice trip, sir. - Thank you.
The crowd here is larger than in a cricket match.
These days, people have started liking other sports too.
There is no liking and no change.
They look from the sides if it is volleyball..
..and look at it lying down if it is tennis.
When they'd look at Shalini what would they have in mind?
Oh hell! She missed the net! -The ball didn't reach the net.
What kind of a build-up is this? -Forget them, pal.
See the girls there. They're bouncing the ball all the way.
They pass it around and make a throw towards the net.
That is female psychology that l don't like.
How is psychology involved in throwing a ball?
The way a ball is bounced around and then thrown in the net..
..they take their lovers use them around themselves..
..and in the end they ditch them and move away.
You think a lot, friend. -This comes automatically, pal.
lt must have been 11 last night.
Shalini called me and.. My dear, my darling.
Listen to your heart.
My youth is for you. She sand this and harassed me!
Why doesn't she tease you when l am around?
You don't understand this technique of girls.
What is the technique? -They'll stay with us all day..
..but won't look at us or talk.
However, when it is night, she feels affectionate.
Her love is such that she doesn't bother about her father..
..and put on a blanket and make a phone call.
Look at her smartness. She sends me a missed-call.
l call her back like an idiot.
The result is that we are ditched in place of love.
lt doesn't matter what happens today.
As soon as the game is over l'll admit my love to Shalini.
Shalini. You are.. - Shut up!
Look at who is talking to her first.
Who is that interfering rodent?
Simply superb!
l don't know what to say to you.
You can say anything. - lt is nice.
But l cannot accept whatever is written in this.
What do you know about me?
We must have met each other just two-three times.
The first time, l was introduced to you.
You met me near a traffic signal.
Then again on a corridor. That's it.
ln such a little time, all this? - Shalini!
Look Avinash.
As far as l am concerned love which ..
..involves understanding each other very well..
..knowing the positive, negative good and bad of the person.. a long standing one. Understand?
Love at first sight is called fatal attraction.
Did you see that? You idiot!
lf l would be passionate and tell Shalini about my love..
..this is what would have happened to me too. -Correct.
Not just one year, even if it takes ten..
l'll know her well. Only then will l admit my love.
lt's good that l was saved from a slap. - You are done for.
Before you understand her and admit your love for her..
..someone else will take her away.
Listen to small things, my friend.
Understand it if you can, otherwise they are worthless.
Listen to small things, my friend.
Understand it if you can, otherwise they are worthless.
Everything happens in this short life.
Some people gain and others lose.
lf you want to live in this world..
Live on! Live on! Live on, full on!
Don't care about the world, friends.
Don't care about the world, friends.
Listen to small things, my friend.
Understand it if you can, otherwise they are worthless.
Don't be like Hitler or Buddha.
We will walk on the path that we would like.
Don't be a believer or an atheist.
We do whatever we think is right.
We don't get our goals if our life isn't going right.
Everything doesn't go right with just wealth.
Don't worry or regret about anything.
Just go on slowly.
Don't care about the world, friends.
Don't care about the world, friends.
Listen to small things, my friend.
Understand it if you can, otherwise they are worthless.
Listen to me my ally.
Life is a poem. Read it till the end.
Life, this very life.
Live this life happily for as long as you wish.
Don't trust things such as fate.
Whatever may come on you, don't worry about it.
Don't think that it's nonsense. You can do what you want.
Don't care about the world, friends.
Don't care about the world, friends.
What did you do just do? - l jumped.
You jump without looking at people sitting there.
Sorry, l didn't pay attention watchman. -What? Watchman?
Do you think l am a watchman? -You aren't a watchman?
A gardener then? A waiter?
Are you that?
l am a student of this college.
Why are you looking at me like this?
What is it? - You are a student?
Why? - lt is good that you told me.
l thought you were something else. You would.
Why wouldn't you misunderstand? What is your name then?
Sachin. - He is hitting a six without a bat. -What's your name?
Tell me your real name. -Makhanlal.
Did he ask you? Did he?
Forget it. l have found it now Makhanlal.
Leave that. Tell me something.
You're the only one in this college who is dressed well.
Young people are just like this.
Didn't you hear me? This is how the youth are.
The mister is young. -Are you telling the world?
Tell me this. -What? -l have heard that someone has been..
..studying for nine years in this college in the same class.
You are him, right? - Yes! That is him.
There is a reason behind it, boy.
You forget the professors who taught you throughout the year..
..pass out and don't value a favour. l don't.
To serve those professors till l die..
..l have been studying in the same class for nine years.
Only serving your parents isn't enough, kid.
You also must serve teachers who give you knowledge.
l am the only one who does this service, understand?
You can call it 'failing' too. -Look..
..talking with attitude and jumping around won't work here.
Go to your class quietly, study, pass and get through.
This will bring pride to seniors like me.
Ok, l'm leaving. Bye. - Come here.
Go there.
You said that you assumed something else on seeing me.
What was that? - Forget that.
Tell me. - You will be embarrassed on hearing it.
Embarrassment? Say it in my ears then
l'll have a headache if you don't tell me. Go on!
l thought you were a pimp. A pimp!
Uncle Pimp!
You haven't gone yet?
lt's really embarrassing.
Hey uncle!
What's your name? - Preeti.
Ok. Do you know my name? - Ball.
Not ball. My name's Sachin.
Huh? - Yes. Friends?
You've a cute smile.
Thank you, sweetheart. Here.
Bye, Sachin. - Bye.
The road's blocked here. Take the diversion.
Yes, go on. C'mon..
What is it, sir?
C'mon, hurry. Go this way.
Go this way. - What are you doing? - Go on.
Go on.
What is it?! Why don't you let us go?
The road's blocked here. Go that way.
What can l do? Go that way. -What are you saying?
What's this? -Don't eat my brains.
l'll complain to Maria about you. -Go on.. get going..
The police are so bothersome.
So many diversions to meet you?
Give it to me.
Boss! - Who's coming this way? - Sachin.
Stop him! Stop! Hey! Stop.
Hey Sachin, dreaming while riding?
Be careful, there are many trucks running on this road.
l saw a girl. - l know, then?
She had two beautiful eyes. - Girls have eyes.
They are not blind. -So sweet.
So nice. So cute.
He saw it there and honking here. - Yes.
l feel like laughing at you, Sachin. -Why didn't you laugh?
Listen. Don't fly high for these flower and fruit sellers.
Come to college tomorrow. l'll show you a beauty called Shalini.
She'll surely freak you out.
Fool, l'm intoxicated by the beauty of a girl..
Why are you eating my brains talking..
..about all sorts of women, idiot!
That's not so, Sachin. - Get lost, you..
He left it incomplete. - l understood! l understood!
Tell me what it is. - l understood! -Tell me. Tell me.
Clear this crowd. -Hey, you fool!
Hey beauty, you're blooming today! What's the reason? -Hi!
Thank you. -Don't you have a sister at home?
They're asking for a sister-in-law. -Even your mother's a woman.
She asks me to bring home a daughter-in-law.
Take down their addresses. We'll take them home someday.
When did they live in homes? - So they just loaf about here?
Then there's nothing to worry about.
l'll bring them here someday. - ldiot!
We're shameless, isn't it? - We shed it long back.
Hey Sachin! Even today, you're dreaming while running?
You've lost yourself to someone roaming about the streets?
Won't you go crazy when you see my Shalini?
l beg you, just leave me alone.
l don't want your Shalini, Damini or Kamini.
How dare you refuse? l won't spare you.
You're going to see her today and go crazy.
Hey! Hey Sachin!
You.. - You're baffled, eh?
Didn't l tell you she's the college beauty, Shalini.
lsn't she as pretty as a Shimla apple?
Shalini? - Yes. College beauty? - Yeah!
The one whom the college guys are crazy about? - Yes.
Dream girl? Shalini!
Don't mistake me. - Why will l?
What does she have that made you hype her so much?
What does she have? Fool! What is it that she doesn't have?
Listening to your hype, l expected a lot.
Yes, her eyes do look a little pretty when she smiles.
l agree.
But other than that, there's nothing great about her.
Ok, her lips are as cute as rose petals.
l've to agree to that. lf left to me, l'd stare at them all day.
But saying that the college is crazy about her..
What beauty? College beauty.. dream girl..
That's a bit too much. -Shut up. Shut up.
This is your first and last warning.
l'll knock of your teeth the next time around.
l'll go crazy about her..
What is it?
No, don't get upset.. darling..
Don't get.. don't feel bad.. he was just kidding.
My god! You shouldn't be spared!
What do you know about me? You think you're smart?
You think you're very smart, is it?
AYou don't know me well! You don't know my anger!
l won't spare you. l hate his smile!
l hate you! l hate everything about you!
l hate you! l hate you!
l'll teach you a lesson. Just wait and watch!
He says that l'm not beautiful.
Look, what's wrong with me?
He's always smiling!
What did he say? What did he say?
Yes.. l'm.. l'm an average girl.
Please give me a break, man.
My dimple is worth just a single look?
Did l ask you? l can't believe this!
l won't spare you! l'll..
Dad, l've been shouting since long. Won't you say anything?
Sharmila, the coffee's very good. - Ok.
So Monghu. - What is it?
ln the morning, l could see far-away stuff clearly.
Now l can't even see things close to me. Why is that?
Your eyes had friction.
Eyes have friction effect too?
Now what must l do about this?
Eat fish, brother. - What if l eat fish?
Your eyes will benefit. - What if l don't eat it?
The fish will benefit.
You came? - Yes, elder brother.
You call me elder brother? l have been watching you since days.
You call me elder brother and make fun of me. - No.
Tell me, what have l done wrong to you?
lt's a great deal if that girl looks at me.
You came in between and ruined everything.
What joy do you derive from that? -Brother..
..that was just a joke of mine. -ls this a joke?
ls this some joke? Your joke broke two love-birds' hearts.
Love-birds? You think that you are a bird.
Look, don't talk to me any more.
From today, we won't talk to each other.
Don't be angry. - Nothing doing! Go away.
lf you wish, l'll apologise to you. -lt's of no use.
l'll apologise to that girl on your behalf.
Should l trust you? - Please do.
You could have done it that day. Go and apologise to her.
Alright, brother. -One minute, come here!
Add a few things while you apologise that l mention.
What are they, brother?
Sir didn't sleep all night.
Sir didn't brush his teeth after getting up in the morning.
Sir didn't go to the loo in the morning.
Sir only remembers you all the time. Go and tell her this.
What is this, brother? l made a small mistake.
So you are calling me 'sir' so many times and giving me respect.
You have touched my heart.
Whom did l call 'sir'? - He was referring to himself.
Heard him? Go now.
Wait. Come back.
Whatever l told you, add a little more to it and tell her.
Whatever you tell her, she must remember it forever.
Go. - Ok. Now look.
Now you'll see what l do.
Manghu, why is he bending like this and walking?
He is giving you respect.
He is wobbling too much.
You have seen the songs?
There is a crowd around her. -Why care about the crowd?
Go, do your work.- Ok.
That's better. -All the songs are nice, right?
Excuse me. l want to talk to you for a minute.
ANo. - Just one minute!
What is it? - Tell me.
lsn't this the same dress that Katrina Kaif wore in a movie?
Very nice. - Thanks.
Very cute. - Thank you.
Very very beautiful. - Thank you.
l am talking about her.
This dress was suiting her really well.
Just because you get it for free you eat cheese burgers and..
..cheese pizza and have become fat.
You don't need this..
This is what Mr. Lal is saying. Mr. Makhanlal.
lt's done. He appears to be clever.
Scare him. Go on, go!
She's coming. - l'll fix everything today. Look.
Did he tell you?
Did he tell you everything?
Sorry darling.
Why are you already touching my feet?
We can do that after marriage, darling.
l'm leaving you because this is a college.
Otherwise you would have had marks on your face.
What? - Sandal marks. - Big brother.
You just talked to her for two minutes.
You made her show her sandals?
You asked me to add some details and talk to her.
l dragged it on a lot.
The matter has been fixed forever, right brother?
l'll come everyday and add things.
l'm leaving, Makhanlal. -Will you come everyday and add things?
She had a sandal in her hand over today's dealing.
There is a conspiracy to have me killed through the girl.
Yes brother. - Always stay with me from tomorrow.
l have other work to do. - Am l worthless then?
Where is she? There she is.
What do we eat?
l'll have a sandwich.
lt has been two days since l had food.
Will 50 rupees do? -l'll buy you a burger.
l'm not begging.
Since you showed me your sandals l didn't eat for two days.
l sent him to you to apologise.
You insulted me in return.
ls that so? - That is it.
lt's ok. l rushed on without a reason.
lt doesn't matter, Shalu darling. lt's ok.
But you will have to do something for me today.
l'll feed you a chicken sandwich. You'll have to eat it.
l'm not doing it. -You will have to eat. - No.
You will have to! You will have to!
You will have to!
l told you!
Give me three glasses of fine juice.
Let's start with juice, ok?
Oh God. - We'll have a lot of fun.
One minute.
How did he come here? - l don't know, brother.
Walk slyly.
l have seen this body somewhere.
ls it Makhanlal? - That is right.
Mr. Makhanlal. - How did you come by?
Forget about me. When did you start working here?
Working? l'm with friends.
What is that called? - Dating.
Yes. Don't assume anything by yourself.
Friends? Queen Shalini!
How did she become your queen?
Greetings! Greetings!
lt seems that you spend more time here than in college.
Who are you, man? What do you want?
This is more like it, my queen.
'Who are you?' Me?
Can you forget me after seeing me once?
ls this eventuality possible? Do you have amnesia?
You can't sit where girls are sitting. Get up. Up!
Any problem sir? - Will you solve the problems?
He asked that. - Who was that? -l am present here. Be quiet.
Shalini! Sachin.
Will you leave quietly or should l call someone?
Shalini! - Shut up!
Today your trick won't work.
This butter is more like rock. -Why did you do this, Shalini?
This is what needs to be done with such ruffians.
He was showing-off a lot. That too when l was present.
Am l correct? - Thank you.
Happy? What is that?
The king. You pretend not to recognise the king.
Would l get insulted due to that?
So this man asks, 'Shalini, any problem?'
He is just seeking an attempt to get in.
You can shout and scream before me as much as you like.
lt won't make any difference to me at all.
But tell me something, Shalini. During the past two days..
..even while abusing me you must've mentioned my name, right?
You were talking about him? -Sister. - Sister?
You recognised me rightly, sister.
The one who said she is not beautiful on meeting her first.
The Katrina Kaif Episode.. it was all me.
But there is something l want to say.
What Makhanlal said was right.
Girls are such that they'll taste anything they get for free.
He said this and didn't complete it..
..when you tasted the drink.
Makhanlal, is the matter enough for today?
You beat in my heart. You are always in my dreams.
Even if l try to calm my heart, you are with me.
l feel something in my body and mind.
Even if l close my eyes, l see you.
lt is called love and is a small problem.
l don't like anything until l see you.
l'm changed due to you. Where do l go now?
But my heart doesn't want to change.
l don't know your name or the place you stay.
A damsel doesn't need a name.
Someone looks at it; the moon is unaware of this.
lts shadows fall in rivers.
You are in my heart.
You are also outside my heart.
l feel you in my heart-beat.
l feel you in my breath too.
You beat in my heart. You are always in my dreams.
Even if l try to calm my heart, you are with me.
The roads that you walk on are lit with lamps.
Even the sun looks at you and doesn't set.
For the streets that you walk on, the weather changes.
Heart of the Pisces isn't excited.
No matter what happens..
Even if there is an earthquake..
Flowers will keep blossoming.
lt cannot be stopped.
You beat in my heart. You are always in my dreams.
Even if l try to calm my heart, you are with me.
l feel something in my body and mind.
Even if l close my eyes, l see you.
Hello! What do you want?
l don't want anything now, l'll let you know if l need anything.
What do you want to do? You always stare at me.
l feel a little uncomfortable.
You look at me when l am walking on a street..
..when l am reading a book or even dancing.
What is all this? -l see you in the rains and near steps too.
Do you have a problem with that? l look at whatever l like to.
You.. you!
l like it when l see them, that is why l look.
There is nothing wrong in looking at beautiful things.
lf a cloud pattern is beautiful, l stare at it.
lf there are dew-drops on a rose, l stare.
l like it when you keep chattering like this.
Do you remember, you put ice-cream on your nose..
..that day and did something like this.
You looked cute then.
On another day as you were getting down stairs.. slipped and thought no one saw you..
..and looked around, right?
You were looking very cute then.
You un-tied hair is pretty.
Your happy eyes are pretty.
Your chattering teeth are pretty.
You are hiding your small differences, right?
Even they are beautiful.
Boys like all that. They don't like wide hips..
l'll only talk about hips. l won't go beyond that.
l'm just saying that.
These! Your feet that don't stop but keep moving
l feel like looking at them. l feel happy.
l'll look and keep staring.
Did l come to you and tease you?
Did l whistle or make a sign?
l am only standing in one corner and looking at beauty.
You cannot have an objection.
lf you don't like all this, stay shut in the house.
No one will look at you.
Even now you are thinking how to scold me, right?
Sweet. Cute.
This is Shalini.
ldiot! - Why are you cursing me?
Not you. He dares to do this!
Even after l told him not to, he says that he'll keep staring.
Whenever l look at his face, he is smiling.
Now let him come before me..
l'm here. Hi.
Hi. Sister? - No, mother.
Mother! Bless me, mother. -What are you doing? Be happy.
My father asked me to seek elders' blessings on meeting them.
When l see you, l remember Goddess Mallika Sherawat.. -What?
l remember Goddess Vaishnodevi.
Another thing. She seems weak in your presence.
This is as far as beauty is concerned. -Son..
You are calling me home, right?
lf you are forcing me like this, l will certainly come.
But uncle must be there at that time.
He'll be there. - l'm leaving, mother. -Be happy.
You are friends with such nice boys too.
You never talk about them though.
Mother, l was just talking about him.
How do l woo this babe?
She is looking at me.
Shalini! What are you doing? -Why are you looking at me?
Go and look at your mother and your sister.
Look, he's blind. - lt fell.
Where is it?
Please excuse me.
Who is it? - l'm sorry.
You are talking to me. This means you have been scolding me.
l'm really sorry. - Forget it.
That's not new. lt happens everyday.
God gave me limbs, face and brain.
He made a small mistake in giving me eyes.
Come, l'll help you walk. - Leave that.
Why do you take trouble unnecessarily?
'l'm feeling hot.' -Come.
Where are you taking me? -l'll have you sit in a rickshaw.
No, leave me in the parking area. -Even my father often says..
..that l should control my anger. -Don't listen to him.
Even mother asks me to do yoga.
Don't listen to her either. Ask her to do yoga herself.
lnsert the key in the third vehicle.
l'm really sorry. - lts alright.
When she saw me blind, she changed completely!
l'm saved as l acted blind.
Why didn't l think of this idea before?
You cheat! You! - Who is it?
l'll kill you.
Were you waiting for a Sunday to play cricket?
l don't know what l will do if the ball comes here.
Don't be angry. Your customers haven't come. Let the game begin.
Avinash harasses me everyday.
He is a real loafer.
Out! -He's out! Look!
Shalini! Listen to me.
lf you say something, he'll reply with something else.
lgnore it. Come with me.
He shouldn't have touched you like that.
My bag! Move!
Shalini. -My bag! -So this is Shalini.
What does she have that you gave her a love letter?
What's this, Avinash? You've brought your brother?
Why? lsn't my brother good enough for you?
Do you want an even stronger man? Tell me.
Play carefully! -Sorry, sorry!
Whom do you want, tell me?
Should l send them one by one or all together.
Go on, tell me. -Avinash, ask him to speak with dignity.
What will you do if l don't?
Shut up! This is a public place.
What? - Even if you touch me, many people will come ahead.
Forget about many; let's see if any one comes.
Here, l touch you. Here, l touch you.
Scream. Scream out aloud.
Now l'll..
What happened, brother? Did the bat come in between?
You look like you are respectable.
lnstead of coming here on a Sunday and drinking beer..
..eating fresh kebabs and leaving quietly.. disturb us playing children and passersby.
What if l disturb you? -What will you do? Hit me? Go ahead.
Whether it is love or beating what l am given..
..l have a habit of returning it over a 100 times..
Let me speak, brother. l have only one punch dialogue.
l don't hit anyone before it is 12.00 noon.
There are two minutes left to 12.00.
Hit me before that if you can.
What if we don't hit you before that?
lf you don't hit me..
Until the gong rings twelve times.. all will have vanished from here.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Catch the rascal!
Sachin! Don't care about the world, friends. -Sorry.
Don't care about the world, friends. -Very sorry.
A hurry. You hurry in everything.
Don't care about the world, friends.
Come out! -Brother, he is calling you.
Sachin! Don't care about the world, friends.
Don't care about the world, friends. -Spiderman! Spiderman!
Uncle has won! Uncle has won!
lts not one but two girls here. What will you do now?
One ball, two wickets.
You won! You won!
That's enough. -Sachin has won.
What kind of a world is this?
From old women who may die soon to 50 year old ladies.. my car and love me.
Shalini doesn't care about me.
She thinks that l am an idiot. -Listen..
..we shouldn't marry the girl we love but..
..the girl who loves us.
Only then a marriage is successful.
l'll kick you! You keep a goat-type beard and..
..give me philosophical advice. Listen.
All start loving hot actresses and celebrities.
When no one cares and doesn't even look at him..
..he is hurt and takes any ugly girl he gets.
This is a dialogue of such boys. Don't tell me that.
No girl looks at personalities.
She gets married with one in love.
Listen girls, he says that you look at the heart and love.
lf you don't keep money in your pocket and talk sweetly..
..girls won't look at you at all.
Do whatever you want; Shalini won't be wooed by you. -Listen..
l have a technique to fool Shalini. -What is that?
Sacrifice. - lt means giving up.
l know what sacrifice means. What are you sacrificing?
lf a girl likes a boy she'll act around a lot.
She will show off in unbelievable ways.
She'll jump off cliffs, consume poison, cut her nose..
..cut off her hand. So that the boy is trapped.
That is why she is in love. - Alright.
There she is. He fled?
He has become like a dog. -Shalini!
Aditi, in our lives sometimes we feel someone is our own.
What happened? - No, Shalini.
Yesterday a question of love or money was raised at home.
My father said that if l marry according to his wishes..
..he will give me all his land. l refused.
Then he said that he would give me the swimming pool too.
l still refused. lt is because l love you a lot, Shalini.
Very good. - Thanks. That's not all.
My father's money, house and car and my mother's jewellery..
l have declined it all.
ln reality, l only have two things left now.
One is your love and the second, these dirty clothes.
Very good. Earlier l had doubts, now it's confirmed.
What is that Shalini? - You are a fool.
A fool! - After losing everything how will you take care of me?
Will you send me to work? -No tension!
That's not right, Shalini. l won't send you to work.
l'm not so down-trodden. l have two kidneys.
l'll sell one kidney. l'll get 50000 rupees.
lsn't that enough for setting our house? -lts not enough.
lf you talk like an idiot no one is going to love you.
Dumb fool!
What is this? l talk about love at home..
..and my father calls me a dumb fool.
lf l talk to the girl l love, even she calls me a dumb fool.
Are all lovers fools then?
lt's all fun. lt's all fun.
ls your name Kamini or Damini?
Dad has had an accident. -What do you want me to do then?
Hello! Your dad has had an accident.
l asked you where the accident took place.
Place! Near Alankar Cinema, Manali.
What rubbish! Alankar Cinema and Manali are far away.
Listen to me. Calling me with an excuse of dad's accident.
Calling me beautiful, taking me to the park..
..and to watch movies.. l don't like all this.
You really are one hot woman for me to take.. out and say that you are beautiful. Forget it.
Looking at a Rakhi Sawant poster, your dad had an accident.
Now its between you, your father and Rakhi Sawant.
lt's all fun.
Where is mother, dad? Where?
Mother, what were you saying?
'Sachin is a nice boy.'
Shall l serve food? -Today he said that dad had an accident.
He was laughing when he said this.
l'll show him. Tomorrow, l'll show him who l am.
Why tomorrow? l'll do it today.
Bike accident. Sachin. College mate.
He took me to the hospital and brought me home. Happy now?
How do l say it?
l don't understand.
lt doesn't matter. Speak through your mouth. That will do.
Thanks Sachin. Thanks a lot.
l didn't know what happened yesterday..
..and said something wrong.
l am sorry. Forgive me.
C'mon, Shalini. We haven't liked each other since we first met.
lf l just come and tell you that your dad had an accident..
..why would you believe me?
Then again, l said Alankar Cinema and Manali..
..and confused you further.
How is he now? He is fine, right?
He has a little pain but he's ok.
Did he say anything?
Whom was he staring at when the accident took place?
Some kid may have come in the middle of the road.
While avoiding him, he may have slipped.
Did he make any similar excuse?
You are a nice guy.
l'm just pretending to be a nice guy.
Anyway, l'm Sachin. - Oh! l'm Shalini.
Shalini! The same who is liked by all male college students.
The dream girl. So that is you.
Shut up! - l am not joking. Very cute!
Shut up! - Sweet! -Shut up!
Your sparkling teeth.
Then this.. - Shut up!
l don't understand it no matter how many times l read.
Read it with the book straight. Maybe it might work.
Makhanlal. Ask the girls to wait.
Which girls? Where did he go?
Look, he went there. - Reached there?
What childishness is this? -Hello!
Excuse me. - Yes.
Sorry, l have a bad habit.
Whenever l like something, l say it immediately.
You went to the Ganesha temple at..
..the street corner and muttered prayers. l liked it.
You received blessings and applied on your forehead..
..its still there. l liked that too.
l felt like telling you, so l did.
Other than that, don't tell me your name and nor will l.
Ok? Bye.
Bye! - He laid out a trap.
Master. Couldn't you talk like this?
l will do it. - Look there.
Go quickly. - Come on!
Why are you panting? - He was panting too.
l have a bad habit. ls this it? -The same.
l tell whatever is in my heart at once.
ls it the same? - Yes, the very same.
Don't misunderstand what l say.
ls that it? - Yes, it is.
Should l say it? - Yes, go on.
You look very.. - Very?
You look like a hottie! - ldiot!
What is this so? They enjoy you telling them what is.. your mind but if l do the same, they slap me.
Tell me what the technique is.
Wouldn't you become the hero on knowing it?
Yes, correct.
No sir. l am fine like this.
l don't want to kick my wedding bed.
Dark clouds are raining.
We would get wet in this rain of love.
You'd use your fingers to open my tresses.
This is what l desire.
ln winter nights, we would be sleeping under one blanket.
We both would be lonely. -Oh God!
When she comes to college she is covered from head to foot.
Here she is wearing a mini-skirt and dancing? Ok then.
l'll correct it. body. l'm thirsty.
She looks as though she has worn a dress from the llkiri ages.
Come on, come on.
Get out! Out!
Your mother called me for lunch.
Does that mean you can enter just like that?
First go out.
When did you come? -Your question is very good.
What did you ask? When did l come?
Dark clouds are raining.
As you were moving your hips wildly.. - Oh God!
..that is when l came. You dance really well.
Dia Mirza cannot dance as good as you do.
Listen, there is a little viewers' choice.
Since you were dancing with your back to me, l saw nothing.
So if you look this way and move it.. l mean dance..
l will look at it, be satisfied and leave. - Go!
Please. - Sachin, please go! -Once more.
Please! Go! -Once more, please. - Go!
Are you making fun of me? - No. l'm making fun of you.
Go! Go out! - Just once. -Sachin please!
Ok, not today. Tomorrow. -Go!
Sachin, don't talk about this in college.
Speaking of that, until now l didn't think about it.
Now that you have said it, l'm thinking.. it would be to announce this in college.
Who can change destiny?
Dark clouds are raining.
Come to me.
Stop it. Stop it!
Happy? - Very happy.
lf someone asks you not to do something.. will do it, right?
Shalini! - Ok, guys. l admit it.
l wore a short skirt. - Oh! Shalini!
l had batter over my face. My hair was coloured. -Shalini..
One minute. Shalini please. Shalini!
Shalini.. -l know. l know.
l put on the song 'Zara Zara' and was dancing in sexy movements.
Oh no! -So, do you have any problems?
What problem do you have, Shalini?
For the movie festival next week, we're discussing what to do.
Sachin suggested this song.
You started on batter, haircut.. - Skirts. -Short skirt.
Sexy dance. - God knows what. -l'm sorry, sorry.
Sorry, please!
Sorry! Please..
Did someone of your relatives die?
You are mourning away like this.
What?! -No, after a political leader dies
..TV and radio stations play such music. So..
Are you making fun of us? - No sister.
This is rock. - lt may be rock or ashes.
When you sing a song, there should be..
..surging power all through your body.
A song is one that can make a handicapped person dance.
You play Shobha Mugdal's songs at home and dance.
When you come out, 'l like only English songs'
Look.. -l know all details, sister
What do you know about music?
You ask me what l know.
The aspiring singer doesn't know about me.
Look now..
Your beauty is fine and lovely.
Your beauty is fine and lovely.
Your love has given me a sign.
When l sing a song..
..people will blow whistles.
When l sing a song people will blow whistles.
We don't want upside-down tunes.
People who want to listen hear it out.
The songs that we have been singing for centuries.
We don't like disco or any other genre.
We all love only folk songs.
Whether Micheal arrives or Madonna is famous.
We all love only folk songs.
Your beauty is fine and lovely.
Your love has given me a sign.
Pretty girl, listen to me and what l want to say.
l made a mistake!
Peter, have a quarter.
Your daughter will elope today.
Ramu. Be careful.
Today your father will beat you up.
You are of young age, talk to girls.
Don't tease girls. Love is a crime.
Don't try to exceed limits. Study really well.
Listen to this song of mine. Open up your mind.
Whether it is rock or shock..
Our music won't be less.
Whether it is rap or break, our song won't lose out.
Your beauty is fine and lovely.
Your love has given me a sign.
lncrease your speed, brother.
That's more like it!
l think its time to come back to normal.
Don't eat your father's income just like that.
Be independent and show the world.
Do something other than showing-off.
Find a pizza joint, if you want to flirt.
Sometimes, just chat at street corners.
Listen to this song of mine.
Your brains will be opened up then?
lt may be a pundit or an illiterate song
My song fixes relations with everyone.
Whether the girl is young or old..
My song fixes relations with everyone.
Your beauty is fine and lovely.
Your love has given me a sign.
Lord Ram's name.. - ls true!
Hail Gopala, Hail Govinda.
Lord Ram's name.. - ls true!
Lord Ram's name.. - ls true!
Hail Gopala, Hail Govinda.
This is a song!
A kiss.
lt's better to travel in a rickshaw than this junk.
He thinks he's too smart.
There he comes. He comes in colourful cars everyday.
But he can't hook a single girl.
Then, he shows off before us.
Come here! -Waiting! Mother!
Come onto subtle songs from your radio station.
Don't say anything, Makhanlal.
l cannot come outside the house with this car.
Young girls stand in a queue outside the house.
They ask for a lift and harass me a lot.
Tell me something.
Did you steal this car from a museum or from an old collector?
Makhanlal! - You don't look like the car's owner.
But one who has stolen it. -You're right.
A boy called Sachin has been here since some time.
He wears half his shirt in and half out like this.
He uses an old Bullet and talks like a weapon.
That's not all. He doesn't match my personality.
What? - Still Shalini keeps moving around him.
l don't know what trick he has played.
lf you are a man pick up a girl like her.
Otherwise sit with this antique in a museum.
You have said what you wanted to. Now see what l do.
l'll fix something to make Sachin clean bowled.
What is bowled? - Must be one who bowls a ball.
Hello. -Shalini, did you hear this?
What's written?
Sachin loves Shalini!
Move! Let's see what's written here.
He ruined us all! - He is talking about Sachin.
Go! Go on!
l didn't think Sachin could do such an lowly act.
The mistake is yours, Shalini.
You thought that a piece of glass is diamond..
..and put it over your head. Saw the result?
When someone buys liquor at a stoe..
..he properly checks to see whether it is real or fake.
Before you became friendly with him you should have..
..found out whether he was good or bad.
What have you done! How do l show my face to people now?
ls it becoming too much. - Yes, too much. Do it.
Don't worry, Shalini. l'll take care of this wall.
Four labourers, two sacks of white cement four brushes..
..and a little distemper. -How much is it? - lt'll take 5000.
l don't care even if it takes 50000. l'll have the..
..entire wall white-washed for Shalini. Don't worry.
Now you know who is bad in the college and who is a gentleman.
Why are you looking at me? Tell her. -Shalini.
You think Sachin is a high-class guy.
Did you see what a low-class prank he attempted?
You shouldn't estimate anyone by his face. -What then?
Look at their backs? You idiot.
lt's about courage. About courage.. - Don't cry.
The thing is fixed. Come on. - Yes. lt appears so.
Aditi, in our lives sometimes we feel someone is our own.
You are too good, Sachin. - l'm too good?
What happened here? - Stop.
What's all this?
l had my bike repaired. So l'm walking.
l'm not asking you that. What is this?
Sachin loves Shalini!
Why are there two 'l'? is it numerology?
Shut up!
l thought you were decent.
But you turned out to be so cheap, Sachin.
You turned out to be an eve-teaser on the streets.
Hold on. Cool! Relax!
What do you mean by relax? - Wait, Shalini. Wait.
Listen. lf l want to say something to you..
..l'll come up to you, look into your eyes and say it.
Trust me. That's Sachin.
lgnoring that and writing it on the walls like this.
This is not me.
Listen, if something happens to you, first think.
Whether the man is like this and he can do this.
Then you react.
What's the use of shouting away directly?
Don't just expode! l don't take it seriously.
l know that Shalini goes up for a moment but will come down.
But some people tend to get hurt.
l haven't written all this.
l'm not this kind of a person. Ok?
Did you get it or are you simply shaking your head?
l didn't write all this.
Whatever has been written is completely true though.
Sachin loves Shalini.
What? - Yes.
Sachin loves Shalini. That's true.
l won't refuse to that.
l'm in love with you, Shalini. - Are you joking?
No! l'm serious.
l have been in love with you not just once but many times.
For the first time, l saw you in the rains and was in love.
l think you were wearing a maroon dress.
There was a fill too on its collar.
One day in college you asked me why l stare at you.
l was in love again then.
You were angry with me one day as you thought..
..l must have told our friends about your dance.
Saying sorry Sachin on knowing the truth, you looked cute.
l was in love again then. After that..
You turned out to be like a below average boy.
What do you think about me?
How many days has it been since we knew each other?
As far as l am concerned, a girl and a boy must know..
..and understand each other. That is love.
Know and understand?
How is that? What you like or dislike?
Whether this will suit you or not?
Whether there will be a problem or not?
On knowing all this, we say that ok, everything is perfect.
Now l can love you.
This is love.
You cannot plan all this in it. lt just happens.
Are you buying a motorbike?
You enquire about petrol consumption and resale value.
Love happens, it is not planned.
But l won't harass you by saying that.. are the queen of my dreams.
You have many deficiencies too. You get angry at everything.
l still like you. l love you.
l'm sorry Sachin. No matter what you may think.
l don't believe in love at first sight.
Love that happens in a moment vanishes soon.
Don't have any such ideas.
Now you tell me what l should do.
ln-spite of seeing her arguments and childishness..
..l am in love with her.
There is some manufacturing defect.
Keep watching. She will soon start loving me.
My friend called me. After that, a professor caught me.
He was biting my head for an hour. What can l do?
Somehow, l escaped from there and..
..saw that my bike didn't have petrol.
Then l thought l'd push the bike and come to the petrol pump..
You don't trust me? l don't either.
Sorry. Sorry.
One hug?
One kiss?
Thank you.
l don't like my mother. - Why? -Mom scolds me.
She's been refusing to take medicines for long, Sachin.
Madam, the biggest gift that God has given us is mother.
You will lose fever only by having medicines.
Only when you lose fever, you can play in the rains.
Only on playing in the rains, can you have an ice-cream.
Have an ice-cream and you'll get fever again.
You'll have fever.
We think from here but mother thinks from here.
Only lucky people have mothers.
Go and have the medicine that your mother says.
Eat anything you want today, stick-thin man.
Listen, eat this pizza or sit there and eat something else.
Whatever you want, order it. Come and take orders at my table.
Why are you very happy?
Have you won a lottery? - Nothing like that.
Sachin was showing smartness. He took me to be a fool.
l gave him such a shocker that he must be under shock even now.
What this cunning man do?
aBring that here. - Will you eat that now?
Forget that. What have you done? -Don't ask.
Yesterday, to trap Sachin, l wrote something on a wall.
After reading it, he started saying that he didn't write it.
But he has courage. He said that he didn't write it..
..but what it says is true. For a while, l felt scared.
But after that Shalini said such things to him..
..that he won't come to her ever.
lf he is a man, he won't come.
Hi girls.. - Hi! -Sorry guys.
There was a song on MTV yesterday.
What a song! Fine music and dancing.
Wonderful.. -lts ok even if you feel hurt about my words..
..but after listening to Shalini, if it was me..
..l wouldn't have a pizza. l would eat cyanide and die.
You aren't affected in any way.
You are moving around as if you won a gold in the Olympics.
Nothing much has happened.
She says that she doesn't love me on first sight like me.
ls that all? She didn't call me a rogue.
lt will be there and for sure.
l have given innumerable years to her.
l bring a new car everyday ton impress her.
She still looks at me as if l am a cartoon.
Then there is you who buy a used bike from a guy..
..who sells military goods.
You cannot woo her, friend. - That is love too.
You cannot say when and where and how.. fall in love with someone.
There have been so many stories in this world on that basis.
You'll see that before college comes to an end..
..if she doesn't come to me and say Sachin, l love you.
She'll say it.
You'll live a long life.
You are going to say 'Shut up, Sachin'. Right?
Why? Were you laying a bet? -Did l bet that?
You made a bet that l would say..
..l love you to you before college ends.
Oh Shalini!
l like you Sachin..
..but this snapping of fingers wont work before me.
Ok, since things have come to this listen up.
Even l.. Shalini..
For the first time in my school, l had a huge crush..
..on the French teacher.
l watched 'Dil Se' and had a crush on Priety Zinta.
l started seeing big dreams.
But they were all crushes.
When l saw you for the first time l felt strangely..
How do l tell you?
l cannot tell you all this Shalini.
Even if l do say it, you won't understand.
l mean, look. Yes, l have found you.
Found you.
Shalini there are around 30 days for our college to end.
You'll come to me and admit your love within that time.
Who? Me?
Sorry Sachin.
Forget 30 days, even if it were 30 years it is impossible.
l am sure that you will love me like l do.
But are you sure that you won't ever love me?
Completely. - You are lying.
lts true. - We'll see.
There are 30 days still remaining.
Only 30 days. Go on now.
Hello? Hi Anil.
l'm fine. How are you?
Oh mister! That's wonderful.
Hello! Listen.
Speak loudly.
Why is there a crowd here? Did a donkey die? Move aside.
He started it again.
He takes every opportunity he gets.
See! Look at the condition of the fruits.
The oranges lost their juice because of the pressure.
She's turning that ways and he's pulling her along.
Look at the scenes he's showing.
Does someone save a person for so long?
Move aside.
Don't you know how to wear a drape? - You tell us.
Go! Go away!
You should put your drape before you.
Putting it over here and tying it there. ls this style?
You would have died had l not been there.
Sorry. - Sorry?
Use this sometimes.
You have everything other than intelligence in abundance.
Hi. Any help?
Sachin. - You even know my name.
Have we met before?
You don't recognise me?
l have certainly seen you somewhere..
..but l'm afraid l don't remember where.
After she fell off her vehicle, instead of calling..
..for an auto-rickshaw and having her sent home.. guise of saving her, you touched her everywhere.
You make the viewers have heart problems.
Now you refuse to recognise her?
Yesterday on your bike.. - Bike?
We slipped and.. - Slipped? Then?!
How? -Look, what you are doing isn't right.
Put a hand on your heart and say it.
Why are you taking your hand there? Put it on your heart.
Haven't you seen her? -Come on Makhanlal.
She is standing so close to me. Of course l have seen her.
Stop pretending. You surely didn't see her yesterday?
Anyway, you look good even when you lie.
Nice to meet you. - l liked it too.
l liked it too. - Bye. - l like it too.
Tell me this. She enjoys it when you tell the truth.
She enjoys it even when you lie. How is that possible?
lts all business, Makhanlal. You won't understand.
So you have made this your business?
Hi! Shalini right?
l.. - l know, no need to tell me.
Do you love Sachin? - No, no. Who told you?
Who needs to say it? l'm very open about it.
Women are unique. Even if a hundred guys eye us..
..we only look for the one who appeals to us. - Yes.
lt'll find someone. - l don't know why..
His speech..
The way he ignores me and his smile..
Cute, so cute.
The problem starts with Sachin's smile.
And somebody told me that you and Sachin.. - We?
Love.. - Love?!
Look, there's nothing of that sort between me and Sachin.
l don't love him.
Are you sure?
Very sure. - Cool.
Then l can love Sachin, isn't it?
How does it make a difference to me? l don't care.
Ok. Within two days, l'll trap Sachin in my love.
Watch it!
Will Sachin fall in love with her?!
What if he does?
Hey! - Sachin..
How about we dancing together?
What will you have, sir? - Two bottles.
Shall l get cold drinks? - Yes.
Who all would l have to please?
l've been noticing that you've been watching me..
..and since you've been watching me, l'll smile at you..
..and then you'll smile at me too. Then you'll come to me..
..and propose. l'll agree and it'll begin.
Your appearance suggests that you're Christian.
Tomorrow, when your parents find out..
..they'll cry and that will bother me.
lt's trouble for all. Hence, give it a thought.
Whether it'll work out and we'll be a couple..
..after considering all this..
Mummy? Married? -That's why l'm a mother.
Had you told me, l'd not have shouted in vain.
Excuse me. - Yes?
lf you move your hand, l'll leave with my wife and child.
Even the husband's here? Go on!
Anyway, had l met you before him..
..then all this would've happened. - What? - Bye.
Madam, enough! Please leave..
How are you, darling? When did you arrive?
Before you met mummy. Are you happy now?
Shalini, it isn't good to blow..'s own trumpet, but l still have to.
Look, this is the problem with a smart man like me.
The girl is married, even her husband is there..
..l went mad trying to explain to her and send her off.
Yes, l saw that. - You saw it, didn't you?
Anyway, forget all that.
l wonder what's so charming about me.
Now, take yourself. Can you stay without meeting me?
l've come to say that it's been ten days since our bet.
l've told you. Bye.
There are 20 more days left. She doesn't know me.
Hey Sachin! Sachin!
Hey Manju! How come so early in the morning?
l've urgent work. -lf you've urgent work..
..then get going. Why do you need my permission?
l've to go to my friend's house urgently. - Go.
Bike breakdown, didn't get an auto. Lift please.
Won't l give you a lift? Front or back?
As you like. - Just joking. Sit at the back.
Shall we go?
Did something happen?
lt's become hot. - Oh really?
Yes. Braking continuously wears it off..
..that's why it's become hot.
l serviced it last week, yet it's hot.
lt seems l've to change the engine. -Engine?
Yes, the bike's engine.
So you were talking about the engine all this while? -Yes.
Why? What did you think?
One day, l'll trap you such that you'll freeze.
See you around.
lf a girl wants, she can freeze anybody anytime.
How's this boy? - What's wrong with you?
Will you ruin the innocent's life?
Ok. This boy?
What'll happen to that innocent? Why are you such a sadist?
This? - ls your conscience dead?
Mom! lf you keep calling me innocent, then l won't get a guy.
Who's calling you innocent?
l was calling these guys innocent.
They'll ruin their lives by marrying a witch like you.
Poor guys! - Very funny!
Manju, any help? - lt's ok.
You're so..
Stop. - What is it?
l won't to know something today. You arrive whenever she slips..
..or does she slip knowing that you'll come? Answer me.
These are tactics, fool. You won't know. See you.
Your tender legs have sprained..
..and l've to massage them, isn't it?
Get up.
Sachin, it's a catch.
A catch? Don't you know what to speak?
l'm talking about the catch on my waist.
Your waist.. has a catch?
Sachin, will you massage it with oil? - Even you enjoy it?
This massage, making omellettes, spinning tops, are old styles.
My style is different.
Because l didn't know this trick, l failed in the same class..
..and became an unmarried senior student.
Look at him cure her.
This is called the union of flowers.
Don't know what tricks this guy has up his sleeves!
Oil is better than this, it'd have done the job at one place.
Who told him to give this treatment?
He hooked her with a single blow!
Presenting to you, the fire..
..that sets you crazy.
Just take care.
My heart yearns.. l'd be grateful to you..
..don't leave my side.
How can l leave you, you're close to my heart.
You're so charming, baby.
Take me in your arms, don't miss the chance.
l don't know what's happened to me, O dear. Do something.
Hold me.. Hold me tight.
Hold me.. hold me..
Shall l hold you.. hold you tight..
Shall l hold you..
What's this desire, this lovely feeling..
lt's difficult to live without you, what have you done?
You're my bugle and l'm your piano.
Amidst the chiming of your anklets, lets play a new tune.
My heart goes crazy..
lt yearns for you, come into my heart.
You're more intoxicating than whisky..
..those who've tried know it.
O beloved, enjoy it. C'mon.. c'mon..
Hold me.. hold me.. hold me..
Hold me.. Hold me tight.
My heart yearns..
l'd be grateful to you, don't leave my side.
l've brought my heart to you..
What magic have you created? Come.. come..
At last, our moment of union has arrived.
Don't waste even a moment talking, O dear.
ln a few moments, l'll show you how much l love you.
Lose your heart.. wow.. wow..
My heart is open to you.. it's you who controls it.
Come have fun, O my love. Come.. come..
Hold me.. Hold me tight.
Hold me.. Hold me tight.
My heart yearns.. l'd be grateful to you..
..don't leave my side.
How can l leave you, you're close to my heart.
You're so charming, baby.
Now tell me. Don't you love Sachin?
Why this ego in love?
Sometimes, you win when you lose.
There's fun in losing to the one who loves you.
l did all this to make you realise your love.
Sachin's really a nice guy.
You love him, l know that.
One can't get anything in life without giving up their ego.
lf we've to separate from the one we love..
..then l know how painful it is.
Whatever you might have to lose in life, but don't lose Sachin.
See you.
When he smiles on hearing your love for him, then call me.
lsn't it that? lsn't it that?
Tell me whatever you want to.
You're thinking how you can accept defeat..
..after boasting so much, isn't it?
Forget it, it's ok. lt's all in the game.
Tell me whatever you want to before you change your mind..
..Shalini darling.
Sachin.. - Sachin! l know that's my name.
Further.. further.. - For our bet to get over..
..there's still 10 days, 4 hours..
..20 minutes and 15 seconds left.
Remember. You challenge me!
With beauty, the almighty has even given her a lot of ego.
l've to advice her a lot.
Hey Sachin! Hey Sachin!
What's Ravi's mobile number? - Which Ravi?
That crazy Ravi.
Call him up and ask. - Ok.
Hey! l'm asking you because..
..l don't have his number, how can l call him? -l don't know.
Ok, give me P.K. Mishra's no.
P.K. Mishra's no.?
123456.. Do they have such nos. as well?
lt's engaged, is it the only no.?
Not one, l've given you eight nos. Don't you have brains?
You're crossing your limits these days.
Ok, l don't want his no. l'll meet him. What's the time?
l don't know to check time, get lost.
You don't know to check time at this age?
Ok, tell me where's the big and the small hand, l'll understand.
They're both inside the watch.
Why are you irritating me? Why?
Why are you drinking beer in broad daylight?
Then is it fine if l drink it at midnight?
This is a public place.
Then should l book a hotel to drink it?
Onlookers will mistake you.
What's your problem? l drink and you're inebriated!
Hold that for a minute.
l didn't mean that drinking beer is bad..
You're drinking on the streets, you loafer!
He should be handed over to the cops. - She's..
..abusing me for holding it!
Take it.
Hey! You're abusing me without knowing the truth!
Both the mother and daughter are coming.
They'll set him right when they see him drinking.
lf l stick around, then l'm going to get it too.
Sachin, l'm leaving. - Where to?
Wherever, how does it concern you?
Do you answer me when l ask you? Why should l tell you?
You dare talk! - Hey wait!
Greetings! Greetings! What are you doing?
There's a confusion whether you're Shalini's..
..elder or younger sister.
To top that, you're out together.
Will l keep quiet? l was left gaping!
You're going there, to the canteen and..
You saw me first..
..then why didn't you throw it?
What did l see and what should l have thrown?
Don't you have the habit of talking clearly?
Me and my mother were out shopping.
Yes, you did.
You were drinking beer there.
Yes, l was drinking.
You drink beer, in broad daylight..
..then won't my mother mistake you?
Why will your mother mistake me?
Because l didn't offer her? - Shut up, Sachin.
Look Shalini, l can't pretend for others.
The weather was good yesterday, l felt like drinking and l did.
Chucking away the beer and popping a..
..chewing gum on seeing your mother.
l don't do all this.
That's our problem.
We waste half our lives on living for others.
What would somebody think, etc. What's the need for that?
Live as per your wishes, atleast for a day.
There's a different pleasure in it, Shalini.
Look, Shalini.
No joy which is obtained without hurting others is wrong.
But a smile obtained by hurting somebody is useless.
That's our problem.
We waste half our lives on living for others.
Live as per your wishes, atleast for a day.
There's a different pleasure in it, Shalini.
What's this, Shalini? You're wearing such a dress!
Why? What's wrong in this? - And this smile?
What is it? - Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Did you see Sachin? - Sachin Tendulkar?
l'm asking about my Sachin. - Say it again.
What did you say? - Sachin. - No, what did you say before that?
Oh c'mon.. - No.. - Shut up.. shut up..
Sachin, pick up.. pick up..
Pick up.. - lf you want, l can pick you up rightaway. - Shut up.
Thank you, ma'am.
Pick up.. pick up, Sachin.. Pick up!
Listen, when should l pick you up?
Go.. go!
l'm going! - Get lost!
Come in. Since you come till here, then why hesitate?
l've just come casually. - Oh!
Thought you might not be keeping well.
You've touched me. So that's the reason!
Don't think that l've come all the way searching for you.
No, how can l think so about you?
Coffee? Tea?
Why are you laughing?
No, in the morning you tried my no. 8 times.
Then you even tried my no. in the afternoon 6 times.
What happened after that? You didn't get my no..
..or did you run out of talk time?
What? You knew l was calling, yet.. with the phone close-by..
No, the phone wasn't close-by, it was in my hand..
What.. - Relax.. relax..
l just wanted to know what you'd do..
..if l didn't go to college one day.
l'm impressed. 14 missed calls, a visit to my home.
l'm really happy, ma'am! l'm happy!
You keep fighting yet you can't stay without meeting me.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up. - l won't even be able to eat today.
l'll keep laughing thinking about it.
Tell me, what's this? Fancy dress?
lt's my favourite dress. Wow!
lt's very bad. - Huh?
Shalini means cute.
You always dress well, what happened today?
You walked all the way wearing this, didn't the dogs bark?
You came all the way to show me this? -l haven't come for that.
Look Shalini. lt's not my mistake.
Whenever you meet me, some prank of yours..
..makes me fall in love with you again.
What can l do? - Don't laugh.
l'm getting angry. - What can l do?
Manufacturing defect. l was born like this.
Shut up. - l love you.
Shut up! - l love you! - Shut up!
l love you! - Shut up! - l love you!
Shalini, l saw Sachin in the hospital. - What?!
Preeti, are you okay?
Another ice-cream?
And yes.. l forgot to tell you the story yesterday.
Dear little child.
A child!
She's going to leave us. She's going to leave us. But..
You've made her smile till her last breath.
l'll forever be grateful to you for this.
For us, you're greater than god.
Our life is like a bubble.
l try to keep people as happy as possible.
l remember that Preeti kept smiling till her last breath.
That's enough for me.
My child! My child..
He's an angel.
l'm always with you.
But had he proposed me before meeting you..
..then l'd have dedicated my life to him.
Don't lose him, Shalini.
Only a lucky few get guys like Sachin.
Don't lose him.
Hey come here!
Last night, you sent potatoes when l asked for chicken.
He was a new boy, must've made a mistake. Please forgive.
l'll break your head. - The chicken's ready, shall l bring it?
Get it fast. - You've served the tea, where are the biscuits?
Wait a minute, brother. Don't you see who's come?
Brother, your brand isn't there. Get any strong one.
Hey! Will you keep honking because you've a horn?
l'll hack you to death. Cut it out!
He troubles people everyday by..
..stopping in the middle of the road.
lf somebody tells him, he's ready to pick a fight.
Don't know when it'll end.
Pour water.
Oh mother! - Started eh?
Then it's blocked for two hours. - Have patience, dear.
Brother, check what's wrong.
That goon is ahead, please talk to him.
Sit. l'll find out.
Excuse me.
There's somebody in the auto who's having labour pains.
You've caused a traffic jam. Move your car, please.
ls it? Did l tell her to produce kids?
l'll go only when l feel like. Get lost.
Hello! There's a woman writhing in pain there..
..and you're talking like this!
lf you talk too much, then l'll give you labour pains too. Scoot!
What are you staring at? Get lost!
Oh god! l don't know what to do.
Have patience, dear. Have patience. - l'm sorry.
He's a goon.
Oh god! What will happen to my daughter?
Greetings, sir. - Ok. - Are you fine?
You're known in all five districts.
Thanks to you, Shimla's so peaceful.
l'll tell sister--in-law to pray for you when l reach home.
See you.
Keep the bottle inside.
Follow me. Hey! - He's taking our bag.
Hurry up and take her. Careful!
Reverse the car.
Have patience, dear. Have patience.
Hey rickshaw! - Ok!
Driver, listen.
Go straight, there's a hospital on the main road. - Ok, sir.
May god bless you, dear!
Hey! - Come, sir.
l told sister-in-law to pray for you.
But you've cast your eyes on me.
Oh! You want the bag?
Hadn't l taken this, then l wouldn't
..have been able to clear the traffic and her to hospital.
No, isn't it? That's why l did so.
Hey cronie, if the boss' wife would've been in this..
..state, then what would you've done?
We'd have torn him apart. - Yes, that's what l'm going to do.
You bloody.
Hey leave me!
Brother, you taught them a lesson.
Forget the lesson, where's my biscuit? - Right away!
They're not even looking at me.
Only if you were worth the watch! - What?!
Your fate! l'm talking about them.
ls it that my personality lacks something?
There's no personality.
So what if it isn't there? So what?
Listen, brother. Girls these days fall for personality.
They fall for the man's abilities.
How can you say that? - Does Sachin have a personality?
Sachin? - Yes, Sachin Tendulkar, brother. The cricketer.
The ball flies when he knocks it. - Forget him.
What's A.R. Rehman's personality? He's so short.
He's made the world dance to his tunes with his music.
Similarly, brother, let out your ability.
What if l let it out? - lt'll escape. - Hey!
l mean, you'll be famous through the world. -Then say so.
Now, l'll show my ability.
The world moved on, we were surrounded with love.
The world moved on, we were surrounded with love.
Love is in the air..
The world moved on, we were surrounded with love.
The world moved on, we were surrounded with love.
My heart belongs to you, l've surrendered myself to you.
Fun all the way.. dance with me.. fun all the way..
What's all this? - Movements.
Whose movements? - Shahid's.
You're Shahid? - The kids say that l'm better than Shahid.
Shall l lie down? - Stay there.
Didn't l dance well? He's jealous of me.
Do you have any white dress?
Actually, Shalini, l saw a dream. A big storm.
Wherever l look, l see only ice.
Winds are blowing and you are running..
..wearing a long white dress.
With that smile, you see me..
..and come running to say that you love me.
You searched for me in the canteen and library.
You are anxious to say that you love me.
You see me far away and run speedily.
Then l woke up.
That's it. All this only happens in dreams.
Sachin, may l say something?
As soon as college is over, l'm going to get married.
When? After 5 in the evening?
Shut up! One of my father's friends lives in Canada.
ln his wedding DVD along with the entire group.. face was out of focus. They saw me..
..liked me and called us.
Shalini, what you are saying that is..
Sachin, they'll come here in a few days.
lf everything goes right, l'll get married right away.
Then l go to Canada.
Shalini.. - That is why l am telling you..
..dont think about me.
Shalini, what are you saying?
Sachin! - Shalini, lying requires talent.
How did it go?
You were in a group photo that was out of focus.
Would l believe you if you create all this?
Dont you like it if boys are happy?
Oh my!
Girls have made a list of things to say and its results.
But my name is Sachin. lt wont make any difference. Sachin.
ln two days..
..with eyes lowered with shyness.
With my love blushing on your cheeks.. will come close to me..
..your breath will meet mine.. will look at me..
l love you.
lf you dont say that you love me..
You will say it.
Great bargains at sales.
Clothes had wide variety, right?
Hello Sachin. - Hello uncle. - What is it?
You didnt come home.
You didnt call us either. Are you very busy?
Nothing like that uncle. How are you? - We are fine, son.
But you have harassed us, Sachin.
What did l do? - As soon as she comes home, she mentions you.
She always talks about you.
But l belive that her hot temper has cooled down.
Keep coming home, son. Shalini is going to go soon.
Where? - Didnt she tell you?
Her marriage has been fixed.
We have been friends since childhood.
He is my close friend's son.
They are coming from Canada in two days.
They said that we should ask her..
..and get them married if she wishes.
You know, l was scared.
She could be in love with someone but Shalini said yes.
Most probably if everything goes well..
..she'll be married in 15 days.
Come home, son. Ok?
See you.
l was scared. She could be in love with someone.
But Shalini said yes.
Sachin! Wait!
You met my dad yesterday, right?
Now you believe me right?
What happened? - Do you know what's special today?
ls it a birthday?
The day that you were anxiously waiting for.
l wanted that day to never come.
The 30th day.
l was a little over-confident.
'Shalini is only mine' pride.
One thing went right.
The memories of these 30 days are enough for me.
Even if l close my eyes for a moment..
..l can see you, l can smell you..
..l can feel you, Shalini.
Shalini, if in 30 days.. words or while having fun..
..l have hurt you, just keep in mind..
..l never saw my mother.
lf l have ever loved a woman in my life, it is you Shalini.
lf you still feel that l have hurt you..
..l'm sorry, Shalini.
l'm extremely sorry.
l wont call you anymore.
l wont come.
You wont ever see me again, Shalini.
lts hurting me a lot, Shalini. l feel like losing something.
What can l do? l cant even fake a laugh.
Anyway. Bye.
l feel like l have seen you today in the rains.
For so many days..
l'm going, Shalini. My eyes are getting wet..
That's all.
Shalini! What happened, Shalini?
l still cant believe this. - What happened?
Today, Sachin came before me and admitted his failure.
l felt like embracing him.
And say that l love him, l love him a lot.
You should have said it then. - Come on man!
He had clicked his fingers and challenged me.
That in 30 days l'll fall in love with him.
As he said l love him man.
l love him.
Then why don't you meet him and say that? - No, no, no.
lf l tell him that now he will pull my legs all my life.
l'll not do it today. l'll tell him tomorrow.
l'll shout in front of the whole world, l love you Sachin.
You can postpone anything but not accepting your love.
No, it is a matter of only one night.
Let him cry well today night.
ln the morning l will take him in my arms and tell him.
Hey Sachin! without you where can l go?
Seeing me all alone.
He came stealthily.'
Slowly giving a smile, holding my hands..
Seeing me all alone, you came stealthily.
Slowly giving a smile, he held my hands.
Seeing me all alone, you came stealthily.
Slowly giving a smile, he held my hands.
What is wrong in holding your hands? That's why l held it.
So that you don't slip out in love, that's why l held you.
The tremor in my heart has started slowly.
l have churned the whole world and got lost in it.
You had to fall in love with me one day, dear.
You had to forget the whole world and get lost in me.
Don't bother me or else l shall die.
Then never will l be able to live without you.
Seeing me all alone, you came stealthily.
Slowly giving a smile, he held my hands.
You're a shameless amateur and a harsh one.
Wherever you saw me you came after me and never let me alone.
ln the path of love dear there are a lot of hurdles.
Wherever you go l shall come and that's love.
Leave it, let me also say something.
Let me say, let me say. Let me pour out my heart.
Seeing me! Seeing me!
Seeing me all alone, you came stealthily.
Slowly giving a smile, he held my hands.
Deep in your heart you've fallen in love with me.
What's wrong if you tell l love you once?
l vow on you that l feel empty without you.
Without you nothing in this world interests me anymore.
My heart is also empty and l life for you.
l've lost my senses and l've gone crazy.
You're in my breath and also inside my eyes.
You come in my dreams and in my thoughts and tell me a lot.
Seeing me! Seeing me!
Seeing me all alone, you came stealthily.
Slowly giving a smile, he held my hands.
What is wrong in holding your hands? That's why l held it.
So that you don't slip out in love, that's why l held you.
The tremor in my heart has started slowly.
l have churned the whole world and got lost in it.
You had to fall in love with me one day, dear.
You had to forget the whole world and get lost in me.
Deep in your heart you've fallen in love with me.
What's wrong if you tell l love you once?
Sachin! l love you!
Sachin! Sachin!
Hey! Sachin!
Hey! Sorry!
Are you okay?
ls there someone called Sachin here?
Actually l know that idiot from his childhood.
How is that? ls he your class mate or college mate?
He is my son.
Can you tell me where l can find him?
Yes uncle. l'll take you.
Look, is he not a VlP? Not an ordinary VlP but Singhania.
He is ranked 5th amongst the richest people in the world.
l have heard that he earns 5 crores in every season.
What? Then what about the rest?
Hell sir.
l'm professor Ravikant. - Nice to meet you.
l've heard a lot about you, Mr. Singhania.
That an lndian businessman.. ruling America is a matter of pride.
Okay, how are you here?
My son Sachin studies here. - What?
ls Sachin your son? - Yes.
But he is so simple. l can't believe it.
Any way. Nice meeting you Mr. Singhania. - Thanks a lot.
Hey Sachin!
You and.. - She brought me here.
Shalini, is my very good friend. - ls it?
You and here?
Are you asking me why l have come here?
For the last 4 days l'm calling you..
..and you're not picking up.
Any problem man?
Nothing like that, papa. - Are you sure?
Sure. - Hey Sachin. Even if l'm thousands of miles away..
..the slight sigh of the child reaches the parents, son.
Nothing, papa. What's your problem? That l didn't phone?
l'll call now. ls that all? - Leave it.
First you put your phone on. l'll call now.
Tell me, what did you come here?
lt's your mother's death anniversary next month.
lf you attend, then l'll appreciate it. - Yes, l will.
lt's a small favour. Ok? - Ok. - Bye.
Even if you wear hired suits and boots, you get girls.
Sachin's father has 8-10 hotels.
He has his own satellite in America.
A 1000 crore contract in Oman.
Now l'm done for.
Girls fall for Sachin like anything.
Now that he's the son of a millionaire..
..there's nothing to say.
Now just watch. All the girls in college will queue up and say..
..l love you Sachin and freak out.
Our Shalini proved very smart.
She's hooked the right guy.
Sachin. - What? - Hey Sachin! - What happened?
You're the son of such a millionaire father..
..and you never told us.
Even if l have only one friend..
..he should be because of who l am.
Not because l'm so and so's son.
There's nothing to hide in it.
What happened? Did you tell him?
What do l tell him and how?
ln these thirty days, the love that l didn't feel.. can l feel it suddenly today?
One word.
Just one word.
What if he asks how l suddenly felt..
..this love on seeing his father?
l'll die.
Last night, he must've suffered so much.
l feel that today.
l've to bear this punishment.
l don't think that Sachin would mistake you the way you put it.
l wanted to..
..make Sachin cry for a night, just for fun.
But he has left me crying for all my life.
l won't say anything to Sachin, ever.
How are you, Shalini?
Are you ok?
Aren't you keeping well?
Have you taken an oath of silence?
The same pearly smile.
This. l've come all the way to see this.
l thought that everything would be fine in a few days.
l don't know but everything seems to be a dream, Shalini.
Wherever l turn to, l see you.
Why Shalini? ln all these days..
..didn't you feel even for a day, a moment..
..that you loved me, Shalini?
You didn't right?
Hey! Shall l leave?
Smile once, please.
His flight must've left, isn't it? - lt isn't late yet.
lf you leave now, you can meet Sachin.
There's no use weeping after the flight takes off.
He's leaving me alone.
Let him go. - Listen to me.
Meet Sachin. - l can't do it.
l can't do it.
Even if l look at Sachin..
..for a moment..
..l'll break down, Smriti.
Shalini.. - Just the way l'm suffering here..
..won't Sachin be suffering there too?
He smilingly sheds his tears.
Don't cry.
Hello. - Smriti?
Yes tell me, Sachin. - ls Shalini there?
No, Sachin. Do you want to say anything?
Just.. l felt like talking to Shalini.
lf Shalini comes there or calls you..
..then please tell her to talk to me once.
l want to hear her once, Smriti.
Will you tell her?
Excuse me. Please.
Thank you.
l'm leaving, Shalini.
l don't know why, Shalini.
For the first time today, when leaving a city..
..l'm eager to hear you.
Please Shalini. Talk to me.
l won't ever disturb you.
Please. Say something, Shalini.
Even if you don't talk sweet.
You scold me always.
Say, shut up, Sachin and hang up, Shalini.
Don't hang up without talking, Shalini.
Because l want to hear you.
Shalini. - Passengers going to New York by Jet Airways..
..flight 9W976 are requested.. proceed to the security check. Thank you.
Shalini. Shalini!
Shalini! - Sachin, please. Sachin.
Understand whatever you want to.
That day in college, you made fun of my eyes.
That very day, l wanted to hug you..
..and say that l love you, Sachin.
But l didn't say so.
The fear of losing and ego.
Shalini.. - Think what you want to, Sachin.
Never mind.
That day when you came home.. asked me whether for a day or even for a moment..
..if l loved you.
You left alone on your bike.
l wanted to shout out to you, Sachin..
..asking you not to leave me, Sachin.
Shalini.. - You think that..
..l'm telling you all this after meeting your father..
..then it's your wish, Sachin.
Sometime back, you told me..
..that you wanted to hear me.
That l won't ever return.
Then l wanted to shout from here..
..asking you not to leave me, Sachin.
Don't leave me, Sachin.
Shalini.. - l won't be able to stay.
l've lost, Sachin.
Shalini.. - l've lost.
Yes, Sachin.
l love you.
l love you, Sachin.
You've decided to leave me.
Don't laugh. Don't laugh.
Manufacturing defect.
Go. lt's time for the flight.
Oh! So shall l really leave?
Will you call me? - No, l won't.
Letter? - l won't write it.
No, l won't send them.
Atleast love?
l will!