Decorating a Christmas Tree : How to Add the Christmas Tree Skirt

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi I'm Leslie Moselle and I'm Tony Ramirez and we are from Tampa Bay. On behalf of Expert
Village this how to decorate a Christmas tree. So here I am underneath my tree. Right here
as you saw as we were setting is our base of our tree. Of course if you are using a
real tree the stall would be here and the tree stand which would have your water. Of
course keep it hydrated as much as possible. So here we go this is very simple, it's just
a tree skirt. All it is doing is hiding the stand. It gives it that extra decorative look
of course I bought my tree skirt and match everything off of here which is our reds and
our golds. So one of the things you can do to add a little bit more depth is put one
of those snow round snow tree skirt underneath this. It will give it a little bit of fluff.
But these are very simple; you just spread them out as so and then they would have one
end that you would either tie together or Velcro or whatever it is. So I will just go
ahead and tie all of these together and spread all of these out like that. That is the basics
of adding your tree skirt to your tree. This tree sits a little bit low so you don't see
it as clear as any other tree but it still gives that extra look. That extra flavor and
it matches the rest of our tree so that is your tree skirt.