A Tale of Tacos

Uploaded by UniversityRochester on 10.02.2012

So today we actually are trying to break a world record for the longest line of tacos in the world.
And it’s sponsored by the 2013 Class Council and Aramark, as well as Wilson Commons Student Association.
And we have two types of tacos. We have chicken and beans.
And afterwards, we’re going to give them all away to all the students.
We’re combining forces to make a line of about 900 tacos.
We have over 50 volunteers here today. So we’re really excited.
We have a bunch of media out here from local TV stations.
And in the spirit of 2013 of breaking records and being
the movers and shakers on campus, we’re really excited to put on this event.
Well we had almost 1000 tortilla shells, 40 lbs, now 50 lbs of chicken, 40 lbs of cheese,
30 lbs of lettuce, 20 lbs of salsa, 20 lbs of sour cream.
So it’s not that much food, it’s just a lot of labor intensive for one taco each.
Go Go Go Go GO!
We need more, we need more! More tacos, more tacos!
Okay Scott, so how are we doing this, just so we don’t need to redo it again.
We’re overlapping it a little bit, just so they don’t fall. Do they have to touch these this way?
No. They have to touch a little bit, just over like that. Yeah just add them.
We decided on tacos at the end of last year
we were kind of brainstorming about events for the upcoming school year.
And we kind of decided we wanted to do something like setting a Guiness World record.
No other class council has ever done that at the U of R.
So we thought it would be a really neat idea as something to do.
So I did some research over the past summer and we thought that the taco record was particularly accessible.
We knew we could co-op with Aramark and Wilson Commons Wednesdays.
So that’s how we kind of arrived at it. Just that we knew we wanted to set a record,
and tacos seemed like it was one of the most doable.
I spent my night writing out all of these, in my awesome handwriting.
One of the important things, if not the most important thing, for this event,
is actually verifying to the Guiness World Records that we in fact set the record correctly.
Some things we need to get are video evidence, photographic evidence of both
the length of the taco, the size of the taco, the content of the taco, the number of the tacos.
So we’re using a variety of methods to document this.
And then actually measuring the line with a tape measurer. But it’s a straight line, so it shouldn’t be that bad.