Live Lectures at Anthem College Online

Uploaded by AnthemCollegeOnline on 27.04.2010

This presentation will focus on Live Lectures that take place at Anthem College Online.
The Live Lecture is just one of many benefits while attending school at Anthem College Online.
For more information about Anthem College Online, please visit our YouTube site at, and our facebook site at
The Live Lectures at Anthem College Online will look like this. The instructors will
have a video of themselves as seen here. You will be in the attendees list and can hear
the instructor speaking in real time. They will then give a lecture, as if you were attending
a ground college campus. • Live Lectures will take place once a week
in each 4 week course you take. • While attending live you can interact
in real time with your classmates and instructor. As seen here, the instructor can either respond
to students by microphone or can instant message the entire class or a particular student.
• All Live Lectures are recorded, so you can go back and review them or if are unable
to attend live, you can just watch the recorded presentation when you have time.
• Instructors can have you view a PowerPoint Presentation, share their computer screen
with you, share different computer files and use a whiteboard without leaving the virtual
classroom. • Chat is enabled during all Live Lectures,
so you can ask questions, make comments and talk with other online students about the
course or the Live Lecture. If you are having difficulties with an assignment you can ask
your instructor or fellow classmates for help. • You will be able to use different icons
that will appear next to your name. As seen above, if the instructor asks a question,
you can use the Raise Hand icon to answer. Or maybe you cannot hear the instructor well,
so you can use the ‘speak louder’ icon to let the instructor know, you cannot them
well. • Instructors can also poll everyone in
the Live Lecture regarding a specific question or in general to see if everyone is understanding
the learning material. • Instructors can also share pictures, videos
and even have you share! This hands on experience let’s us, bring the classroom to you.
Are you fearing one subject, such as math is going to get in your way of obtaining a
degree? Live Lectures can make the impossible, become possible.
• During Live Lectures, Instructors can use the Whiteboard function as seen here so
you can ask questions and fully understand math!
• The instructor will use the whiteboard function as you watch and listen. All of the
benefits of a real classroom, without having to leave your house. And instead of taking
pages and pages of notes and maybe missing out on an important topic, the lecture is
recorded, so you can go back and review the lecture as much as you need too.
• Need more help? Your instructor can set-up one on one tutoring in the Live Lecture, so
you both can use the whiteboard! Instructors can use their Live Lecture rooms anytime they
need to. Our instructors will also add interactive
material to their lecture. As seen here you can click on the ‘replay’ button to view
an interactive timeline, explaining the course material.

All Live Lectures are done in Adobe Connect. • This is all done by using a web browser
and the Adobe Flash® Player runtime, already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected
personal computers. If you are watching this on youtube, you already have it!
• Instant Access – Students need only a web browser and Adobe Flash® Player software,
which is free. • Adobe Flash is the technology behind most
video and interactive media on the Internet today. For web conferencing, Flash enables
the use of video, audio, and interactivity to create an almost in-person experience for
all students. Live Lecture Presentations are done every
other month and gives students a chance to learn about different subjects and to interact
with students in other programs in a live setting. The live lecture series shown here
discussed different Wonders of the World. These events promote a better sense of community
in the online environment. Attendance is optional, but we do record the each presentation, incase
students would like to view the Lecture at a later time. We also post the recorded live
lectures on our facebook site, so you can show friends and family what you’ve learned.
The subject of the Live Lecture series is chosen depending on seasons, holidays, or
special events that occur.
Our Live Lectures are easy, effective, enjoyable — and memorable
Utilizing Adobe® Connect™ software, you can view Live Lectures, when it's needed through
your self-paced courses. We can stream video, audio, and interactive content in a live,
virtual classroom. Attendance is easy for you — all you need is a web browser and
Adobe Flash® Player software, which can be downloaded at no cost to you.
Benefits include • Quickly create high-impact training content
for you. • Deliver training via virtual classrooms
and self-paced courses. • View recorded Live Lectures, anytime,
anywhere. • Track participation, progress, and course
effectiveness. So we can continually improve your learning experience.
Anthem College Online is dedicated to teaching students what they need to know, not what
we want them to learn. Our goal is simple. We give you a real world
education that qualifies you for a rewarding, long-term career.
Thank you.