La Educación Prohibida - Avance 2

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"The forbidden education" is a film which responds to the need...
...of a new educative paradigm.
Which may build a new school according to all the changes that are happening in the world...
...and in humanity.
We have to look for new procedures,
...we have to look for new methods,
...We have to look for something which give answers to all the problems...
...that we are feeling in the education.
This idea was born since I was a little child...
...I always observed all the problem that happened at school.
... differences caused by teachers
... autoritarism, verbal violence
... uselessness qualifications
... lack of interest in people, search for survival
... discrimination, rigidity of knowledge...
...teacher's powerless to generate a change
... rigidity of the system, lack of values.
The school tends to homogenize us, it looks for us all to be the same... think the same.
This implies that the educative system is a system of social exclusion. not the student who fails, it is the system that is wrongly proposed.
If the idea was to make the world a better place,
...Then nothing that I had seen at school had any sense.
The school, the tradition of the modern school... a tradition of a school of confinement.
The answer was clear. Every problem of society
...started at education. If my goal was to change the world...
... first, I had to change the school.
From all the things that we had learn at school,
even when we learnt many things at school,
there are very few of those that we need in everyday life.
I started in 2009 with 21 years old, a cámera in my hand
...and the support of those who surround me.
I visited schools, made interviews, took courses.
The esence was very clear from the beginning:
To look for an education that may LET US BE,
where we may develop our fullest potential, whatever that may be.
That they may understand that they are so much more than what people...
...told them they were.
When others put labels on us, they leave us trapped, we can´t move.
But they don´t follow the child they are not observing him,
they don´t really know him.
Very soon, new trips became possible,
new supportive people and a lot of help.
We visited schools in Uruguay many people started to collaborate,
goals became larger and new educative perspectives known...
There is still the believe that the encyclopedic and the accumulation of knowledge...
...are important for being better.
The old education, had a very militarized concept,
...everything was so rigid, based in order and in the verticality of things.
"You come here so I may get the 2x2 inside of your head."
And is like, you stand with a lot of premises that you have to achieve,
and you forget a bit about what you think of all that...
...because premises are already stablished when you arrive.
With the first 20 interviews we made the first trailer of the movie.
Today the film has more than 70 thousand visits on the internet...
...and its diffusion helped us travel to Chile and Spain,
where people, families and schools hosted us,
collaborating in this way with the project.
No matter it was a kindergarten I spoke about... became more and more systematized every time,
...and fun and joy were gradually lost.
Money for trips started appearing out of nowhere....
amongst donations and unexpected jobs...
...resources to finance the investigation, started to flow.
He becomes aware about how he is moving forwards on that road,
and since his work and effort make that possible.
Instead of competition, what we propose is collaboration...
...learning how to help each other.
A short time later, we discovered we were applying...
...the new education´s principles in our movie.
We didn´t have a script, the movie was writing itself organically...
...and grew with the investigation and with our experiences.
On our trips we started to understand practically every idea...
...that the new education needed.
To respect the development process...
... to value conflicts as opportunities, accept diversity of projects, learn through experience the fundamental ideas of the movie.
Each group of children is different,
so we have to be constantly observing them... identify what is that they are needing at that moment.
In this way, we understood that the film could not be completely documentary.
If we look for a school to be theoretical as well as practical...
... a school that works with knowledge tools and capacities,
... with emotions, art and perception.
The movie should generate conscience from that same place.
The solution was clear: the movie would have an organic development...
...including interviews, histories, concepts, drama,
animation, theatre and humor.
And the relationship with students to be real.
In nature, everything has a process.
We are going to be able to flow and enjoy the process.
It is to learn, but to learn for oneself.
Let the person decide about his life.
That same natural process, belongs to the human being.
It becomes in your own responsibility instead of...
...being the system´s responsibility.
We wanted a movie that people would enjoy, understand and live.
And to give them participation in that circle, where we reached... the problem´s solution.
And the most important, that it reaches every inch of the planet.
That the free, clean soul was enough and the will of doing it...
...and that we were going to make it.
And in this way, we decided to free the movie from every right against copy and reproduction.
The goal was not to earn money but to contribute to a change in conciousness.
And to do that, everyone should have access to the material.
The new educative paradigm is humanity´s property...
and this movie... too.
In this moment, we can`t talk about a traditional school...
...because we are in the middle of the transition.
The integration, let´s say, of the whole essence of the human being...
...into the educative process.
We´ve learnt that every method alternative that searched for...
...the fully development of the human being should have a voice in the movie.
And we searched for interviews with a huge variety of possible projects.
It is an attitude, a flow, it is something that evolves with time.
The new brain theories show...
that the brain is not an information processor,
but a meaning processor, pierced through by emotions.
Every human being manifests himself through emotions.
The attitude of working with mistakes is something good.
Being mistaken helps me grow helps me learn.
Today we have recorded more tan 100 interviews in Argentina...
...Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.
We visited more than 40 educative projects and we count with the support...
...of researchers and educators from around the world.
The goal of "The Forbidden Education" is to change the conscience about the school.
To install the need of a new school in the social agenda.
To weak up in the new and future teachers, the initiative to...
...investigate and develop new ways to see and work in education.
"The Forbidden Education" will represent the change in consciousness...
...that is already taking place in all the areas,
...but this time applied to education.
Educate is learn how to know ourselves. And from there, build.
When I make art, or when somebody makes art, that is when students are truly connected.
...with what they are doing. When they are flowing.
It is very important to start looking at...
What am I feeling when I´m educating
How to educate different human beings for a different world?.
We believe and know that "The Forbidden Education" will generate...
...a global movement towards school transformation.
Accompanying the movie, conferences, congresses and trainings will be held...
...and trainings for professionals for a new education.
The full-length film will participate in festivals and will be...
...the exponent of the new educative paradigm.
The movie will promote the development of a virtual network...
...where professionals, educators, parents, and young people from all around the world...
...will participate to give form to the education of the times to come.
"The Prohibited Education" will be the beginning of a new era... the history of education.
It is not to deny the other, but to open spaces... that each one can find himself.
When you work and connect children with nature, everything comes up.
We are walking not only in the educational area,
but we are really walking...
...on every area of human activity.
Towards every experience, every learning and every process...
...that we´ve lived in the development of this movie,
one of them resonates more than any other:
The change begins within oneself.
If we want a different society,
the only thing we really have to do, to love children... that they may learn to love others.
And you see the child who is looking at you and your eyes meet each other...
...that changes your life, it may change your life.
To Love many times is to understand that the other has his own rhythm.
Knowledge will come at its time, the world´s results will come on their own.
It is time to free our paradigms and to open up to a world of possibilities.
That is the goal of "The Forbidden Education".
We invite you all to be part of this project.
To support a unique process in the history of humankind.
We invite you to be part of the big change that education needs.
Coming Soon.
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