Purdue Pride episode 1, part 1

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>> The following program is a special presentation
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>> Welcome to the first edition of Purdue Pride,
where you'll see highlights involving interesting people
and events, from the campus of Purdue University
in West Lafayette Indiana.
This edition will feature 2 Purdue presidents;
land mark achievements for women, wacky juice contraptions,
a former Purdue football quarter back now a star in the NFL,
and will showcase the end of a major fundraising campaign,
resulting in some first class new facilities on campus.
There's plenty to see
in the next half hour all on Purdue Pride.
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At the end of June 2007,
Purdue University held a huge celebration
for the successful conclusion
of its record breaking 7 year fundraising effort,
The Campaign for Purdue.
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Donors were enthusiastically greeted by grateful students.
[applause] President Martin Jischke summed
up the accomplishments of the campaign and strategic plan.
>> Together we have created opportunities for you.
300 additional faculty, increased scholarships,
increased diversity, increased engagements,
more academic programs with 350 million dollar Discovery Park,
a billion dollars in new and remodeled facilities,
a 1.7 billion dollar campaign,
all in all not bad, not bad at all.
>> The final campaign total exceeded the initial goal
by 400 million dollars.
>> 1 billion 700 hundred and 2 million dollars.
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>> Two buildings funded
by the campaign were dedicated in May 2007.
The 12 million dollar Gerald and Edna Mann Hall
in Discovery Park will house researchers and staff involved
with healthcare engineering, advanced manufacturing,
cancer detection and treatment, systems analysis,
and homeland security.
>> We're like the way to the future on issues
that impact people and our entire nation and world.
We'll like the way to the future for business and industry
in our state that will be impacted by the engagement work
that emanates from this building.
>> The 7 million dollar Dennis
and Mary Lou Schwartz Tennis Center was also dedicated
in May.
>> This facility was built with an eye toward championships.
They'll play on these new plexi-paved courts
which cushion the pounding on one's legs,
and for competitive tennis the fan experience is first class.
Wireless scoreboards and a comprehensive viewing area,
make for a more engaged crowd.
>> Speaking of fans, they're also getting an upgraded
basketball facility for their beloved Boilermakers.
In May, Athletics Director Morgan Burke unveiled plans
for an 82 million dollar overhaul of Mackey Arena.
He says this will bring the 40 year old campus land mark
into the 21st century,
while preserving its rich history and tradition.
>> That facility will include a sports medicine complex.
It'll be 3 and a half to 4 times larger
than the current space in Mackey arena.
The strength and weight training facility will be 4 times larger
and an oversized basketball practice court will also be
in place.
The Mackey Arena project will significantly enhance the fan
experience as well.
>> Honorary degrees were among many awards bestowed
on the Jischke's during their final months as President
and First Lady of Purdue.
Two buildings were named in their honor,
the Martin Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering
and the planned Patty Jischke Early Care and Education Center.
Martin Jischke also became the first ever recipient
of the university's Neil Armstrong medal of excellence
which was presented by the former astronaut.
>> Here it is, small but mighty.
>> This award will be presented from time to time
as the university deems it appropriate.
We're grateful for Neil lending his name to it.
It's gonna be one of the premier awards
for this university for decades to come.
>> Thank you.
>> Congratulations.
>> Thank you.
>> Jischke was also named the International Citizen
of the Year by the International Center of Indianapolis
for his tremendous leadership
and making global connections for Indiana.
>> The people who have been named International Citizen
of the year previously include some
of the most distinguished leaders of Indiana
and to be counted among that group is quite an honor.
It's also a wonderful recognition for Purdue.
Only 2 other universities
in the country have more international students
than we do.
We have nearly 5,000 international students
from 130 countries of the world.
>> Martin Jischke officially stepped
down as Purdue's 10th president in mid July, after serving
in that capacity for 7 years.
He presided over his final commencement ceremonies in May
with this advice for the 5700 graduates.
>> Ultimately you are the American dream,
this class of 2007.
You're the culmination of all of the dreams of all the people
who have dreamed before you.
You are the best educated generation
in the history of the world.
Your opportunities are limited only by the depth
of your resolve and the height of your ambition.
>> Purdue alumnist Neil Armstrong, the first man
on the moon congratulated President Jischke
on his retirement and the success of the campaign.
>> Purdue soared past the campaign's original 1.3 billion
dollar goal and now it has gone far beyond its ultimate goal
of 1.5 billion dollars.
The campaign has been a transforming event
for our university.
We can see the buildings, the scholarships,
the support for faculty and programs
that have become realities because of your gifts.
>> The Jischke's plan to remain
in the West Lafayette community during their retirement.
Coming up in our next segment: Engineering
and technology students get juiced up.
>> This special presentation of the Big 10 Network is brought
to you by Purdue University, where the sky is not the limit.
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