Jef Aerosol - Musil museum of literature - 2010 - EN/FR/DE - short

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I was born on ... ,
which is something not everyone can say of themselves.
The place, too, was unusual:
Klagenfurt in Carinthia;
relatively few people are born there.
In a sense both facts already
indicated my future ...
(from his diaries)
Honoring the 130th birthday of the writer Robert Musil, the facade of his birthplace
was decorated by the French street art pioneer Jef Aerosol.
Aerosol's performance made the Musil museum in Klagenfurt into
an eye catcher in the name of literature.
Total order would be the ruin of all progress and enjoyment.
The graffiti star from Nantes has left his artistic traces on buildings around the world.
His works are also present in galleries, but Aerosol himself states that
his favorite place to display or make art is on the street — the facades —
and his favorite tool is the spray can.
The state has to have just one relationship to art —
to provide and assure infrastructure for it.
Up to 20 sophisticated layers are needed to produce a recognizable portrait.
The order of form and color shades are the key — especially
to get a desired 3D effect for a piece of graffiti art.
In addition to pedestrians stopping for the performance, it was also picked up by the media.
The graffiti generates interest — not just about the portrait itself, but also about the artist and procedure.
People start to communicate with the artist and gain the take courage to enter an potentially overlooked place —
the Robert Musil museum of literature.
It took just about an hour until Robert Musil's Robert tribute was finished.
For Jeff Aerosol the goal of life is the communication and sharing of special moments — and on the street this can be shared with everyone.
Street art — outdoor painting — is an enjoyable way to get introduced to art. People passing by often stop to have a look.
And after some time the graffiti become part of their lives.
It's the surprising experience of art outdoors that blurs borders, liberates and leads to an open mind.
Painting — Literature — Music — Cinema — Theatre — and more — basics elements of our existence...
Street art directly targets the passerby and makes a direct communication possible ...
... and generates interest ...
Here are the portraits of Christine Lavant, Ingeborg Bachmann and — Robert Musil.