Knog N.E.R.D

Uploaded by papics on 10.01.2010

My newest gadget is the N.E.R.D. cycle computer, made by Knog, a company from Australia.
It has 12 functions, it's wireless,
in one word, it's a really great stuff!
So I will open it right now.
I like the packing, it is a bit similar to the packing of Apple products...
There is a printed manual - of course, we won't read that, even though it comes in 5 languages.
Here we have the magnet,
then the sensor unit, made of silicone as almost all Knog products.
Finally, there is the main unit,
showing again a very typical Knog-design.
But it's not yet set-up... That's all!
You do not have to be a rocket-scientist to be able to install this onto your bike...
(This is the same for all Knog products.)
Pull the silicon strap around the fork and fit it over the hook.
Fine-tune it until the distance between the sensor and the magnet is less than 5 mm.
The procedure for the main unit is very similar,
just grab it, pull the silicon strap around the bars, fit it over the hook, adjust it, and you’re done!
Now let's see how it works!
And it has a nice backlight for you Night Rides!
You have everything what you need!