Chanakya - Episode 7

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Lead me from Untruth to Truth
From Darkness to Light
From Death to lmmortality
students who are graduating today shall, after worshiping the fire,
return to their rooms before sunrise
and come out of their rooms only after the sunset.
students who are graduating today shall, after worshiping the fire,
return to their rooms before sunrise
and come out of their rooms only after the sunset.
All person must have details of all their goods noted by the gatekeeper.
You will be responsible for any errors.
Ma'am! Takshashila's famous trader Ashtavakra is here to...
show you his precious jewelry.
Ask him to wait.
As you wish, Devi.
Greetings, Devi.
l will be grateful for obliging me with this kindness.
l present to you these pearls from ocean.
These pearls are from the place where river Tamarapanik meets the sea.
l've other types of pearls too.
lf you wish, then l can present the most precious pearls to you.
All the pearls are flawless.
l also have pearls necklaces.
Hurry up -Be quick! -Hurry up! Fast! -Faster!
Hurry up -Be quick! -Hurry up!
Close the gates ... -Be quick...Hurry up -Be quick! -Hurry up!
Where is Prince Ambhi? - ln the consultation room.
Excuse me sir, but Kaykai's army is marching towards the city.
Border security guard has brought this news.
The wicked Parvateshwar has betrayed us.
Chief Guard! Seal all the entrances to the city
and retaliate Kaykai's attack in a befitting manner.
Prince, King Parvateshwar respects the protectors of the borders.
Try to negotiate and stop the dispute.
l am not the gatekeeper of lndia who has to bow before Parvateshwar.
Let no one enter or leave the palace.
lnstruct General, Siharan...
Where were you hiding, Minister?
He was slyly trying to flee the city before the sunrise.
For this, we...
Fools! This is no time to arrest.
Where is General siharan, Minister. - l do not know, sir.
Release the Minister and find the General! Quick!
Alert all officials.
Declare the war without delay!
Be quick!
General Siharan...!
General Siharan...!
General Siharan...!
General Siharan...!
General Siharan...!
General Siharan...!
General Siharan...!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar! -Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar! Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Kaykai's army has attacked the palace.
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
Long live King Parvateshwar!
You are free, General.
General. - Don't mention his name.
He is dead for you!
You are not a woman!
You are responsible for my downfall.
You pretend to be in love with me.
Pretension has now turned into real love for you, General.
ls that why you threw me in the cell? To die!
What did you gain? You lowly woman!
And for which lover did you throw me in that dark cell?
Go away General. l shall not stop you today.
But first hear me out.
l shall leave Takshashila for Kaykai tomorrow morning.
lf you wish you may come with me.
l shall wait till the last minute at the town's gate.
l shall ask you as reward from King Parvateshwar.
Kaykai has attacked Takshashila?
Subhada, has Kaykai attacked Takshashila?
You wanted to know, for which lover had l thrown you in the dark cell.
lt was for the love of my motherland, General.
What have you done, subhada?
l've fulfilled my duty, Siharan.
You may go now.
Go away, lest l might kill you in the fear of losing you!
You have left me with no choice but to commit suicide, Subhada.
How will l face Ambhiraj?
You have to decide that, General.
What is happening in Takshashila, father?
All this is the result of your brother's foolishness.
Kaykai's ruler had...
Long live King Parvateshwar!
But where were you, child?
At school.
When a war is waged against a predetermined country or time...,
it is called 'Prakashyudh' or declared war.
Burning forts, indulgence in looting, and torturing enemy in the process...
changing attack from one to another position is called 'Kootyudh'.
Using drugs, poison and deploying spies to destroy the enemy
is called 'Tushyudh'.
Acharya, the principal has asked you to stop the classes.
Takshashila has been attacked by Kaykai.
We will stop here today.
Om. -Om!
Welcome brave men of Kaykai.
Kaykai's Minister, lndradutt greets you King Ambhiraj.
Kaykai's General Vyagrahpad greets you.
Greetings, Prince. - Kaykai's brave men! Please be seated.
You are our respected elder, Ambhiraj.
What we seek is not enthronment but your blessings.
King of Takshashila. We are here to seek your advice and friendship.
We do not object to the Prince being present here.
Eventually he will have to maintain our relationship.
Please sit, Minister.
Please sit, Prince.
A son does not stand in the presence of his father.
l am like your father.
King Parvateshwar conveys his greetings to you.
Convey my congratulation to him on his victory, Minister.
Takshashila's defeat cannot be considered Kaykai's victory, sir.
lt is our defeat, King.
Because we decide about two kingdoms' future with war and not with peace.
How long will we shed the blood of the innocent for so called victory.
You are shedding the blood, Minister.
You are not innocent, Prince.
Kaykai does not desire to have the land of Takshashila.
The land which is yours will remain yours.
lt is against our culture to rule over others territory, Prince.
l am responsible for this, Minister.
Question is not whether or not you are responsible, Ambhiraj.
The question is about the security of the lndian borders.
Our borders are safe.
lf the border states continue to fight this way it will not be safe.
lt is apparent, that you want to capture all border states.
You misunderstand Kaykai, prince.
ln Takshashila's welfare lies Kaykai's welfare.
lf Takshashila remains safe then Kaykai too will be safe.
But your state encourages forces against us, which we openly object.
You are accusing Takshashila! - You are not Takshashila, Prince.
l accuse you, Prince.
Have you come here to talk about peace or to accuse me?
lf our King did not respect King Ambhiraj...
then l would have spoken to you like a victor does!
Go out, Prince.
l did not want to be here anyway.
Forgive my son Minister. l am helpless.
But tell Parvateshwar, that l shall not give him a chance to complain.
Ask Parvateshwar to forgive an old helpless father.
You're embarrassing us, Ambhiraj.
At the time of graduation l must say that...
the moment this school declared you as a graduate...
from the same moment your another test has started.
lt is to be seen, how much of your education you put into practice.
lf you'll call moral values as your ideals, and for the sake of comforts
if you try to escape from them... then it will be deceit.
By following the path of truth and virtue...
and enhancing the honor of your family and nation...
is what your school expects from you.
Om. -Om!
''More fortunate than us are those who were born on this soil...
''Where there are the doors to heaven and salvation.''
God Himself glorifies the greatness of lndia with these words.
The land of purity, sacrifice and courageous people...
the land full of knowledge, sciences, art, trade and medicines...
the land of action of our ancestors.
where the evil forces were defeated by the forces of good.
The land adorned with beautiful forests and mountains...
the land known for pure happiness, bravery, great patriotism and
compassion and other good things.
Better than heaven, is our lndia.
And with the spirit of sacrificing everything for the progress of...
the land of lndia the sons of... Mother lndia will today
...return to their respective places of birth.
But today, l shall not let...
any Magadhan, Malav, Lichvi, Kuru or Panchal leave.
Only someone who is lndian will leave this place today.
ln a country, where many languages are spoken...
and many religions are practiced, lndians live like a family.
Politically, our land is divided into many states.
But our culture is one.
When the sons of lndia have been raised under one culture...
then how can boundaries segregate them?
l warn you, not to attempt dividing lndians on the basis of borders.
Hold on to the thread of culture that binds one human with another.
For l see regional politics dividing people.
Culture must rectify the damage done by politics.
Culture must act as a bridge.
For culture is devoid of religion, language or caste.
lndian philosophy firmly believes in the union of man with God.
But first, man must unite with man!
Can the state boundaries prevent people from meeting one another?
lf it is so then we should break the barriers of boundaries imbibed in us.
Graduates going from here should sing as loudly as they can...
the song of cultural and national unity - in a unified voice...
so that the teachers here are convinced...
that they have built a nation, not broken her in pieces.
May Mother lndia guide you in your path.
Arise lndia.
Acharya Vishnugupt!
The door is open. You may come in.
lt is me, lnradutt.
l have asked for permission from the principal.
Does the conqueror of Takshashila...
need permission to enter a teacher's room?
You could have entered even with your army, lndradutt.
Come in.
Will you drink water. - No.
Have you eaten?
Will you eat fruits?
Can't you ask something else?
What can l ask Kaykai's Minister?
You were not so cruel, Vishnu!
Had you come in some other form, l'd have many questions to ask.
l had many questions.
You have come after years and that too as an invader.
The attack was inevitable, Vishnu.
How long will one state fight another?
When will we think about the welfare of the nation?
But a state cannot forego its right for the fear of conflict.
ln this interstate conflict the nation suffers, Indrut.
Regional politics will hinder the building of nation.
This conflict will result in the country's down fall.
May l ask you something, Vishnu? - Ask.
ls some political creativity taking form in your mind?
l have no place in politics. l am only a teacher.
That is why l fear you. - Really?
Then make me a Minister of some state.
Are you going to Magadh this year?
l am thinking about it.
When will you leave for Kaykai. - Tomorrow.
Give me permission to leave.
l miss you a lot, Vishnu.
What is the use of hiding in the dark, father?!
Get up and accept the truth with patience.
Come father.
Where do you wish to take me, Alka?
General Siharan is waiting for you.
What is he doing here now?
Takshashila doesn't need him anymore.
He won't leave without seeing you.
Ask him to go away, Alka.
lf you delay anymore then he will severe his head...
but he will not leave without seeing you.
He fought the guards and risked his life to meet you.
Please meet him, father. - Bring him here.
l am Takshashila's culprit.
Please kill me.
l do not wish to live.
Order your guards to kill me.
l am a sinner. Punish me, Dev.
Order your guards to trample me to death.
Bury me alive. Don't leave me alive!
Kill me, sir!
Kill me!
You'll live as that's your punishment, Siharan.
l do not deserve pity, Dev. Do not leave me alive.
Why is no one killing me...?
Why is no one punishing me...?
Go Siharan. You are free.
Why does not some one kill me?
l am your culprit.
Kill me. Hit me. spit on me.
l am guilty.
Don't leave me alive. l am a disgrace to Takshashila.