Recording with POD Farm 2.5 and Reaper | Line 6

Uploaded by line6movies on 01.11.2011

Recording guitar on your computer is simple with POD Farm 2.5 and Reaper.
Fire up your computer and go to
to download Line 6 Monkey and POD Farm 2.5.
Then, go to to download
Reaper recording software. This is an uncrippled evaluation copy.
After installing everything, connect a POD Studio GX
or other audio interface to your computer using USB.
Launch Line 6 Monkey to install the latest drivers for your POD Studio interface.
Then, launch Line 6 License Manager to authorize your hardware.
Connect an instrument cable to your guitar and connect the other
end to the guitar input on a POD Studio GX or other audio interface.
Keep in mind you should listen to the audio through studio monitors
or powered computer speakers, since built-in computer speakers rarely have a wide enough
frequency response for judging tone. Now that everything is installed,
launch Reaper on your computer and go to Options>Preferences>Audio>Device.
From the "Audio System" dropdown, choose your
audio interface as the input and output device. In this case, we'll choose ASIO
and it will automatically see the GX.
Then scroll down to VST and add the POD Farm folder to your plugins.

For best performance, you may also want to lower your buffer setting
from the default settings in Reaper. Now restart
Reaper so that it can load the POD Farm plugins. Create a track in Reaper
by going to Track>Insert New Track. Turn monitoring on
and arm it for recording. You should now hear your guitar coming
through the monitors.

We're going to use POD Farm as a plugin within Reaper to create a heavier
guitar tone. Let's add a Jumped Lead Plexi,
a Console Preamp, a Tube Echo and a Classic Distortion
to the signal chain.

Now that we have it dialed in, all we have to do is hit record.