Chanakya - Episode 28

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After meeting Acharya Vishnugupt, Acharya Rudradev changed his
decision to Ieave PataIiputra.
He aIso requested other teachers in the CounciI not to Ieave PatIiputra.
When the fIag of Iearning wiII wave in PataIiputra ...
onIy then wiII the teachers of PataIiputra be victorious.
Therefore, no more escape from adverse conditions.
No more deserting of PataIiputra by teachers.
WhiIe Acharya Vishnugupt succeeded in dissuading Acharya Rudradev
from Ieaving PataIiputra -
Acharya Ajay was worried about Acharya Vishnugupt's mysterious behavior.
He wiII not reveaI anything that he does not wish to.
And his siIence is kiIIing me. - How Iong wiII you be quiet?
If you'd feeI the pain in his siIence then you wouId not dare break it.
When his grief goes out of bound, I wonder, what havoc it wiII create.
Acharya Vishnugupt understood Maitrey and Acharya Ajay's uneasiness.
Have you any apprehension, Maitrey?
Maitrey was perpIexed by Acharya's behavior.
After returning from Acharya Vijaya's home, Acharya Vishnugupt met his
childhood friend and ex-minister Shaktar's son, Shriyak.
What has made you so heartIess, Vishnu
Acharya Ajay Iearnt from Shriyak about...
..Acharya Vishnugupt's pIan to buy Iand.
When questioned by Shriyak, Vishnugupt toId him about his pIan.
Then inform him that I want to set up a university in PataIiputra
Iike the one in TakshashiIa.
On one hand Acharya Vishnugupt was being successfuI in his mission,
On the other hand the confIict between Prime Minister Varuchi and
GeneraI BhadrashaI was becoming apparent.
Dholiya - Yes sir?
I can be deIayed at the Prime Minister's office.
So unIess it's necessary don't ask any visitors to wait for me.
As you say sir.
Hello, sir - Hello
The Prime Minister has requested you to come to his home tonight.
Isn't he in his office now? - No, sir.
You can go now. - FareweII, sir
If you are aIone, come with me. We wiII pIay together.
Are you calling me a cheat? - Yes, you are a cheat!
I don't want this answer!
After returning from TakshashiIa, I too wanted to have a huge schooI
Iike TakshashiIa in PataIiputra.
But circumstances did not give me a chance to express my desire.
And as I got more invoIved in Magadha's poIitics, I feIt that
it was impossibIe task to compIete.
Today, when it is time for me to retire, the same aspiration has
appeared in another form.
Shriyak, do you know him?
He is my chiIdhood friend.
Shriyak, I want to heIp him.
PersonaIIy I'm in favor of setting up a university in PataIiputra.
The funds necessary for it ...
If you want then it isn't impossibIe, Prime Minister.
And Vishnugupt is quite resourcefuI.
I don't want Iack of finances to deIay this work.
A man from TakshashiIa comes here to set up a university here ...
can the ruIers of PataIiputra decIine to heIp him!
I'II hurt the prestige for PataIiputra.
Then what do you want to do?
Why don't we persuade the assembIy to gift...
...the required Iand for the schooI?
Is it possibIe, Prime Minister? - Why not?
This wiII satisfy PataIiputra' teaching community too.
Thousands of students in one campus of the university!
Shriyak, we must accompIish this.
This is the answer to the teacher's probIem.
The pride of education wiII be enhanced in PataIiputra,...
and so wiII the prestige of the teachers.
Once the schooI is set up, even the teachers who have Ieft wiII return.
Shriyak, I want to meet Vishnugupt.
Now I reaIize, why Acharya Rudradev did not Ieave PataIiputra!
Why the CounciI ordered the teachers not to Ieave!
Now I reaIize, why Acharya Rudradev toId me..
...that once I wouId be reIieved..
..of my post then they had many other responsibiIities waiting for me.
Shriyak, whoever he may be, convey my regards to him.
TeII him that I'm waiting to see him.
I feeI, he has the answers to many of our probIems.
Why didn't such a simpIe idea occur to us before...
that the teachers of Magadha need a university?
I wiII pIace the proposaI before the Cabinet tomorrow. Support me.
I am with you, Prime Minister. AIIow me to Ieave.
Ask Acharya Vishnugupt to meet me, whenever he has the time.
I have a Iot to taIk to him...
about him ... about TakshashiIa...
about his future pIans.
TeII him, that by his coming -
memories of schooI my days have been revived.
My curiosity wiII be satisfied onIy after he meets me.
I wiII certainIy convey your message to him.
Minister, it is not my message it is my invitation for him.
If he does not come here, then I wiII go to his pIace.
And whenever I go to him, I wiII not go empty handed.
After searching 50 dancers' rooms, I've found you here!
Give back my horses, or I won't Ieave you aIive you today!
What are you doing? Other peopIe are hearing !
You have been putting off since many days. I cannot wait anymore.
If you do not meet me in the morning tomorrow, then I wiII kiII you!
Are you waiting for Vasudha?
I wiII come some other time.
What happened? - Nothing.
Where is my turban? - Over there.
Give my horses, or I won't Ieave you aIive today!
What are you doing? - I cannot wait anymore.
If you do not meet me in the morning tomorrow, then I wiII kiII you!
What do you say, Minister? - I support your proposaI.
Chief Priest, do you have any objection?
I've no objection, Prime Minister.
Minister, what's your decision?
I too have no objections.
I too have no objections.
I wiII inform the Emperor about the Cabinet's decision.
Minister, don't you want go?
Let's go, sire.
Is this the way to work? You do not deserve Ieniency!
What have you done to the stabIes?
Do you expect me to keep an on eye aII day Iong?
There is no order anywhere.
Summon aII the empIoyees in courtyard of the stabIe!
Do I have to give you separate order?
Chief of StabIes. What was the matter?
You've befooIed me Iong enough ! Now I want my horses back!
I am trying, Chief of StabIes. - I've been hearing it for months.
What can I do? The deaIers from Aratta and Kamboj are not coming here.
I'm toId that due to the freedom struggIe in Vahik against the Greeks -
the traders of Vahik and Kamboj are unabIe to cross the river Sindhu.
And good breed horses of Aratta are either being bought by the freedom
fighters or peopIe are gifting them.
Hence, it is hard to get horses in Iarge numbers from Aratta.
Yet, I have sent my men to Aratta.
I cannot wait tiII they return! - What eIse can I do, but wait?
You shouId have thought of it before taking the horses!
I gave you weII-bred horses, so that you couId
..seII them for a high price...
in return, I accepted horses of a Iower pedigree ...
but now, the stabIes wiII be inspected any moment!
What wiII I teII the auditors?
You shouId have thought of it before. You too had a share in the deaI!
It was your idea - and now you bIame me!
Anger wiII Iead you nowhere. You're unnecessariIy getting worried.
Nothing is going to change.
Even if there is an audit - what is it going to prove?
Horses are the same in numbers!
Auditor won't be so fooIish that he won't distinguish their breeding.
The fear is in your mind.
To find poorIy bred horses in PataIiputra's stabIes - is not
onIy difficuIt, but impossibIe.
You are angry, because you're scared.
Because you know the truth that's why you're getting worried.
Do not think about it. Anyway, I am trying.
As soon as I get weII-bred horses, I wiII return them to you.
And you return the poorIy-bred horses to me.
What is the probIem in this?
The probIem is not as easy this time as you think it is.
For God's sake, get my horses from anywhere.
Our safety Iies in this.
I shaII try.
You may go. But keep in touch.
AIright. - Go.
I shaII Ieave now, Ajay. TeII Vishnu, I was here.
I have toId you the rest. FareweII.
FareweII, Minister.
Greetings, Minister. - My Lord.
The Cabinet unanimousIy passed the proposaI to donate the Iand to you.
But isn't yet one vote Ieft?
Aren't you convinced yet, Vishnu?
Don't be disappointed if your confidence is broken, Shriyak.
The history of Magadha's poIitics is fuII of exampIes treachery.
So prepare yourseIf. I've come here prepared to be humiIiated.
If you get humiIiated this time, then I too wiII feeI the pain.
That's why I ask you to be prepared.
Because this time you too can't remain uninvoIved.
And going with me ... Go, Minister.
I'm seIfish enough to find a good companion in my journey.
My ancestors have taught me this ...
''A path without difficuIties often Ieads to wrong destination''
I want to go on the right path.
Vishnu, the Prime Minister wants to meet you.
Meet him whenever you Iike.
And you aren't barred from entering Minister Shriyak's home.
What exactIy do you want to do, Vishnu?
To do good for myseIf and Magadha.
From tomorrow you're going to teach my students, Vishnu.
What wiII you do then? - That's no answer.
Ajay, I don't have the time.
But what do you do that you don't have time?
I've to do too many things in too IittIe time.
So don't put this responsibiIity on me.
Can you teII at Ieast one of those many things to me?
First of aII I want to set Magadha right.
Minister Shriyak must have toId you something.
UnveiI your face, fooI!
If you stiII insist - I'II teach your students.
But do not bIame me if they too tread on the path that I've chosen.
Wake me up when it's time to eat.
PIease remain seated, Prime Minister.
Prime Minister. I want to think about this matter further.
As you wish, Emperor.
But I beIieve, a quick decision wiII aid in diffusing the discontent
prevaiIing amongst teachers of PataIiputra.
Hence, it's my humbIe request that for the university ...
- I'II convey my decision soon !
Greetings, Chief Minister. - Greetings, Viradhgupt.
Did you ask for me? - Sit Viradh.
What are your orders for me, Lord?
I'm giving an important assignment.
Nobody except the Emperor shouId know about it.
I repeat, nobody except the Emperor shouId know.
Rest assured, Lord.
I want to know everything about Acharya Vishnugupt who has recentIy
arrived from TakshashiIa.
His background, the peopIe he meets ...,
What does he do? What's he pIanning to do ...,
His friends, with whom does he stay? Who are his contacts in PataIiputra?
Give me as much information as you can get about this man every day.
For your information, Iet me teII you that this man named Vishnugupt wants
to buy a big pIot of Iand to set up a university here.
But beware of this man.
And Iisten. Your job starts today and right now.
As you command, Lord. - You may go now, Viradh.
FareweII, Lord. - FareweII.
Minister. The Prime Minister is coming.
Greetings, Prime Minister.
Greetings, Prime Minister. - PIease ...
PIease take your seat, Minister.
Yes, Prime Minister?
I think, we wiII have to buy the Iand for the university.
But what did the Emperor say?
He wants to think over this matter.
And as usuaI, he wiII convey his decision to us soon.
Why don't we wait for his decision? - For how Iong?
For how Iong wiII you beIie the truth.
I've given up the hope of getting this Iand in grant.
If you want to heIp in a nobIe cause, then you have onIy one way.
Buy the Iand at any cost.
I want to see this project compIeted fore I retire.
CouId it be that the Emperor is against having this university?
If he is, the he is being dogmatic.
Then what do you want, Prime Minister?
I wish to Iay the foundation of the university with my own hands.
So you discuss it with Acharya Vishnugupt and
encourage him to buy the Iand.
I am anxious heIp him in everyway.
It's your and my duty to see that there is no obstacIe in his work.
I've decided to use the power of my status for this work.
If you're unabIe to heIp me, just inform me.
I shaII manage aIone.
What is your name? - Siharan.
Where are you coming from? - From Aratta.
Occupation? - I'm a warrior, but I trade in horses
Have you come aIone?
No. My servants and friends are outside the city with the horses.
Where do you want to go?
To KaIinga. But we wish to rest in PataIiputra for some days.
Do you know anyone in this city. - No.
Where wiII you spend the night? - In some resthouse.
Your identity scroII?
What wouId you Iike, sir? - Wine.
Listen waitress.
Here is your tip. - PIease come again.
What wouId Iike, sir? - A drink.
PIease sit.
What information did you get, Viradh?
Minister, I have not yet seen that man but I've Iearnt that his
father, Acharya Chanak, taught PoIiticaI science in PataIiputra.
About 20 years ago, exiIe from PataIiputra for treason.
That's what peopIe beIieve.
Acharya Chanak was a cIose friend of Minister Shaktar and because of him
Acharya Chanak was imprisoned.
After his father's imprisonment and his mother's untimeIy death,
Vishnugupt had Ieft PataIiputra.
His neighbors have seen him at home after many years.
But they have not yet spoken to him.
He has been visited by Acharya Vijay, Acharya Kartikeya and other friends.
MostIy he is seen with Acharya Ajay.
Minister Shriyak was aIso seen once in his absence.
What are your orders for me, Lord?
You may go, Viradh.
Meet me tomorrow morning without faiI. - As you command, Lord!
Listen, Viradhgupt.
This information shouId remain confidentiaI.