Jambers - interviews lottery winners part 3 Lottowinnaars

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The man in this Mercedes 500 SL coupe is the 22 year old Dominiuqe Sas.
He is visiting his friend Serge Ramaekers, with whom he composed the newbeat hit 'The Sound of C' in 1989.
Or maybe I've to say 'The sound of money'.
In his brand new villa has the 25 year old Serge build a complete recording studio.
They started out with the computer in their bedroom, and now they have their own villa full of design and good taste.
It all started as a joke.
We never intended to put it on record.
Just one worldhit and you you've enough money for the rest of your life.
If you invest your money wisely that is.
So even if you would not bring out other records, then that one hit is enough to support you for the rest of your lives?
Success is just around the corner.
Can you estimate how much millions you made with your records?
The...2 or 3 big hits. - It is difficult to estimate how much money we made with it.
The last 2 years we each made 15 million Belgian Francs on copyrights alone (371,840 Euro)
I am a big car fanatic.
But you appreciate this car best when you drive it quietly.
You enjoy it more then.
May I ask what was the price of this car?
Approximately? - Yes....a little over 5 million Belgian Francs (123,947 Euro).
Are you not afraid to drive the streets with such an expensive car?
I'm don't have a problem driving it. But I can't park it everywhere.
Do you consider yourselves rich?
Considering our age, we don't have a reason to complain.
But..on us to task to keep the success going.
So it's difficult to answer your question.
And does money bring happiness?
I'm not convinced of that. But no money does not bring happiness for sure.
But...no, money is is not strictly necessary in order to be happy.
It feels like you win the lottery. You can compare it with that.
The world in which we are is totally unpredictable.
You can think yourself that a certain song will be a hit...
...but you can't predict that with 100% certainty.