Pro Tools® SE - Recording an Audio Track - Win 7 & Mac OS X

Uploaded by avid on 27.09.2010

Part of composing or putting together a production
is the recording of real instruments such as Vocals, Guitar, or Bass.
Pro Tools SE makes this process quick,
easy, and fun.
So from the Quick Start Menu
I'm going to open up my original MIDI session,
when it comes up, you can see my tracks.
There's the MIDI region that we applied Swing to.
We also applied swing to the drum loop, but not the drum fill.
and also to our other loop.
let's just take a listen so what we've got so far.
So I'm going to record a real bass guitar on the mono track that was already in our session.
I'll just move it to the top of the Track list.
I'll double-click it and give it a name.
By naming your tracks ahead of time, you'll find it easier to manage your session
as it gets bigger.
Now I need to set the correct input to record from.
I'm using a Fast Track which has a Mic input for channel 1,
and a Line, or Instrument input for channel 2.
My Bass is plugged into the instrument channel, which is input two,
so I'll choose input two on the track.
I'll Record enable the track and test my Bass level.
Now the level is a bit on the low side so I'm going to turn the gain knob up on the top
of the Fast Track. Until my level is louder with more Pre Amp gain.
Now that's too much.
You can hear it clipping the Input.
Back it off just a bit.
Now that sounds great.
So I'm going to just record from on the top of the track
so up to the Transport, hit Record,
and then off we go.
Hit Spacebar to end the recording,
you can now see the recorded region,
let's take a listen to playback.
Now I'm a bit unsure about the second half of the recording
so I'll just position the Insertion point at bar five,
and then press Number Pad 3 to start recording again.
Spacebar to Stop,
and Spacebar to listen to Playback.
Now another type of recording is Loop recording.
I want to just concentrate on these four bars of my arrangement,
I'll make a selection of represents the portion
that I want to work on.
And then I'll press Number Pad 5 to engage Loop Record,
and Number Pad 4
to engage Loop Playback.
You see the Transport Icons change to indicate this.
Pass number two.
And something different again.
Spacebar will end the Recording.
So now you can right-click directly on the region itself and choose from any one of those
three distinctly different takes.
And if I don't like that particular pass, I can right-click
and choose another take. Take Two.
Now when you finished the recording process don't forget to take the track out of
Record ready. A good habit to get into.
I'll finish off by selecting the tail end of the recording with the Selector Tool,
and then I'll just delete it.