State of Play of UFO research (2/3)

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The reports that we hear always talk about the fact that those objects which are observed move jerkily
and quickly from one place to another, how can this be explained?
Well, if they are able to generate gravitational fields, then someone sitting inside
won't notice the jerky motion, he just follows the guide fiel, which is built up in front of him.
It's like when you sit in the elevator, and then fall toward the center of the earth.
Bit if the field can be designed so that it has a preferred vertical direction, then you fall vertically with this guide field and won't notice anything at all.
We have videos in which it is seen that an object
that is afoot here and seems to be disappeared in the next moment
it is not gone, however: if you go slide by slide and pursue frame by frame,
you can observe a line which says that the object has moved to 30-50 G
so it has moved with 30 - to 50-fold acceleration of gravity.
This is so fast: With 9 G a pilot is already unconscious; it can hardly stand the material, what we know today.
On the sixth of April 1993 an amateur filmmaker from Gulf Breeze, Florida could record a video of a floating object
which disappeared as if it has been switched off. The anonymous witness Philip sent his video for consideration to photo-analysts.
They discovered that the object was surrounded by a hexagonal saturn-like ring . His sudden disappearance could be explained by extremely high acceleration levels of several hundred G.
For comparison, a human pilot is already unconscious at about 8 G.
Mr. von Ludwiger, quite often we hear from pilots, too, that accompany such flying objects, aircraft,
then shouldn't it actually be possible to document that such objects exist, or are they invisible for our radar?
Civil aviation is free of any objects, which traces it can not identify.
If something turns up, it is automatically passed to military airspace surveillance.
who has the task to identify these tracks.
Of course there are overreaches and all sorts of objects
which then also need to be identified. But occasionally there are very strange tracks
where an object flies, for example, at first slowly and then suddenly moves forward at triple the speed of sound at a right angle.
triple the speed of sound, I always say this, because flying machines from us simply don't fly faster than three times the speed of sound
So an object flies down in France, for example from Lyon to Geneva
and appears to smash on the ground but then it catches itself and each pilot says, "Where is it now, what's going on?"
or there are different tracks where such an object makes a zigzag motion
No airplane flies in such a way, but this can be seen on radar. And occasionally, but not always, one can then compare visual contact with radar and sees:
"Oh, yes I have seen it with my own eyes and on the radar it also looks like this."
We have it all. Only the military documents are rarely made available to scientists. We are well versed,
but there are very interesting cases and a lot of tracks can not to be explained. Just the public knows nothing about.
Can we have a look in your records?
It doesn't matter where this is, but look here, it's like a map,
on it some lakes. And these blue lines are the normal commercial civil aircraft.
Every 10 seconds there is a point position that is reported by the radar. You can follow it and can see how an airplane flights right here.
And against those lines the unknown flying objects are moving quite different. For example here:
On August, 2nd, 1993. It is also the Lake Constance that can be observed. Something like this flies there.
Every ten seconds the position is given. It flies a little faster. Then there again more slowly,
but here are those movements that an airplane can't do.
Or here again, also on the second of August.
Here it is noticed that the airplane is flying very slowly, because the points are now very close together, perhaps 200 km / h (124 mph)
and then three times the speed of sound, it will fly off at right angles. This is not what an airplane can achieve.
There are a lot of flight track from such examples. Then one wonders, of course, as a layman:
Why is this not known? But first, these are military specifications, which are not given to civilian research anyway.
We got them in a roundabout way, that was an exception. But the military has neither the personnel nor the finances,
nor the order to investigate such things. It merely seeks to clarify if it is a threat or not. That is what they have to react upon.
Own research shall not be performed at all. Therefore it remains in file folders and for once comse to private investigators.
Have there ever been threats of any kind found?
Fortunately, not really. If one ignores the fact that anything can be described as a threat,
if these objects can be seen above nuclear weapons storage, as observed in Woodbridge and Bentwaters 1980, and then leveraged to land in a military zone
this is a kind of threat, but Mary Thatcher has said, for example: "You can not tell the people." It is best to say nothing.
The Americans have once studied the phenomenon, when a university just had money. The University of Colorado in 1969 accepted money by the Air Force
and under this compulsion, that they wanted to be paid from somewhere, they begun to investigate this phenomenon.
The head of the project, Edward Condon, good physicist, has written something quite different in the foreword from what his colleagues had found out.
Namely, that there are actually unknown objects that have been established with all the scientific methods.
He himself has said it does not pay for the science to go on in this field. We, who know this phenomenon, disagree.
In our group there are interested people who want to stay anonymous, and do not go into public
and talk a lot with pilots, for example, with the former head of the Lufthansa Walter Utter, who has seen UFOs three times in his life, of course together with his team.
But he started talking about it only after he had retired. Or a fighter pilot from Tehran, who told us how he got the job to shoot down an object.
and how his instruments broke down when he wanted to do that. These are of course quite interesting things.
Surely one can not officially talk about it, because you will be considered a crackpot, but these are things that are very interesting.