MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 8

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I cannot freaking believe
that they gave this cowboy a t-bone steak.
I'm just totally jacked.
Glistening before your eyes
is a gorgeous usda choice t-bone steak.
Alongside it, a selection of wonderful fresh produce,
corn, watermelon, cabbage, peach,
sour cream, tarragon, cayenne, and paprika.
All of that in front of you,
including that beautiful steak,
will cost you less than $15 from Walmart.
(Stacey) When I think of Walmart,
I definitely don't think of steak.
It was kind of cool to see so many different things
in just such a limited budget but good, quality ingredients.
And remember, like all mystery boxes,
you don't have to use everything we give you.
In addition, you have access to the staple pantry box
to cook a stunning dish.
Okay, you have 60 minutes to make one amazing dish
that we could sell in any of our restaurants
for $40 plus
with just $15 worth of Walmart fresh groceries.
Your time starts...
[Dramatic music]
♪ ♪
Everyone can relate to this
'cause it's the kind of ingredients
you'll have on an everyday basis.
We're gonna have to see some real imagination.
What would you do? I think what I would do
is take the t-bone, i'd spice rub it,
i'd sear it up, do a corn pudding underneath,
and then some grilled peaches topped
with some of the tarragon and sour cream to finish.
Nice, nice, nice.
Remember, one stunning plate.
Tanya, how are you? Good, chef.
You've never been in the top three.
I haven't. Are you fading?
Are you... No, no, no, no.
I've been coasting in the middle,
and I really want to make my way up there.
Purposely or...?
I got off to a rocky start,
I'm not gonna lie,
but I'm working my way up there, you know?
Good luck.
How you doing, boys? What's up, franky?
So nothing Italian here, no pasta, no...
Nah, you guys gave me a t-bone steak, man.
I'm gonna do all-American, summertime.
Hopefully the sauce comes out good with the peaches.
I have a good idea in my head.
(Gordon) Interesting combinations.
Yeah, absolutely.
Felix is doing a roulade.
(Joe) She made some sort of a buttercream,
and she's butchered out the steak.
You don't do a roulade of t-bone.
The filling was delicious!
(Gordon) I know, but the fibers of a t-bone steak
doesn't lend itself to being...
She's trying to stand out. Yeah, I mean...
Becky's making dessert.
(Gordon) To take that t-bone, cast it to the side,
and do a dessert...
It's a ballsy move. That's very ballsy.
Uh, Becky... Hello, chef.
Are you intimidated by a t-bone?
No, I'm not intimidated.
I think that this is actually a strategic move,
being the only person doing dessert.
What is the dessert?
Oh, I'm doing a creme anglaise
infused with tarragon
and then roasted peaches and caramel.
Good luck, Becky.
Hello, boys. Hi, Stacey.
Who's the top three right now?
(Stacey) Um, I think Josh, Christine,
and myself. What about Becky?
(Stacey) She talks a lot. You know?
She hasn't won anything yet though,
so let her back it up, and we'll see.
Ten minutes to go.
Tali, touch that. Yeah.
Temperature-wise, where are you with that?
It's medium, medium-well.
What's gonna happen to that steak
in ten minutes' time? It's going to, uh...
Medium-well resting for ten more minutes
is gonna go to well-done. Yeah.
Good luck, Tali.
To be at this level, nobody should struggle.
We're in the Masterchef kitchen.
If you don't know how to cook a steak,
you're in the wrong place.
Guys, just under five minutes.
Start thinking about what you're choosing,
how you're gonna plate it,
wiping it down, and presenting it.
Darn it.
(Gordon) Two minutes to go.
Here we go.
Where's that paprika?
Christine, two minutes to go. Yes, chef.
She hasn't got the corn on the plate.
What's she doing?
Change gear, Christine. You're not gonna make it.
13 dishes. We're only tasting three.
(Gordon) Come on, finishing touches.
Guys, it's so vital that these plates look amazing.
Don't waste the last hour that you did by ruining how it looks.
(Gordon) Five, four, three, two, one.
And stop.
(Gordon) Finishing touches.
15 seconds to go.
Guys, it's so vital that these plates look amazing.
Five, four, three, two, one.
(Gordon) And stop.
[Relieved sigh]
(Gordon) Well done.
I'm feeling really confident.
I love how my meat looks,
and I pulled it out of my [Bleep].
I don't know how I did it.
Everybody happy with their dishes?
(All) Yes, chef.
(Narrator) After observing and tasting throughout the challenge...
(Gordon) Nice.
(Narrator) The judges now take one final look
to identify three standout dishes.
I'm sweating like a whore in church, man.
(Tali) Becky is screwed. Why would you do dessert?
I don't think that's Masterchef level.
(Gordon) Joe, Graham,
and myself have now
chosen the three top dishes that we'd like to taste.
First one,
we actually thought that this individual
was a one-trick pony,
but they went out of their comfort zone.
They did something they've never done before
in this competition.
Congratulations... Frank.
[Applause] Good job.
Frank's dish looks obnoxiously perfect.
I'm like, "really, Frank?"
So what is the dish?
So on this side, you have the strip side,
and then you have the tenderloin.
And then I made a slaw with grilled corn and cabbage.
And then the sauce,
I de-glazed the pan with the peaches,
and then, at the end, I put the tarragon and sour cream.
(Gordon) Great sear on the t-bone.
You've now reaffirmed your position in this competition.
That's a bloody good dish.
Well done. Really good. Thank you.
Only thing that I would do more is just a touch more acid.
But everything else is pretty spot-on.
Good job. Thank you so much, Graham.
It looks like and tastes like, to me,
you had the whole Masterchef pantry at your disposal,
so I think that is the biggest compliment I can pay you.
I appreciate it, man. That's huge.
Good job, Frank. Thank you, guys.
(Gordon) Really good job.
The second home cook that made it into the top three...
Excited to try it.
Becky's ego is getting larger by the day.
So if Becky's name gets called, I'm going to vomit completely.
(Graham) At the end of the day, it was aeautiful dish,
and that dish belongs to... Tanya.
(Gordon) Well done.
I'm like, "what? Tanya? Me?"
It took me a second to be like, huh,
like, go, walk, pick up your plate.
(Graham) Tell me all about it.
All right, well, um...
I started off by marinating my steak
in some tarragon, olive oil, cayenne, salt, and pepper.
Mm-hmm. I slow-braised my cabbage.
And then I boiled my corn, pureed it,
and added some sour cream
to kind of make it into a creamy sauce with some chili.
So this is your first time in the top three
with the mystery box. Yes, it is.
Based on this, I'm guessing
it's not gonna be the last. [Gasps]
Thank you.
You keep cooking like that
and seasoning, then you're gonna go far.
It's awesome. Oh! Thank you!
and you've turned it into something worth $40.
Great job. Really well done.
Thank you. [Applause]
[Sighs] Oh, my God.
(Joe) We'll be tasting just one more dish.
And this next home cook didn't go
the obvious way with the ingredients.
(Becky) Felix made this amazing roulade right in front of me,
and I'm just hoping that they're not talking about her.
I'm just praying that they're gonna call my name.
(Joe) In the top three, it's...
(Tali) Aw, come on, man.
What the hell are these judges, you know,
basing this on?
(Felix) Becky drives me crazy,
but damn, she's good.
So obviously I did dessert.
I made a little peaches and cream puree,
and then I also did a sugared tarragon leaf,
and then I oven-roasted the peach
with a little bit of caramel sauce.
[Exhales heavily]
What's difficult to do with fruits and dessert
is maintain the inherent acidity.
It's very easy to get too sweet and too concentrated,
but your cook on the peach is really top-notch.
You went out of the mystery box, and it paid off big-time.
[Whispers] Thank you.
Congratulations. Thank you.
It's beautiful because of its simplicity.
So I think it's important for everybody here
to realize how much plating can elevate your dish.
Thank you so much.
(Gordon) Great job.
Okay, well done, all three of you.
Three outstanding dishes. Incredible.
(Frank) I really need to win this.
I really wanna get that advantage on the next challenge.
I'm definitely not a one-trick pony.
(Tanya) I've had more lows than highs.
I've never shined. I've never been
at the top of anything in this competition so far.
I want to win.
(Becky) I know that I'm good enough to win this.
My dish is the best dish,
so I want to win today so badly, so badly.
The person that will have a huge advantage
in the next stage of this competition,
that dish belongs to...
(narrator) In this challenge, our home cooks
had to turn $15 of fresh steak from Walmart
into a dish the judges could charge $40 for.
(Gordon) The person that will have a huge advantage
in the next stage of this competition...
Well done...
Tanya. [Gasps]
What just happened? I won a steak challenge?
Me, Persian curry lady, won?
(Gordon) Frank, Becky, congratulations.
Tanya, come with us. Good job.
Thank you so much.
(Gordon) Well done, well done, well done,
and also, it had such great finesse.
That's twice.
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
(Anna) Poor Becky.
She's so talented, but it's a little annoying.
You're like, "just take it.
Take it like a man. Come on."
(Gordon) Welcome.
(Narrator) As the winner of the mystery box challenge,
Tanya enters the master chef pantry...
(Narrator) Where she is now in control of the elimination test.
The theme of today's elimination test is
our favorite desserts.
Wow. I love dessert.
My favorite dessert is a classic Italian favorite.
It literally means "pick me up."
[Giggling] Yes, you guessed it.
Tiramisu. That looks awesome.
Layers of ladyfingers soaked in espresso and liqueurs,
mascarpone cheese, and a dusting of cocoa powder.
Yum. My favorite dessert
is an all-American classic,
strawberry shortcake. Ohhh.
It's a perfect combination of crumbly cake,
fresh fruit, and Fluffy whipped cream.
Clearly the easiest. And lastly,
my favorite dessert,
an amazing, delicious, very technical
British trifle.
Oh, God.
Trifles are phenomenal.
Deceptively simple-looking, but it is complex.
Today, all three will be served.
Oh, wow.
There are two more things you should know.
First, you won't be cooking,
so you're safe from elimination.
(Gordon) Congratulations.
That's big. That's awesome.
Second, you get to choose which of them makes what.
Oh, my God.
You are going to tell us
which four of your opponents
are going to make Joe's Italian classic, tiramisu,
which four are going to be making
Graham's stunning strawberry shortcake,
and which four are going to make
this very technical trifle.
But listen, Graham, Joe, and I
will select the worst in each category...
That's the bottom three?
One of those three home cooks
will be eliminated from Masterchef.
What... in the tamale am I gonna do?
(Gordon) You have to think cleverly
to absolutely nail your fellow competitors to the wall.
So tell me, who makes
complex, technical, or something simple?
Oh, gosh.
Oh, who... Oh.
(Gordon) Tanya, make your way up to the balcony, please.
Thank you. Good luck, guys.
(Gordon) That's right, Tanya is safe.
She will not be in this elimination test tonight.
(Monti) I think Tanya feels guilty about whatever decisions
she just made, which makes me feel like, "oh, man",
something's about to go down, and it's gonna be ugly."
The theme of tonight's elimination challenge is
our favorite dessert.
Oh, gosh. [Sighs]
(Scott) I messed up the apple pie.
Now they want us to cook their favorite dessert.
I'm terrified, absolutely terrified.
Il mio dolce preferito...
My favorite dessert...
My personal favorite... Strawberry shortcake.
And my favorite dessert is trifle.
What the hell is a trifle?
Tanya's huge advantage is
that she has chosen who will make what dessert.
Tanya... have I been friendly to her?
I think I've been good to her.
We will select the worst-tasting tiramisu,
the worst-tasting strawberry shortcake,
the worst-tasting trifle, and out of those three,
one of you will be leaving the Masterchef kitchen.
Holy huge advantage to the uppermost, Batman.
Not only does Tanya get to choose
what we each have to bake,
she gets to choose who we're competing against.
Are you all ready to go into the pantry
and find out which dessert Tanya chose for you?
(All) Yes, chef.
(Graham) All right, you guys have sixty minutes to make
our favorite desserts.
Your time... Starts now.
Off you go.
Oof! Damn shoes!
God, I knew it.
(Josh) I see my name by the trifle bowl...
Up against Stacey, Becky, and Monti,
and I'm like, "oh, [Bleep].
I'm gonna be in the bottom three today."
(Scott) Boom! I got strawberry shortcake.
Thank you, Tanya.
I love this cake! Sweet.
Tali's going to have a comeback.
I feel so good right now.
There's no way I could screw up.
[Gasps] [Bleep] Yeah.
Tanya chooses me to cook tiramisu.
So I'm competing against Frank, Anna, and Felix.
They are the strongest cooks still left in this competition.
[Dramatic music]
Let's go.
I'm really excited about this. I mean, trifle,
Becky, Stacey, Monti, and Josh.
So it's only four of them in that little mini-contest.
Yeah, I want to make a trifle.
Why not? Let's make it, let's do it.
So for strawberry shortcake, we've got
Tali, Scott, Mike, and Christine.
Tanya chose strawberry shortcake for me,
and I think, out of the three,
that's probably, technically,
one of the easier ones to work with,
so thank you, Tanya.
(Tanya) I gave Mike strawberry shortcake
because he's a friend of mine,
and he's from the South. That's what they eat.
And I know he can rock it.
But I'll take him down later.
Team tiramisu is a very competitive group.
You have David, Anna, Felix, and then you have Frank.
It would be pretty tough to get sent home
on the back of a tiramisu,
but I don't think it's gonna happen today, my friend.
Where could it go wrong?
Well, the perfect tiramisu...
As much as it's a sweet dessert,
it's about acidity
because the espresso has acidity,
and the cocoa powder has bitterness and acidity too,
so it's the contrast of sweet and rich
and acid and light.
How we doing, Felix? Good.
Were you not gonna put it in a form?
How you gonna make it? On a plate,
kind of more free-form. Wow.
That's risky. One in four
go to the bottom three.
Anyone could go home today,
and you're in a competitive group.
I'm not going home today.
How's it going, David?
I think it's going pretty well.
Is that your cream there?
Yes, that's my tiramisu cream.
Are you happy with that?
I am happy with the way it came out.
What should it taste like?
It's, like, a little sweet but a little sour.
Does this taste like what you just described to me?
I mean, you have managed to take mascarpone,
which is, like, a light, delicate cheese,
and turn it into cream cheese.
(Narrator) The theme of this elimination challenge
is the judges' favorite desserts.
(Joe) Complex tiramisu.
(Graham) Simple strawberry shortcake.
(Gordon) Technical British trifle.
(Narrator) For winning the mystery box,
Tanya got to pick which dessert
each home cook would have to make.
So trifle:
Becky, Stacey, Monti, and Josh.
So you're making a lot of components.
You have custard, chantilly cream,
sponge cake, gelatin.
You've got to make them all and then compose it.
But it's a lot of tasks for the cook.
It's a lot of technique.
Tanya's definitely not as sweet as she usually is.
She put me up against three other tough competitors.
I don't even know what's gotten into her.
(Becky) Stacey, please, are you using all your jell-o?
Yes. Your gelatin?
I didn't get a [Bleep]... Okay.
(Stacey) Get out of my way, Becky.
I didn't come here to make friends.
I am ready to be the top dog in this competition.
All right, Becky, you look intimidated,
yet every competitor in this competition
is more scared of you.
I mean, are you feeling vulnerable?
I'm feeling a bit vulnerable
because there's so many elements.
Where is the jelly?
Uh, well, this was supposed to be it.
However, I didn't get enough sheets of gelatin.
Becky is known as the dessert girl,
and so I gave her the trifle.
Because I know she's my fiercest competitor.
Monti, where's the sponge?
The sponge?
Gordon tells me that you need sponge.
I don't even know what he means by that.
He talks in this language that I don't
entirely understand sometimes.
The bottom bit, yeah, the bit with the liquor
where's the sponge? Oh, [Bleep].
What do you mean, "[Bleep]"?
Gordon says, "you need sponge,"
and somehow that computes in my mind
into "oh, I need ladyfingers."
Does anyone have extra ladyfingers I could borrow?
Does anyone have extra ladyfingers I could borrow?
Thank you, sir.
Strawberry shortcake... Easy, delicious americana.
We've got Tali, Scott, Mike, and Christine.
End of the day, that shortbread
has to be crumbly but a little aerated,
and the strawberries with a little bit of sugar,
kind of whipped down, make it a simple syrup,
and then the whipped cream and the chantilly.
You know, definitely the most simple dessert
that we have today.
And who do you think will struggle?
I think that Tali is gonna struggle.
He always has a way of making himself his own worst enemy.
I'm making a strawberry air.
It's pretty much just gonna be
just, like, a really cool bubble bath.
Scotty, what do you got? Hey.
Shortcake, my friend, your favorite.
How much did you work this dough?
I actually kneaded it pretty decently, I thought.
But remember, you want this to be flaky.
You want it kind of incorporated,
just like that pie dough.
I hope that you didn't over-knead it,
'cause it's starting to look like a little pasta dough.
I gave Scott a strawberry shortcake
because it's so easy.
He's had some troubles with dessert in the past,
but I'm worried for Scotty.
(Gordon) Last ten minutes.
Start assembling your desserts.
Look, Monti's cream's on fire.
Yes, sir?
Get a cloth. Oh, [Bleep].
Don't... no, no, not with your hands.
How can you... Let go.
How do you set fire to a [Bleep] trifle?
That's a first for me.
I'm looking to impress, sir, i'm looking to impress.
Monti is all over the place.
I don't even know where to start with her.
Do you have any flour, David?
(Josh) I don't know anybody that could
start a fire making a trifle bowl.
How do you burn a trifle bowl?
This challenge has set the cat among the pigeons.
How's the trifle crowd? A disaster.
(Gordon) I mean, honestly, nobody's jelly is set,
they haven't finished the pastry cream,
and they haven't even started to think of the decoration.
(Graham) How about the tiramisu?
I was worried about David and Felix, and rightfully so.
Felix, she's doing, like, a free-form construction.
Plated tiramisu, which you rarely see,
but you never know, she could pull it off.
What I've seen,
Scott overworked his dough.
His shortcakes are like... Almost like little hockey pucks.
(Joe) No good.
Mike won't stop
decorating his bloody shortcake.
He's going over the top. Yeah.
The only thing he hasn't done
is pile cream underneath the plate.
30 seconds to go. Come on. Last touches.
(Graham) Looks like Frank's eating his.
Hey, Frank, leave some for us.
(Frank) I got plenty for you, Joe.
(Gordon) Five, four, three, two, one,
and stop, everybody.
(Gordon) So the theme of tonight's challenge
was to re-create our favorite desserts.
The worst in each category will face elimination.
Let's see how they taste.
(Joe) So let's begin with tiramisu.
Okay, Felix.
(David) Felix's tiramisu
looks like a sopping, blatant mess.
She could be going home on this one.
Felix, you don't look happy.
It looks like [Bleep], man, I...
That's true.
You saw the standard. We put it up there.
We asked you to execute it, and you come back with this.
It's so disappointing.
If it's bad, you will go home.
Why did you put nuts in here?
I like Mac nuts.
Macadamia nuts?
In an Italian tiramisu?
Are you not understanding what we're doing here?
I'm sorry you have to eat this.
Well, it's not even eating it.
It's looking at it.
You show, like, more finesse than anyone in the kitchen.
Like, things are beautiful, and, like, that's not you.
Come on.
And it's, like, the smallest plate possible,
with it, like, almost falling off the side.
I mean, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings,
but you know that. No, I know, I know, I know.
It's terrible.
I just want to fling it off the balcony.
Way too sweet, macadamia nuts... nothing,
and it looks as sad as you do
because it is a mess.
Alcohol all over the place,
cream on the verge of splitting,
it's just like sweet on sweet on sweet,
and it's just mush. I mean, quite honestly,
your worst performance in Masterchef.
It looks dreadful.
(Narrator) In tonight's elimination challenge,
the remaining home cooks made three
of the judges' favorite desserts.
It is a mess. It's just mush.
(Narrator) But Felix's tiramisu
turned a favorite into a failure.
I mean, quite honestly,
your worst performance in Masterchef.
(Scott) I've been there. I feel horrible for her.
That's a place I wouldn't wish my worst enemy,
to go up in front of those three
doing a dish that's executed poorly.
It's heartbreaking.
(Joe) Anna.
Come on up.
You did a good job with your layering.
As you can see inside,
it kind of goes all the way through,
and you have your ladyfingers, your cream,
and your ladyfingers.
That's balanced and acidic, and it's great.
Good job. Thank you.
Next for the tiramisu is Frank.
(Graham) It's really pretty. Thanks.
It's like a sweet, little lasagna. Yeah.
Super balanced. You did the ladyfingers justice.
Right? You soaked 'em not too much.
The layers are there. Beautiful.
Thank you. Thank you.
We'd like to taste the tiramisu
from David Martinez.
(David) I think Tanya threw me under a train at this point.
And there I lay, starfished, ready for the train to come.
I mixed my mascarpone with Brandy and marsala wine,
and I topped it with hazelnuts.
David, you go to Italy, and you sprinkle
hazelnuts on tiramisu... Mm.
They'll [Bleep] shoot you.
The whole idea of tiramisu means "pick me up."
You've just put me down.
Great shame.
This is the first time I've ever made a tiramisu.
That's pretty apparent.
What's all this watery stuff around here?
Uh, I believe I over-soaked my ladyfingers.
Looks kinda gross.
I apologize for that.
Based on what I'm tasting, I wish I could send
you and Felix home.
Because this is really, really off-target.
Tanya, what did you do to them? Brutal.
Next up, Josh, please. Thank you.
(Josh) A strawberry and raspberry reduction I did
with some blood orange juice and some amaretto.
And then I also did a banana cream.
Tastes like a banana split.
Thank you.
It's not supposed to be a banana split.
This is like a bowl full of cream
with bananas in it.
There's, like, no fruit.
It doesn't have the beautiful, even layers.
It's all over the place, you know, and being able
to scoop down, come up with the spoon
and see all the craftsmanship,
but also when you taste it,
getting a little bit of all that together evenly...
That's what you have to work on here.
(Gordon) Okay... Monti.
Right. What is that little thing?
(Monti) Raspberry gelatin with raspberries,
with raspberry liqueur.
With 29 minutes to go, you hadn't even had anything
in the bowl.
It is delicious. It was very nice.
I would want to eat more. I need more sponge. Okay.
Good job. And stop being so nervous!
Thank you, sir.
Okay, next up.
Stacey, let's go, please. Thank you.
(Stacey) This is Italian trifle, yes. What does that mean?
That means that I made a strawberry preserve,
using a little bit of balsamic vinegar.
You put balsamic vinegar in a trifle?
I did.
I made a lemon curd
and folded in some mascarpone
and then a little bit of toasted almond on the top.
It's delicious. Really good, indeed. Thank you. Thank you.
Smart, bold move. Great job. Thank you.
Well done.
All kinds of goodies.
Super balanced.
The layers are there.
I do miss the sprinkles though.
Yeah? I think they're cute.
Yeah. And I think it's definitely delicious.
Thank you. Thank you.
(Stacey) The judges didn't say
you can't take a little twist,
so I went ahead and took some creative license on it
and just went my own direction, trusting my palette.
Becky, let's go, please. Thank you.
(Josh) Becky's walking up with hers,
and, as usual, hers looks stunning.
And I'm just facing the bottom three
for the trifle bowl.
(Becky) So I made a raspberry and orange liqueur gel
with orange flower water.
And then I also did a custard
with lemongrass and vanilla bean
and then the whipped chantilly cream with star anise.
Did you have a strategy in presenting us
with such dissonant flavors?
Uh, no. Certainly not.
I mean, I tasted it at your bench,
and I thought that the star anise was certainly
a very strange pick.
It's gross.
Whereas Stacey's dish is kind of like a symphony
in balance and elegance,
this is a cacophony of dissonant flavors
that make absolutely no sense... complete excess.
And quite frankly, an embarrassing dish
that I wouldn't even recommend eating.
I don't think that's edible.
You've got so many strong flavors in there.
It's almost like this little mouthwash.
I think Tanya played this one
absolutely right.
Is that candied orange peel on top?
I think I was just paying too much attention to try
to do everything from scratch.
Becky, you we're trying to show off,
and it bit you in the ass.
In all honesty, I don't know if it was Tanya's intent
to knock you out of the competition
and send you home,
but there's a strong possibility that...
That's what she might have just done.
In all honesty, I don't know if it was Tanya's intent
to knock you out of the competition
and send you home,
but there's a strong possibility that...
That's what she might have just done.
(Graham) All right, so the first
strawberry shortcake that I would like to see
belongs to cowboy Mike.
[Clears throat]
Looks like you went out and shot this thing
and dragged it back to the plate.
I had to put something on the plate
that showed a little bit of plating skill, so I went big.
I mean, I'm tired of being in the middle.
Interesting design.
So I mean, have you seen what a winning plate
looks like in this competition? I have.
Does it look closer to a winning plate
or a go-home plate?
It looks a little closer to a go-home plate.
Poorly executed, un-thoughtful,
and over-elaborated.
(Gordon) Christine, not a big fan of strawberries?
No, I like strawberries, but I really wanted to just
try to be a little bit more creative
and go a different way.
Because I feel like I usually stay within a comfort zone.
The shortbread itself... Delicious.
Light, aerated.
Thank you, chef.
However, strawberry shortcake
is a classic for a reason.
Not -blackberry, not raspberry shortcake.
So I'm struggling to find the strawberries.
Tell me what you did.
I made a little strawberry foam. Uh-huh.
Charged it with the two N20 cartridges. Right.
And I...
This is really good. Oh, thank God.
The shortcake, it's got a little bit of sweetness.
I like the strawberry foam.
It actually gives it a nice, concentrated flavor.
As far as plating and the dish as a whole,
this is one of your best. Thank you very much.
Good job. Thank you.
Last but not least, Scott.
(Gordon) Scott, when are you gonna burst out
and start nailing this?
I have tried my damnedest.
So the texture...
With the fork going through shortcake...
It's doughy. It should be flaky.
I probably over-kneaded it
because I'm used to making pasta.
And at this stage of the competition,
I expect those strawberries to be glazed.
I thought this one was gonna come out
like the shiny star.
Scott... Dear, oh, dear.
Over-dense. The whipped cream's too sweet.
This dish might have lassoed cowboy Mike
out of the exit door.
But that's about it.
Scotty and I are very good friends,
and I know he's one of the few people here
that I will be friends with for a long time.
I hate that he's the one I have to beat.
But you know what? Better him than me.
We need a minute.
Have a chat amongst yourselves.
We'll be back.
(Joe) I thought we were gonna get, like,
all pretty good, decent desserts.
(Graham) I mean, in all honesty, Tali's looked prettier
than anyone else's dessert out there.
(Gordon) Becky... what was she doing there?
Yeah, I don't know. That was gross.
Joe spit out my food.
Becky saved my ass.
I was trying to do too much stuff.
I should've just been like... No, no, no, no.
I don't think anyone thinks you were trying to screw them.
I know they do. I know Becky does.
I mean, wanted to give her something challenging.
It's a competition.
The worst in each category
will be up for elimination tonight.
But we all agreed
that there was one standout dish
that took a risk and made it work.
Congratulations... Stacey.
Great job. [Applause]
(Stacey) Thank you, chef. Well done.
It is the top three moments, probably, of my life.
Falling in love with my husband,
jumping out of an airplane,
and Gordon Ramsay loving my trifle.
(Gordon) Great job.
Thank you, chef.
As you know, this is an elimination test,
and at least one person will be leaving Masterchef.
Joe, who had the worst tiramisu, please?
The person who will be in the bottom three
from the tiramisu is...
(Felix) I do not want to get sent home.
I'm better than the tiramisu.
I feel like I have so much more to show.
(Gordon) Graham.
Who had the worst strawberry shortcake?
The absolute bottom of the barrel
belonged to Scott. Yeah.
(Mike) I'm still in the competition. Whew.
For me...
There were two below-par trifles.
(Joe) I know damn well they're not gonna call me
because Joe definitely didn't spit my trifle out.
But the worst trifle tonight belongs to Becky.
Becky... Step forward, please.
The combinations between all those flavorings
it's like you got, I suppose,
carried away with the hype.
It was wrong in every aspect.
Your saving grace is
there's two worse dishes than yours.
Back to your station.
Thank... Thank you so much.
Step forward, please.
You have a future in food.
You're a natural in the kitchen.
You've come a long way in this competition,
and the journey has been extraordinary.
It's time to say good-bye...
To Scott...
And get back to your station.
Good luck, baby.
Scott... big heart. Unselfish attitude.
You have to continue your food dream.
Thank you. Thank you all. It's been an honor.
Please take your apron off, place it on your station.
Thank you, chef. Well done.
The best think I'm gonna take away from the competition
is the experience from it. Good job, bud.
(Scott) I learned so much from those three gentlemen
and also my fellow competitors.
I'm absolutely walking away a winner.
I'm just not winning Masterchef.
But what it did is it got me honed in,
and now I can actually keep on winning in my own life.
And I plan to do that.
(Narrator) Next week on Masterchef... [Horn honks]
The home cooks take to the road
for an epic food truck challenge.
[All cheering]
And with Stacey in the driver's seat...
Who is your dream team?
(Narrator) Some team members crash and burn.
Get the burgers on, David.
Just cook it.
Do I look like superman to anybody?
(Narrator) And when the pressure test proves too much to handle...
(Narrator) One more Masterchef dream will end.
You think you're going home now?
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