History of the Atom?

Uploaded by GODATCOD1 on 16.12.2011

Oh, it's the Valence Boys
It's yo' boy, Au GOLD!
It may not mean nothing to yall
you need to understand that this isn’t easy
You’re going to have to work hard
To understand this chemistry chemistry chemistry
Democritus stared it all
discovered atoms in 630 BC
and since then it has evolved
and this is its history, history, history
Last name Mendleev, first name Dmitri
creator of the periodic table, he ain't nothing but classy
starting from the left pay attention all you classes
it goes metals, metalloids, non-metals, noble gases
Next we go to Ernest Rutherford, chemo
also known as the father of nuclear physics....we know
Shooting alpha particles through gold foil like a G
no most made it through, but some came back, like Nemo
Something was at the center very small and very dense
but it looked like Ernest could only make a guess
so he called this thing the nucleus with a positive charge
and compared to the actual atom this thing was not that large
Yeah, Ernest he about his business
disproving all those theories, you would swear he had a hit-list
everyone who doubted him would soon ask for forgiveness
and all you people out there bearing privilege to be witness
It may not mean nothing to y'all
you need to understand that this isn’t easy
You’re gonna have to work hard
To understand this chemistry chemistry chemistry
Democritus stared it all
discovered atoms in 630 BC
and since then it has evolved
and this is its history, history, history
Eva' eva' Mr. Bohr is in the buildin’
aint no question about his theories
you about to steal em’ (NUUCLEEUS!)
he used to have crazy dreams. big fame, over a little thing
he devoted his life to the atom til' that thing changed
and worked hard on rules about electrons
just so he could teach the game about atoms
electrons can only orbit certain distances
from the nucleus, and other theories are ludicrous
atoms radiate energy from the electrons in orbit
and can absorb energy when the electrons move. so quick
any number of orbits can theoretically exist
but the distances had no exceptions
his theories led to something called subshells
which are shells inside shells. inception.
subshells are so peculia'
make sure to pay attention Touma
valence shells are the outermost ring
those with one electron or missing one are going to be reacting
Noble gasses are so incredible
their outer shells are completely full
meaning they are the most stable
but let me say this clearly im not a rapper
so please dont be rapping at me
How do bonds form man?
with electrons in the valence
the singles, on the outer shell
are the ones to form connections
For example lets take carbon
floating around with four lone pairs
looking for other atoms with whom to be shared
when they come together it’s a covalent bond
and since they’re close in the table they can grow very strong
Where electrons chill depends on polarity
and attraction of these bad boys is called electronegativity
electrons orbit on the side of stronger pull
you can figure this out using the net dipole
let the king talk. check the charge and pay attention
I’m Au Gold, that’s what i got to say or mention
I’m like the neutrons in the middle of the atom
Discovered by chadwick, you can’t begin to fathom
shh let nucleus tell you that part
Man, im out this song just hit the charts...
Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Bark!
It all began, back when the universe started to expand
outward flow, 13.7 billion years ago
Hot clouds glowed with light gases, oh my god what a light show
oh no, it got so big super massive nebulous blow
From this mess came the galaxies and the planets we now know
Now we’ve been waiting patiently 4 billion years for earth to grow
Back into the bang and we go
chem would never be the same as befo’
into the atom smasher we go
establishing the rules as we know
smashing atoms is exciting it’s been extremely enlightening
we’ve learned there’s smaller particles than protons and neutrons
now lets move on
you dealing with a few true geniuses sitting in a lab just thinking of this
stuff that we can’t even dream of
the creation of the particle accelerator
advanced our knowledge of the atom for the better
from television to machines that can create black holes
by smashing together two beams of gold
just like the universe our knowledge is continuing to grow
the future has more in store, consider this a preview
but for now im gonna toss it right back to my boy Au