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Marc first meets the luxury gadgeteer in Austria!
You have invented such a special cockpit!
That’s right!
May I introduce The ConverTTable!
The ConverTTable is a very special race-seat!
The thing right in front of you is it!
Here it is! Don’t you see it?
Only at second sight, the regular coffee-table
gives away its true reason: it’s alter ego represents a
complete cockpit for the ultimate race-fun.
That’s incredible.
There’s a lot of work behind the production of a ConverTTable!
As you have seen, most of the parts are developed individually.
At the very beginning, we started to build the cockpit
at home and produced a first prototype.
Afterwards we brought our ideas to completion together with a carpenter.
So I would say I join you on your way to the prduction hall
and have a look for myself to really see how that gizmo is produced
and what the work behind looks like.
Back at the professionals in Graz – Marc meets the carpenter Rene.
You are perfectly in time!
I am just about to put together the main section of the cockpit.
It takes Rene a few days to put everything together,
together with Marc this will only take about few hours.
What’s next?
Thank you, Marc!
Now, it’s the base layer’s turn.
It’s a long way from the prototype to the series ConverTTable!
More than 2 years of development and research
went into the production of the ConverTTable.
The whole product consists of more than 200 individual parts!
Thus, it has become a highly ambitious product.
Most of the parts have been custom-made.
Which means that a lot of parts are made by hand.
A lot of handwork.
And there is a blueprint for every step!
As you can see – the first part is completed,
the next part concerns the lid at the back.
They have to get metal fittings.
Let’s start!
That’s the rear lid. This one will go underneath.
That’s where I will sit?
Yes, that’s where the seat is mounted.
that means
... in this way.
Apart from wood, the professional uses metal,
plexiglass and a great number of filigree technical items.
There you see that no holds are barred
and that there is no litmit to what a carpenter can do.
Real parts of the automobile-industry are used here and become part of our ConverTTable.
Little by little, the coffee table gets its familiar look.
Watch out now!
This is as good as it gets – the front part
– which is the engine – will now be put in place!
Let's do it!
The engine and the lid fit together perfectly sizewise.
So that’s definitely ahead of what a do-it yourself product can do.
This is where experience and real craftmanship shows.
The back lid fits perfectly as well.
This construction puts the footrest perfectly in place.
Later, the professional pedals can be perfectly adjusted
to the particularities of the individual driver.
Last part – the seat.
That’s a special item we are talking about here – what is it precisely?
A butt-shaker to give you the authentic race-feeling!
Ok, shake your butt, so to speak!
Plenty of vibrations!
That’s right!
So, let’s put it place.
The work of a professional and all the special,
handmade parts that go into the product have a price!
The factory-price for the seat alone is EUR 800
all the work and technique behind mounts to € 6.000,-- for this luxury-seat.
But how do I go about using it in Graz?
In just a few seconds, the seat is stretched out and ready for race.
OK. I definitely have to test it.
Can I, by any chance, start right now?
Sure – take your seat.
The steering wheel is already in position,
the pedals only need a few adjustments.
Anything else?
It’s a little bit confined in here –
can i adjust the seat a little better...
The handling of the seat is identical to the handling of your car-seat
simply pull the handle and you can adjust your seat.
Much better now!
OK. Let’s close the hood.
And off you go!
Let’s start!
Both ambitious and feeling the need for speed,
the expert hits the course.
Every professional looks to me like a schoolboy!
Time for a first report, Marc.
And...emergency stop!
The table has a great design
and incorporates everything a good race needs in a nutshell –
at the end, nobody will ever figure out, that my living room
is full of toys that make a man’s heart beat faster....