inside North Korea 2009 by Chinese media 4/7 Eng Sub

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For military operations
But S. Korea violated that treaty
And massed enormous amount of weapons there
Korean People's Army's Exposé and criticisim of that structure is perhap the most detailed in the world
That the structure is a symbol of division and rivary in the world (obivious reference to the Berlin wall)
It is a cancer. Because of that structure, Korea is more divided and it anger the Korean people
According to N. Korean offical sources, that wall lies just south of the demacation line.
It is 240km long and runs across the peninsula.
It was constructed by S. Korean President Park Chung-hee in 8.1976.
the construction took 3 years
with 800k tons of concrete
200k tons of steel
And 3.5 million Cu. meters of sand and stone
The wall is full of machine gun nests and spying posts
But the most evil part of the wall is its insides
The structure is 5 to 8 meters tall
10 to 19 meters wide on the bottom
3 to 7 meters wide on the top
The wall is hollow with tank, artillery and other heavy weapons inside
These are not simply barriers
These are forward bases for invading our republic
Depite DPRK accusations of the illegal nature these structures
But in the last 30 years, American and S. Korea deny these claims
How long are these structures and whether or not they have hidden secrets, so far, there is no third party varification
From a 1999 article in the New York Time, with interview of local officials
concluded these are anti-tank barriers erected by S. Korea at strategic locations
The N. Korean accusations are simply propaganda
Our people's soilders under the great leader Kim Il-Song will destroy this, no matter what the intension of Americans and S. Koreans
Thus achieve unification of Korea
The soilders we encounted in N. Korea fully displayed their high morale
as well as loyalty to Kim Jong-Il and great hatred of America
As the Nuclearization of N. Korea, they feel a sense of pride and self-confidence
If the Americans and S. Koreans use military means to destroy our republic
Our people with mercilessly destory that wall, and unify our country
And we will fight for that day
Everyone is interested in the Nuclear crisis
Why does N. Korea need nuclear weapons and what will you do with them?
The position of our people and army is: if americans hit us with guns, we'll hit back with artillery
if they use artillery we will give more deversating missiles
Will N. Korean Missiles reach US homeland?
If America dare is open war in Korea, you will find out where our missiles and nuclear weapon will hit
with great leader and united people, we'll not be weak just because we're small
On the North side of Panmunjeom, there stood a giant tablet
silently facing towards the south
This tablet is 9.4 meters wide, 7.7 meters high
It symbolizes 1994.7.7
This is Comrad Kim Il-Song's hand writing, in 1994.7.7 he sign the paper on national unification
But several hours later, his heart stoped beating
The paper Kim Il-Song signed is regarding unification negotiation with S. Korean President Kim Young-sam
His death came just 2 week before the summit meeting
But sudden death of Kim Il-Song stopped the summit and negotiations
Even that Kim Il-Song signiture is still encourages N. Koreans in special ways
They never lost the dream of kicking Americans out of the peninsula and unify the country
I'm asking you a question
See the circle on number '9' isn't complete, what do you think it symbolizes?
The imcomplete circle meant the country isn't united, once united it would be completed
-Wrong -Oh... wrong
We think it symbolizes the tiger of the Baekdu mountain, it still haven't destoryed the American wolves
Even with eyes closed, the mouth is still open to eat the wolves
The place Kim Il-Song died is in Mt. Myohyang at 150 km north east of Pyongyang
Here has beautiful mountain, singing bird and fraguant flowers.
It is a famous vacation spot in N. Korea And it is where Kim Il-Song spent his summer
The security is tight here, and tourist aren't free to move
Today it is the most political education spot in N. Korea
The two perhaps greatest personal exhibition holds all the gifts recieved by Kim Il-Song and Kim Jong-Il
Photography here is not allowed
But Pheonix TV obtained special permission from the Gov't, and it is first foreign media to film inside
Intl. Friendship exhibition center, Kim Il-Song hall have an enormous 4-ton gate made of broze
Yet it still isn't very hard to open it
you have put shoe covers on before you go in
I just hope my heels won't poke a hole in it
Kim Il-Song hall opened in 1978, everyday thousand of N. Koreans tours here for free
To N. Koreans this is a holy place
According to local customs, we bow to a statue of Kim Il-Song before go in
Besides the statue a enormous map will all the countries donated to the collection
So far, the tally is 223,579 gifts from 180 countries
This is a model of Kim-Il Song's birthplace given by Comrade Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai
Representing CCP central comittee in 1977
After viewing this gift, great Kim Il-Song and Kim Jong-Il are very satified, it very well made and intricate
This is given by American Secretary of State Albright
This is given by Russian President Putin
Kim Il-Song Hall have floor area of 33,000 sq. meters, or about 5 futbol fields
The flooring is all granite, all the gifts are organized by continents then countries
with in 6 floors and 400 show rooms
the entire building has no windows, the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled
At every door way, female soilder carefully watches vistor's every move
The guides told us it is the greatest honor for them to protect the gifts of the great leader Kim Il-Song
The countries that give to Kim Il-Song ranges from heads of state to old revolutionary colleagues
to artists and business man. the gifts themselves are wide ranging as well
1985, CPSU and USSR
1980, birthday gift from Japanese Business
The gifts from China comprises 4 show rooms, seening diplomatic gifts from china
It's as if one stepped into a time capsule
1956, tiger skin
1960's, record player