Lagaan (2001) w/ Eng Sub - Watch Online - 18/20

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Do us proud!
Don't scare him, idiots!\NHang in there!
Steady, Goli!
Come on, Willis.\NHe's nervous.
-Out the first ball.\N-Bhura...wait. l'll go.
-ln this condition?\N-Yes.
-Oh, my goodness.\N-lnteresting.
They're giving you\Nyour hat trick, Willis.
But how will you run, lsmail?
The umpires have decided to let...
...another player run for lsmail!
When l call, run.\NStay behind the line, understand?
Good. Now go stand there.\NBut inside the line.
Thank God you're back, lsmail.
We have to make\Nthe rest of the runs.
There's no one left.
Don't worry, Bhuvan.\NBy Allah's grace, victory will be ours.
We must not lose heart, that's all.
Look towards me, Tipu.
Run, Tipu!
Stop!\NStay behind the line.
Run, Tipu, run!
Well done.
-Was it two or three?\N-Three.
The last hour of play is left.
Twenty overs will be bowled\Nduring this time.
lsmail has hit a six!
Well played!
With this six, Bhuvan\Ncompletes a century!
This country has a\Ngreat future in this game.
And that's lsmail's\Ngrand 50!
How many more runs to win?
We have to make 30 runs\Nin 1 8 balls.
-Thirty in 1 8?\N-Yes.
How's that, umpire?
Well done, Willis!
Oh, what a shame.
-Good cricket, sir.\N-Well done.
Run along.\NYour mother's waiting.
Don't worry, Tipu.\NDon't worry.
You played very well.\NWell done.
Father, why is Tipu coming back?
They now have to make 28 runs... 1 6 balls.
Stay put at one end, Bhura.
Don't lose your wicket.\Nl'll make the runs.
He's petrified, Willis.\NGet him on strike. Three more to go.
Willis, hold up!\NSmith, third-man!
Flynn, square boundary.
Come on, Willis.\NKeep it tight, man!
-Stop! Go back!\N-What are you doing?! Get him!
That was great!
Willis, keep it tight, man!
-The ball is old, sir.\N-Just do it!
This is the last ball of the over!\NWe must take a run.
Only one run, not two!
Gentlemen, step up, step up!\NStop the single.
l want this man on strike!\NStep up!
Good shot.\NThat's an over.
He's given us four runs.
You have to bat now.
Steady.\NDon't let your wicket fall.
Because of\NCaptain Russell's cunning...
...Bhuvan couldn't take just the single.\NBhura must bat now.
Champaner now needs...
...1 2 runs from 1 2 balls.
Smith, keep him on strike.
Concentrate, gentlemen.\NConcentrate!
Saving one.
One more to go.
Save us, Bhuvan, my brother.\Nlt's all in your hands now.
You did the right thing.
Go, Kachra. You have to\Ngive Bhuvan support now.
-Just stay put.\N-Don't be afraid.
Say a prayer and go.
All right.\NWe remember this chap, don't we?
Welcome back.
Oh, dear.
The last man in\Nand he's severely disabled.
This is the last batsman.