Youna Dufournet / Reportage - Reprise en mains - Partie 1 [WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

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Uneven Bars are sometimes cruel and merciless...
Youna Dufournet, 18, but world reference at this event, measure every day this difficult truth,
even in event finals at the last world championships.
A fall for Youna, is the epilogue of a disrupted preparation,
logical end of a too deeply year...
You don't have the face of a winner! I'm sorry but...
You don't have the face of a winner and of a fighter!
This is not the face of a girl who wants to go to the World championships!
One year before in Avoine,
Youna is still this gymnastics' kid who grew with her trainers, Gina and Marc CHIRILCENCO
Gina started something with youna, she was 8 months
And Gina didn't talk French.
She took care of Youna who was very little! She just started walking!
We saw her as a baby! Practically when she's born..
Little girl with curly hair, 18 months, who was strong and wanted to move
She "felt in love" with gymnastics, 1st through her sister,
ant then through her personnal experience.
From an early age of 4-5 year, they made her do 4 to 5 hours of training per week,
and then 6 hours... At 6 years old, she already did 15 hours!
At 10 years old, she started to show interest to this activity,
Her eyes shone when she does a cartwheel on beam...
At this time it was the taste of "flying",
of turning around the bars, of twisting on a beam
She wanted to try -alone-skills that juniors did
These are all those things who made gymnastics turn to a passion, days after days.
Every Sunday, I called my mom and told her:
"Mom, let's play to the medal cermony!"
So we put a stool,
I took my sister's medals,
and I still can see myself, rise on the chair,
"1st: Youna DUFOURNET"
and she gave me the medal! :D
You've to know that when she arrives in a competition, she's always the first, always the first!
I hated when someone goes ahead of me!
She was always at 200% at the training, to prepare championships.
Even if I hadn't capacities,
I did those things to win!
I wanted a medal, whatever the color, and whatever competition!
I needed my medal!
We know that's what she loves!
Her eyes really shine.
I felt admired, and recognize,
and I was happy to know that my family was proud of me.
Years passed,
and I've never leaved the gymnasium.
Progress are impressive,
succes are so brilliant!
She was just 16 when she wins in 2009, at the world championships,
the 5th place at the all around,
and a bronze medal on vault final.
The big advance of a teenager
who is the biggest hope for London Olympic Games.
But in gymnastics, you always need to train again and again
In Avoine, Gina and Marc are fascinating and demanding coaches,
whom success implies respect.
Since we're small,
we asked ourselves if you had to go in biggest structures
But each time we said no,
we didn't have to leave, because we had all we needed here.
Chloé and I were winners,
and we've always had the ambition to succeed.
The only fight we had,
was that we didn't want her to go to Paris.
We though she had all she needed here,
that she was good with her coaches, with her family..
Marc, also said that Paris wasn't better than Avoine,
so we didn't want her to go to Paris.
Bu we didn't count on her injury, and her reaction next to this injury...
She went behing her limits in Albertville.
She was too tired, her knee was very swelled...
She wanted to be at 200%, and then...
the fall happened.
The body injured, Youna doesn't feel good this forced stop.
This 1st break is followed by a second, more painful,
with Gina, who doesn't want to talk about Youna anymore.
A knee injured takes 6 to 8 months.
With youna, it was more 8 months than 6.
This is long, so doubts are coming..
She suffered a lot, because it was a big operation
She needed time for healing, but didn't have it
In August, she's had rehab in Capbreton
with my wife, during 15 days.
And this was bad, very bad.
Youna called me every night, crying,
beacause she did her reeducation at the hospital,
but Gina made her do another reeducation the evening,
without having diner, because she had to lose weight.
She should have had a slow reeducation, but it has been NON Stop.
During 10 years, gymnastics has been a way of life,
it was a goal... every morning I woke up for a medal...
and then the injure happened, so it's very difficult to come back at the training,
very difficult to do what we did before,
routines do not pass anymore..
So it's 1 month, 2nd months, the 3rd month is so boring,
and then it is total failure...
Everything collapses, school makes head spin,
gymnastics makes head spin, parents make head spin....
It was... Didn't want to continue..
Youna wasn't fine, she didn't talk anymore,
she didn't smile..
At the training she was very stressed, tired
She always said "i won't be able to do that"...
I told this to Marc and Gina, saying "she is not ok"
but they said "no it's not true, she's just afraid of not successing"!
The problem was that she never really said this,
because, maybe, she was afraid of disappoint us, afraid of our reaction..
And so arrived tensions with Marc and Gina..
We really saw the problem, when she is not coming for the training.
One afternoon, she didn't come.
In January, when she came back from the "Journée Internationale",
there she told me "I stop gymnastics mom".
She said "No matter, I stop gymnastics, I can't do this anymore, I wanna stop"
But you can't stop like this..oO I thought it was very absurd!
And so she was totaly out of control,
she wanted to jump out of the car... it was terrible!
She's gone to the hospital 2 times, because she fainted..
The last time was in Tours, where the doctor refused to examine her.
He told me "Your daughter is really tired,
You've to know what you want:
do you want a daughter, or do you want her to be dead?"
Wow, when he said that...
"No no, I don't want a gymnast, I just want my daughter"