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Level 6 : The Captain Jack
Hold onÖ Are you sure that you know where we are ?
YesÖ NoÖ Argh, I donít know anymore !
I thought that you already did this quest with your old level 100 Avatar...
It was a long time agoÖ ShitÖ All that I can remember is that back then I had a hard time !
Yeah, that really helps us...
Ah ! Thatís it ! I remember now !
Thatís the NPC that gives us the quest to get out of here.
Wait a minuteÖThat skin modelÖThatís...
Yeah, I know, the programmers enjoyed themselves on this one.
Youíll see, if you look well in Horizon, youíll find all sort of Cameos just like this one.
For real ? Thatís cool...
HÙla !
Me hearties ! Ya might be able ta help me outÖ
Actually, youíre going to have to help us out, because you see,
weíve been stuck in this region for 3 hours,
because of him !
Aye, I reckon that nobody let you in on the legend ?
The legend ?
These lands here have been struck by a potent spell of illusion.
All of those that go wandering in these parts are doomed ta walk until they walk at worldís end
unless, they have it !
Speaking of it, where did I leave it ?
Hold on ! Whatís the ìitî that youíre talking about ?
The Trick ?
Aye, yesÖ The trick !
You knowÖ The coooomÖ Cooo... The cÖ
The Compass ?
Compass ! That is It ! The Compass.
You need the compass to get out of hereÖ
But beware, not any compass !
What I am nimbling about is a magic compass.
Ah, I remember now, yesÖ
This item lets you find your way back home each time, and wherever in the game you are.
And where are you supposed to get this Co... Compass ?
It ës other there ! NoÖ That wayÖ UnlessÖ WaitÖ I am quite sure thatÖ
Well, listen to me. The quest, it's simple.
It's about helping him to find his compass
and once weíll get our hands on this item
weíll be able to use it to break the spell and get out of this place.
Uh ! I see...
Hey, Jack !
It's what heís called in this game right ?
- Yes, "Jack Spare-Road". - Spare-road ?
Yeah, no, thatës because he can spare us a new road !
Ah okay...
Hey, Jack !
Listen up, weíll help you to find it, your magic compass !
Really ?
Tell me what you remember.
I remembe aÖ A tree. A dead tree.
I hid under an dead tree... Old dead tree.
Dead tree ?
There are the only things you can see around here.
Na, drop it. If we listen him, we will have some problems.
Come with me. I remember where it is.
Omega Zell ?
Heís not very talkative, huh ?
But what the hell is he doing ?
Ah ! Re' ArthÈon !
Sorry, my boss was around, I had to pretend that I was working !
Hold onÖ Youíre at work ?
Yup !
Well, nice to see some labor force action, no wonder that thereís a crisis going on these days.
And you, can I know why youíre playing on
a Thursday afternoon ?
HumÖ IÖ Thatís not the point !
Anyway, we have to finish this quest.
For your own knowledge the NPC is getting too far ahead, weíll never find that damn compass !
Ah, itís right there ! Iíll be back ! I am going to fetch it !
Yes, I remember now !
Actually the reward for this quest, itís not the magic compass !
What ? We all did this for nothing ?
No, no, itís just that in order to get it back, we have to defeat Jack.
The goal of this quest was to lead Jack back to the Old Dead Tree
and once he gets back his compass,
what we need to do is take him down just like a regular Boss.
Trouble is that heís level 20 and weíre both level 10
so the two of us should have a chance.
10 degrees northward,
one step to the south,
All is good, I... I found it !
Oh oh ! A mutiny !
So you scoundrels want to rip me off ?
sheath your weapon lad !
Omega Zell, we cannot turn back any more !
Heís gone into battle mode, itís going to be tight.
Come on, you're warned.
Omega Zell ?
ArthÈon, my boss is hereÖ I have to leave.
I log off.
Na, Omega Zell !
Come on, good luck !
Na !
Parley ?
Synchronization : Florian Beaume Translation : Guillaume Picchi
let this day be known as the day where the Guild Noob
almost mugged the famous Captain Jack Spare-RoadÖ
Moreover, what... What is the road ?
This road !