Dakota | Ep. 2 of 3 | Feat. Jena Malone | WIGS

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You smoking in there, missus? No, no, no.
I smell, I smell it! I’m gonna call. Alright, alright. It’s out.
I like your jacket. Thanks.
Your man lose all your money? Nope.
Someone lost something.
She lost it. How do you know?
Look at her. She’s no sweater. She’s a player. You a player, right?
Yeah. See, she’s a player.
You know what you gotta do? Listen to her, she gives good advice, this one, she knows.
You gotta get back on the horse. I can’t afford the fucking horse.
Look at you. Look at her. I know.
You’re sitting on a treasure box. Every woman is. Some of them know it and some of them don’t. You can afford the horse.
Have you guys been working here long? A couple of months, right Liz?
It’s all right?
Babysitter. Answer it.
I know, I know.
I know, lookit, listen.
Well it’s gonna be a few more hours.
Alright, I’m gonna text you where I’m gonna go, but it’s not—
Alright, three hours. Yep, three. Alright. Thank you, Mary, I—
When you play you do the numbers, and the reading of the people and all that?
Sure. So you good?
I’m all right.
She’s great. “Those that know, don’t say, those that say, don’t know.” Robert De Niro. Vanity Fair.
You’re pretty.
But you sell that you’re smarter than they think you are. That’s good. Can also be bad.
You find a way to afford the horse. Then you go and you take all their money, pretty. Every last motherfucking dime.
You ready already? Damn.
Guess we’ll find out. Right, pretty?
You the girl George sent? Yeah.
Alright, sit behind me and watch for a while. The bar’s over there. Get me a Vodka tonic, ok hon? One for yourself, or whatever you want.
It’s alright I’m good. It’s alright. Yeah, she’s awesome.
I’m sorry, who’s dealer? You are. I got to tell you every fucking time?
Where do I get chips? You mind if I get them myself?
You a player, too? That’s the rumor.
This is the one, fellas, this is the one. One what?
Who’s gonna give you a run for your money.
You know you look like a girl I knew in Detroit, during the war. Tough as nails. Don’t make girls like that anymore.
I’m from Detriot. There you go.
Well go for it, all it takes is a— Chip and a chair?
That sentiment’s more about alliteration than empiricism, don’t you think?
No limit, right?
Fuckin’ A. Take that back. Oh!
Let’s make it six. Pickle.
What do you think Berringer’s got? Flopped the straight.
You gonna get a percent? I got the Jack.
Oh, you’re kidding me.
Girls don’t take risks, right. I mean, girls don’t lie.
But you know what, girlie? I don’t believe you. Raise.
It’s to you, girlie.
Mary. It’s gonna be a few more hours. Wait, what? What the fuck?
Hi Mommy! Are you kidding me with this? Hi baby.
Hi Mommy.