AXE Chickipedia - Cooking and Girlfriends - Disaster Chef - Ep 18

Uploaded by bindass on 12.08.2012

Today I have made some noodles
One second, when did I say I made this for you
So then what will I eat
Obviously, make your own food
Okay take this, you eat it
I am feeling bad for you
I will order something for myself from outside
Baby, do one thing, you eat this since you have put a lot of effort in making it
You deserve it, I will order something from outside
You don't want to eat anything that is made by me
According to you, I can't even cook right?
Wait, when did I say that
So your saying that I am frying your mind
I put in all this effort to hear these comments from you
You should just die of hunger then!!
Cooking is a real skill to achieve
Everyone does not possess this skill
The problem arises when your girlfriend takes cooking into her hands
Because she does not know how to cook or how to take your criticism in a good way
See for yourself how she knows how to hide her lack of talent to make herself look like a good cook
Babe, see what an amazing thing I have done!
This is not burnt, I made it extra crispy
You did not put salt in this?
Your talking like your a big chef, how would you know!
After marriage, we would not need to keep a cook, I will only cook the food
How is it baby
It is okay
If you like it, then why don't you finish it
I have put extra sugar, but you like it that way right?
You like the food I make for you
Cooking is that kind of pressure in your life, that will also make your life like a pressure cooker
because everday your girlfriend will make you something to eat and fry your mind
When a girlfriend attempts to cook something
There are two mistakes that she will make
One is the food, and the other is the boyfriend's mood
Baby, I was thinking today I will make butter chicken
Okay, then do one thing, go to the market and get the necessary items required quickly
And whatever else is written in this, get all of it
Baby, here take all the necessary items
Today you are going to eat the best butter chicken in your entire life
And that also, in fifteen minutes
Hurry up, I am dying of hunger
Do not die of hunger my love
Here, your butter chicken
Now eat it also
I am feeling so hungry, do you know my mother made the best butter chicken for me
I hope this is as good
Fine, Go and eat your mother's made butter chicken
You don't know how to appreciate anything I do for you
I spend so much time making this butter chicken
And before eating it only, you said your mother's butter chicken is the best
Do me favour, go and eat your mother's butter chicken!!
When it comes to cooking, your girlfriend's competition will always be your mother
And this comparison can be very dangerous when it comes to your girlfriend's mood
If you want to avoid fights everyday with your girlfriend
Then forget that you ever ate anything that tasted good
From today, right now, whatever your girlfriend makes should always be the best food you have eaten
If you drift away from this statement, it can a very expensive mistake on your part
There was definitely a time when a man faced this problem with their girlfriend
And if your saying that you did not face this problem, you are lying
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