Mblaq Hello Baby Ep 7. Full (Eng Sub)

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need a mom
Five daddies are struggling with three kids
Hello family seriously needs a mom!
So daddies decided to find one themselves.
A phone conversation with competitive mom candidates.
Hello family is excited
Who will be the lucky hello mommy?
We need a mom
Hello Times MBLAQ arrives in Gangnam to find a beautiful mom!
Group Mblaq went out to the street to look for the kids mom. It was almost 10'F outside but they was shouting "We are looking for a mom!" and handed out flyers themselves
Wanted Mommy Requirements - 1. Beautiful 2, Beautiful 3. Rich 4. House works must be divided (* Preferred: experiance in child education) Pros - You will have cute kids and handsome Mblaq husbands Email- hellobaby4@naver.com
One fine day in Baby House
Leo: I have another one.
CD: Another one? Leo is proud about having two drinks.
Mir: Give one of those to appa
We thought he was giving it out nicely but... CD:Oh, that's nice.
Leo: No! This is for Cheondoong appa!
This person screwed up becuase of his greed
CD: Nice Leo.
Leo: (Sorry Mir appa) I only had one.
GO: You didn't give me one either.
GO: I'm your father too!
Mir: He didn't even say he wanted it and you gave it to him.
CD: This is for Cheondoong appa.
Guys, that's why you must always do well.
GO: Right now we must make a flyer to look for an umma
The dads are making an umma recruitment flyer.
GO: What should the flyer say? Not sure what to write for the text.
Mir: Because this is a flyer that we are going to hand out ourselves on the street..
Mir's idea: Where is MBLAQ's sweetheart?
CD: That's it
Doong appa...are you serious?
CD: Precisely. You... are too smart
Mir: If you're talking about women...
Q: What was your reason for even thinking about doing flyers? GO: We wanted to pick an umma as quickly as possible.
GO: We even used SNS (social networking sites), our homepage (website), and we are planning to advertise on the street to reach out to a wider audience
Mir: How should we start doing this?
CD: It's really difficult.
Feeling troubled for 30 mins.
CD: Yah, let's do something like a "wanted" style.
Thinking about Doong appa's suggestion!
Decided to go for "Wanted Mommy" as flyer's theme.
GO: Write this down. "Conditions. (requirements)" The flyer's point! What are the conditions for recruiting the umma?
GO: Pretty
Beauty strikes again.
GO: Secondly, pretty.
The conditions are just to be pretty?
Shameless G.O~! GO: The umma must be pretty.
GO: If she's pretty, the kids will listen to her.
CD: 3rd, must be rich.
Cheondoong, even you..!
Mir: Number 4. SH: Child educators preferred.
At least one person didn't lost his mind;; Experience in child education is preferred
The Hello Baby umma recruitment flyer was completed like this. Mir: Wanted Mommy. Requirements - 1. Beautiful 2, Beautiful 3. Rich 4. House works must be divided
We're looking for an umma! Mir: And then, most important part is "experiance in child education is preferred"
Mir: So it doesn't matter if you're married.
If you're selected, you get to take care of cute kids and you get handsome MBLAQ husbands.
Anyway, the flyers are done, they just have to do PR now.
GO: So now, let's make copies and give it out to people.
GO: Let's go! Let's hit the streets together GO GO!
Mir: Let's make some copies and do a PR campaign
CD: Somewhere with lots of people.
In the middle of a crowded Gangnam, the Hello family have arrived!
We are looking for a mom!
The papas hand out the flyers one by one themselves
Mir: Please take these. Please~
Mir: Yeah sure
Mir: (No thanks) We have enough daddies, we already have 5 of us.
Using friendliness as a weapon and approaching the citizens personally.
Mir: Who do you like the best in MBLAQ?
So it's worth it to work hard.
Mir: Whatever it is, we have five appas now but no umma. There's no one to change the diapers.
Girl: You're looking for a mom?
Mir: Do you have a lot of money? How wealthy are you?
Girl: I'm not that wealthy.
Mir: Really? Inadequate
Will we be able to find her by today?
?: The kid is so cute.
Mir: They're pretty right? Feeling proud of his daughters.
Shrug shrug
Q: Weren't you embarassed? Mir: I actually enjoy this kind of thing, I have a celebrity-disease.
Mir: I like getting people's attentions. I really like it.
Mir appa coolly shrugs off the attention given to the kids. Mir: I was proud when the citizens praised the kids that they are so pretty
Right then
One citizen who has caught the eye of the MBLAQ appas. Mir: Wait, wait. number one and two is satisfied.
So does the person fulfil the conditions?!
GO: Do you think you can cope with having 5 husbands?
Her wills don't matter! She passed!
Chulyong are you getting married today? GO: Okay, we will go with her.
Mir: Darling!
Even though it's cold, the citizens stop to watch the Mblaq appas.
Girl: You're handsome!
DY: Go away!
Dayoung is amazed at so many attentions of the citizens.
GO: How old are you DY?
Girl: I watched Hello Baby and the kids don't speak that much.
They even met a loyal viewer of Hello Baby! GO: She speaks well now.
GO: I realized Mblaq's popularity that day. And I realized that so many people watch Hello Baby.
Cheondoong and Seungho appas have gone underground to avoid the cold.
Within seconds a huge crowd gathers.
Cheondoong appa is doing PR in the midst of all this. CD: Please be our umma.
CD: Could you do it for our child?
Girl: I can do anything for you.
Let's see about that.
Doing anything includes the rabbit dance?
L: Appa, it's weird.
Hello family is trapped in the gathering crowd.
CD: I was so proud that our kids are so popular. It must be because they look like angels.
Here, Mir and G.O appa have come to a cafe.
Filled with girls! Girls: It's Mir..
Mir: We are looking for someone to come and be an umma.
Trying to show off about the daughters now.
GO: She's 5 and very well behaved. Dayoung, say hi.
Mir: The conditions are easy to fulfil.
GO: You just have to be pretty.
Mir: You just have to be pretty.
GO: Pretty and rich.
And the search for the umma by G.O and Mir ends here.
Mir: You're pretty. How old are you?
All: Hi, we are Mblaq.
The Mblaq appas have gathered for the final PR.
GO: Really, wherever we go the reactions are always so hot.
SH: Because of the kids, the reaction is even hotter.
Always bragging about their children GO: Recently we've been filming a program called Hello Baby.
GO: Our kids are multicultural kids. Are they really pretty?
CD: He's a boy. GO: We were looking for a mom who can take care these kids together.
SH: Those who are willing to be an umma to our son and daughters, do a circle above your head!
Mir: Ah, father!
Mir: It was an explosive response.
Mir: When people asked me "Do I send an email to this address?" There were many people who was actually asking how to apply
Mir: I had a feeling that this could really work out.
Performing It's War in return.
Please download the original song to hear the full verson!
Mir: Please download the original song
Bye. Thank you.
297 to 1 competition. 5 shortlisted to be Hello Mommy.
Finally, It's the(Da)-Day
The day to meet the umma has arrived.
SH: Because the first impression is the most important. No matter how tired I was, it's courteous to show your best image.
Even Lee Joon appa who had no interest in looking for the umma, arrives.
Joon, the mirror is going to worn out...
GO: Your hair.. You emphasized your hair a little too much.
LJ: It has nothing to do with my wills.. just...
LJ: It's not because today is special.
GO: No, you're not. See this earring... LJ: I always wear my earrings! I found it.
Mir: Actually, Joonie hyung is the one who said that he doesn't need an umma,
Mir: but he's the one who's the most interested. GO: He had put the most effort (in looking good)
LJ: This is a misunderstanding. I'm not that kind of kid.
LJ: This is just a coincidence. I always did this same hairstyle but it just turned out like this today. Strong negative = strong positive.
SH: You even put on a tie.
LJ: I thought everyone was wearing one? Today, Mblaq members are love rivals?
GO: From now on it's not Hello Baby anymore. It's Hello Wife.
LJ: Yeah, so if we are meeting the mom, we are getting married. My kids' mother = my wife.
GO: I hope she's pretty.
LJ: It would be good if she's pretty.
Reveal their real hearts
Tsk tsk.
It became noisy immediately as soon as the kids appeared.
GO: Today, please make Leo look like Song Seung Hun..
GO: And Lauren like Choi Jiwoo and Dayong like Lee Minjung.
Hair Designer: Ah.. okay..
SH: As we expected, he can manage everything! GO: Everything is possible
GO: Now let's make your hair pretty~
Prince Leo is prepared for change
Man: How do you want me to cut it?
LJ: I think he will look great with my hair style.
CD: Leo has a black bobbed hair. That hair style is very similar to Leo's favorite daddy, CD papa's "Y" hairstyle.
CD: So I asked him.
Please anticipate flower boy Leo's transformation!
Cheondoong appa keeping an eye on his son.
CD: Leo your hair is like mine, when daddy was singing "Y"
Expectedly, self-shining, incredible visuals daddy and son.
LJ: Lauren, say appa, you're handsome.
L: Appa, you're handsome.
Today, Lee Joon is noted as an ddal-babo (ddal-babo: Someone who will do everything for his/her daughter like an idiot.)
Lauren-baragi (Hae-baragi is a sunflower. Sunflower looks only at the sun. something-baragi means, they only look at that something) And here is the original ddal-babo, Seungho.
SH: I think that's a lie.
SH: What are we going to do if you become prettier after doing your hair?
...You worry about that
GO: While she is getting her hair down, Lauren's facial expression is already readied. She has this force (feeling) of an actress.
Ddal-babo Seungho appa and lovely princess Lauren.
GO: Are you going to do the eye make-ups too, today?
DY: Eye makeup?
DY: What eye makeup!
GO: (Flinch) Ok, let's not do it then.
G.O appa, just wait a little!
G.O appa comes right back.
GO: Oh, are you gonna be like Lee Minjung Unni (sister)?
I don't know that person.
Hair stylist: I think she's just your personal ideal person.
Dayoung's new hairstyle is slowly coming to completion.
GO: (apple hair) Is this the hairstyle you wanted?
It's totally my style!
GO: Are you excited to meet your umma?
Soft-hearted man G.O appa and cutie princess Dayoung.
GO: Dayoung and Lauren really looked like princesses. And Leo had the feel of a young prince.
These two going to be the left overs again today?
The shining Hello Family arrives!
Hello Family over flowers.
Look at me. Lee Joon appa who suddenly does a catwalk.
Mir: Look! It's a camping car!
The appas are excited by their first time seeing the camping car.
GO: This is the first time seeing a camping car.
Lauren: Wah, it's a camping car! GO: I didn't know it would be this small.
Mir: How far are we going to go to meet the umma that we need a camping car?
SH: Let's think of it this way. We're going on a 1 day 2 night trip to meet the umma.
Explosive reaction just thinking about it.
Leo, you too...
CD: Wait a second. But if the umma is not here right now what are we doing here?
GO: Maybe they are already there? LJ: They are waiting us right now.
SH: Shall we go?
Mir: My darling, my wife!
LJ: Get in!
Leo's first time in a camping car. He is very excited Leo: They have juice!
Following closely behind is princess Lauren.
Leo: I brought these to eat.
GO: Thank you. I want it. I want it. Effect of a trip? generous Leo.
Lee Joon appa transforms into a tiger.
Leo: Hi! Hi rabbit!
A growling rabbit?
Leo: The car was cool.
L: It was amazing. I really liked it.
DY: We were going to meet the umma.
Going in a camping car to meet the Hello Mommy.
Amazed Hello Baby
Turned on children songs. A trip for the kids
Twinkle twinkle little star.
Something is weird?
Mir: In english. (Freakin) Middle school high school elevator~ Today, Mir papa is getting another step further from the English
Appas, it's wrong.
(very serious) Ignoring pitch, Ignoring rhythm, and Ignoring the language.
This song is too long.
Yeah it is..
LJ: Did Lauren understand what we said?
Thinking something else.
L: ? There were 3 bears ?
Lee Joon appa is slowly melting in Lauren's aegyo (lovely acts).
(Ddal-babo) If Lauren sings, the appas sing.
? Daddy bear is fat, Mommy bear is skinny, ?
? Baby bear is so cute ?
? very good ?
Mir: Hang on, it spilled.
Quickly trying to catch it.
LJ: Oh, it's like a music video.
He seems like he's gonna swallow the whole bottle.
Hyungs who are entertained by the magnae(youngest)'s talent show.
LJ: More feelings!
LJ: You broke up with a girl A detailed explanation of a situation
CD: Wow, he drank the whole bottle.
Laughing in the end.
GO: You look like a beggar.
Lauren is shocked.
GO: It doesn't mean that you have to put the whole part in your mouth just becuase the top looks like this.
Horrible re-enactment
Mir: I'm going to get CF offers.
CD: Let's all try to do CFs with this.
Am I going to have to watch this again?
LJ: Advertising companies, you're watching this right?
Lee Joon appa challenges a grape juice CF.
LJ: You have to drink showing the label of it. Mir: Drink it deliciously!
Say something!
LJ: Premium
Advertisers, please don't change the channel...
LJ: Delicious
Don't even think of renewing your contract.
Lauren: I want water colors. Leo: I want a playground The kids couldn't care less.
Flap flap
Mir: Can we just take down that banner?
Flap Flap
It's responding to Joon papa's CF
GO: Close it. Close it.
LJ: It's flapping too much!
CD: Chulyong ah, he's giving it to you.
Leo quickle became friends with Mir after the left over fights.
LJ: Leo, what about me?
Should I give or not?
Pretty acts
Here take it.
Very touched.
Mir: When we first got there, they were very excited, but..
Mir: They had to prepare for it really early in the morning and they were really tensed...
Mir: So they started dozing right after they got on the car One by one falling asleep.
Mir: So we placed them on the bed carefully.
68km (=42miles) before meeting the mom.
I'm still awake. GO: I'm pretty sure if we first meet the mom, one of use will be so excited and one of use will try to look cool and so on..
LJ: I'm not going to.
GO: Do you want to play the image game?
CD: Let's try this one. Who do you think will ask their actual phone numbers from the umma candidates.
G.O 4 votes, Seungho 1 vote.
GO: Why? I really...
GO: This is ridiculous!
The appas laugh hheartily and covers up for him immediately. SH: This is just... just purely an image.
GO: That part makes me feel bad. What's wrong with my image?
CD: Because you speak well, and you are friendly, so you get close to people very easily. Best in coving things up
Is that good?
Doesn't care about covering it up or whatever, Lee Joon appa thinks it's just funny.
What the heck
GO: I'm definitely not like that.
LJ: I have something. The person who will overact in front of the umma.
All votes to Chulyongie.
Mir: I'm already excited. The moment I opened my eyes today, I was excited and anxious.
GO: Why are YOU nervous?
Hyung's are protesting at him.
Mir: Cause she will be my wife.
LJ: She's our kids' mother, but not our wife.
Leo: She's your wife.
Cute Leo who can always make his appas smile.
SH: If there are only 3 wives, 2 people will be left without a partner?
Not feeling good..
Are they gonna be the left overs again?
LJ: It'll always be me and Mir. And we didn't even get to take pictures with the kids.
LJ: I'm so upset.
These people always had partners...
And we always had sadness with us becoming left overs.
What kind of umma will be waiting for them?
This place is 2 hours far from Seoul.
The appas and kids together in their dreams...
Shaky Shaky
Why is it shaking?
Where is this place?
CD: (Mir's hometown) Are we in Jangseong?
Very unusual scenery
CD: Hyung, are we shooting a some kind of wilderness variety show?
Mblaq's unprecedented emergency SH: Wake up! Wake up!
CD: This one is Mir right?
CD: This is not a good time to sleep.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Do you know the situation or not?
SH: Wake up please!
CD: Come down quickly
LJ: Appa, I'm coming down.
DY: (Expert in waking people up) Wake up! That daddy is waking you up like this.
LJ: Is this an orchard?
CD: How are we supposed to look for the umma like this?
shaky shaky
Leo: What the... It hurts!
GO: This is the extreme case of a off-road.
CD: Are we in Jangseong?
Mir: Isn't that my family's cultivator?
SH: Where are they taking us?
Leo: I want to come down too. Me. I can't go down myself.
Finally, the camping car reaches its destination.
Leo is excited to stand on the ground after a long time.
CD: This place is really good!
CD: Wah, this is nice.
CD: Somehow, there was a warm feeling about the place.
GO: It was a rural place outside of Seoul. It felt serene.
Let's go!
Mir: Now, we must welcome the umma here. She is around here somewhere.
LJ: Really?
GO: Even though we were joking around, but it would be great if she were pretty.
Mir: I'm hoping it will be someone like Kim Taehee or Lee Minjung sunbae.
Who is the owner of this silhouette?
The family started preparing to meet with the mom.
GO: I will hang this up. Leo: This is a spider web.
GO: The people who are supposed to blow the balloons, please blow them.
Mir: I'll just do something like this. CD: I am a Mas-Ball (master of blowing balloons)
Why are the appas working so hard?
Working hard
Joon, I thought you don't need a mom?
The babies are also joined in to help.
Leo: I'm gonna hang it up here.
Superior genes. Tall Cheondoong appa putting balloons in the trees.
CD: Hyung! Look it from here. It's really awesome.
All the family gathers up to see it
GO: Wow~ It's good. It feels good from a girl's point of view.
GO: As the main characters, we made it so she could feel our hospitality, with the red carpet, balloons and the banner.
GO: We tried our best.
Mir: Finally it's the time!
LJ: Where is the umma? Is she coming?
Mir: Our wife.
GO: Hello Wife
Mir: Mblaq's Hello Wife.
Mblaq appas, this is the first time you are so hilarious.
Mir: If we say "please come out", she will appear.
LJ: She'll really come out?
Mir: 1, 2, 3
All: Please come out.
Mir: Please come out, my wife.
Appa, you're funny.
At this time a van appears and stops in front of the red carpet.
Mir: Please let her be a goddess.
The arrival of Mir appa's goddess?
Mir: The person who might be the umma, please come out.
The door opens
My wife~
GO: I had a good impression of umma number 1.
SH: She looked very pure and young.
Leo: I even threw confetti.
1: Hi, I'm umma number 1.
Number 1?
So there is more than 1 umma?
GO: So there is more than 1 umma.
GO: Maybe 2 or 3.
Mir: Since we have 3 kids, so there'll be 3.
1: Hi, I'm umma number 1, Choi Da Eun.
Now, the appearance of umma number 2.
umma number 2. umma number 2
All: Umma!
The head of umma number 2's silhouette.
Mblaq appa's mouths cannot close today.
umma number 2 is getting closer to them
Umma is pretty?
(walks over to her alone) Cheondoong appa read Leo's mind
Mir: She's taller than me. The number of confetti extremely decreased.
That's all?
Mblaq appas only expected 1 umma.
Mir: Because we thought there was only 1 person so we threw a lot of confetti and there was none left.
Mir: I felt really bad for the other ummas behind.
L: The appas were so excited.
Another excited person here.
2: I'm umma number 2, Kim Yoon Mi.
CD: She had a playful looking face. I'm looking forward to see if she can interact with the kids well.
The situation where there are 2 ummas.
LJ: There could be 10! Let's continue calling them.
All: Umma number 3 please come out!
Mir: Umma
LJ: Foreign umma?
Very familiar looking foreign umma number 3 arrives!
LJ: Hi!
Umma's warm welcome ceremony.
Mir: Welcome
LJ: Nice to meet you.
oops! I didn't need to speak in English
Her korean is pretty good!
Yes! She is from the TV show "Global Talk Show"
Umma number 3: Abigail.
GO: I thought she was gonna speak in english but she was talking in Korean so naturally. So I think she'll be able to understand the multicultural kids the most.
Will there be an umma number 4?
SH: Should we call the 4th umma?
Maybe there are no more ummas coming?
Mir: I believed that there was a 4th umma, since my Kim Tae Hee hadn't shown up.
There is a 4th umma!
Taller than 170cm, like a model.
Wait a second
All: Sit down!
Papas, you should at least welcome her.
They can't sit.. nor stand.. (because of their height.)
Chulyong ah, what are you doing?
Appas in an uproar at the appearance of a tall umma.
GO: (Standing on tippy toes) Please do your self introduction.
4: I'm umma number 4, Kim Sa Ra.
GO: Do you guys don't feel anything?
What? GO: Their heights are in increasing order..
GO: The 7th is going to be that tall.
Byunghee, how are you planning to manage this awkward atmosphere?
GO: I got afraid. They were getting taller. When the 4th appeared, I thought that there would be a 5th.
Will 5th umma appear?
L:Will the mom come out? DY: I'm not sure.
She's pretty
The appas being polite to the 5th umma
Mir: I smell a strong scent
L: Let me see~
5: Hi, I'm umma number 5, Son Da Hee.
DY: Umma number 5 is also pretty
SH: Out of all those 5 candidates, she looked like a mom the most.
SH: If I only consider the appearances, she looked like a typical mom a lot.
CD: Generally we call it "Umma's smile"
CD: She had that (warm) smile on her face.
Do we have more mom candidates?
All: Mom! Papas are calling mom number 6
LJ: Mother!
GO: She didn't hear us. She is hard of hearing.
1,2,3 .. Umma~
Will there be a mom number 6, as they expected?
The door.. has opened again..
SH: Oh~ Again!
Very excited
Staffs+Manager: We decided to play some prank on them
GO: He's our manager
Kim Byung Gi (Mblaq's manager)
DY: It's the manager uncle
GO: Actually, he is our mom at our (mblaq's) house.
GO: Even though it's hard to wake up in the morning, he makes breakfast for us.
LJ: Leo, say "Mom." He's your mom.
Leo: No he's not
Mir: Umma number 6, REJECTED!
GO: First of all, I feel very relieved now.
GO: because they are the ones who are going to help our chores.
Q: Who did you like the most? CD: It was not something like, someone especially came to my mind,
CD: but umma number 1 came out when we were so excited about this whole thing, so I would pick her.
Q: Who did you like the most? LJ: Umma number 1
LJ: She looks like she would be dexterous.
LJ: Okay, this sounds a little weird.. but she looks like she could do all the hard work very well and a little..
LJ: She sorta looks like a kindergarten teacher.
Q: Who did you like the most? Mir: The last umma number 5 had this special scant
Mir: The scant was very warm
Mir: So the umma 5 had the best first image.
Q: Who did you like the most? SH: Umma number 1
SH: She's not telling us her age.. she's mysterious
SH: and she is making me curious.
The first image umma test results: #1 Choi Da Eun 4 votes, Son Da Heui 1 vote
CD: Hyung, escort her.
LJ: Because we don't have a baby, it looks weird!
Mir: Currently, we know nothing about the moms. The papas have know idea about the moms.
Mir: But I think there's something special about these moms so they were pick out of 10,000 applicants
L: Really?
GO: First of all, we all looked at their first images.
Go: The most important thing here is, we shouldn't have a black heart (=liking her as a woman) on them. Wait!! Mblaq papas' should promise this first before we start!!
Mir: Yes, of course.
LJ: No, we don't have that in our mind. Mir: No way. No black hearts!
LJ: This show is for the kids
DY: Why is it so hard to believe them?
GO: Yeah and as you know, we, Mblaq, are not like that.
GO: We are gonna have black hearts.
We are gonna have black hearts.
You are too honest, Byung Heui GO: But, we shouldn't
Mir: I'm really looking forward to this, but the main thing I'm looking for is,
Mir: How much they grab the kids attentions.
Mir: Our kids can't really focus on one thing. They can't concentrate on anything except Pororo.
Mir: The only time they pay a tension is when they watch Pororo or when they want something.
Mir: So the main focus will be on that.
Mir: Should we take a look now?
Finally! Time to start to show!
Umma number 1! Please come out!
Excited, What did umma number 1 prepared for this show?
Oh~! Very familiar melody! This cute dance is?
She prepared a children's dance on children's song that kids like
Mir: Put your hands up!
L: She's pretty
GO: Well she did catch the kids attention.
Chorus part, As the dance gets fully ripened(?)
The kids are into umma number 1
What about mblaq papas?
Also into her.
Suddenly!! She also prepared something else!
Come on!
Umma number 1 prepared for a bottle of tomato juice (The song was about tomato juice)
Mir: She did prepare a lot
Mir: ..to match the kids level of interests.
Mir: so I felt really thankful..
CD: what about the daddies??(she didn't give them tomato juice)
DY: Umma number 1 is nice
Looking at the kids, daddies are also very happy
Umma number 1, Choi, Da Eun's show is over
The daddies give her a big applause
Mir: Beautiful
GO: The kids became one with the mom
GO: and their eyes were sparking
GO: and was looking at umma number 1
GO: I thought, "This is it! We found it."
GO: "We found someone who can grab the kids attentions"
GO: I was so happy
Umma1: Hello, I am a mom with bright smiles, Choi, Da Eun
Umma1: I went to Chung Ang University..
LJ: What, which university?
Umma1: Chung Ang University..
Mir: I got rejected there. Soo Si 1st round (One of university's admissions process) She's pretty and also smart!
Mir, shut up. Umma1: I had majored in child education which will help the mblaq daddies a lot.
Umma1: I have teacher's certificates in Kindergarten Teacher and Nursery Teacher
Leo: I knew it. She looked like a kindergarten teacher
Umma1: I am so happy to meet DY, Lauren, and Leo.
Umma1: and I hope I spend great time with you today.
SH: I have a question for you. Suddenly!
SH: I want to hear your resolutions applying as a mom.
Umma1: I want to give the kids attentions one by one
Umma1: I did watch all the Hello baby series
GO: When you watched it on TV, who do you think is the best daddy and who do you think is the worst daddy?
Umma1: I think GO daddy is the best appa.
Umma1: I don't think he's the worst daddy but, LJ daddy who makes the kids embarrassed by playing pranks on them, is the worst daddy
Umma1: No, I mean, I think you could change.. King of the left overs is an unavoidable faith?
LJ: Be quiet!
Leo: She served you right!
LJ: I do my best!
GO: Whatever, because I am the best daddy.. She passed!
Mir: I excited to see umma number 2.
Umma number 2!
What did umma #2 prepared for the show?
Umma#2: I will teach you a motion right now
Umma#2: I hope the daddies and Lauren, Leo, & DY could follow what I'm doing.
So what is that motion that hello familly has to do?
Umma#2: 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4... Do you miss me~ (Of course!)
No one expected that was coming..
GO: That happened so suddenly
One more time!
This time the reaction is pretty good!
?I love you, you love me ? Of course! Of course! Of course!
Is this place an army?
But the kids reactions are not very...
Umma #2's no AR live Carrot(=of course) song
What do they really think about this show?
SH: It seemed like she was a little unprepared.
CD: It was embarrassing
CD: I was embarrassed by her show.
Even at this embarrassing situation...
The papas keep on showing their reactions.
Umma#2: It was a Carrot Song!
I don't care all that. Who is the best daddy and who is the worst daddy!
Joon... LJ: I want to know.
GO: She is introducing herself. LJ: In..intorduce.. ah.. yeah..
Umma#2: Hello, currently I am a children singer
becuase my rival is Pororo, please do not talk about Pororo in front of me. That's same here (papas too)
GO: I don't mean to be rude but how old are you?
Umma#2: Me?.. I'm 28 years old.
She has an extreme DongAn (meaning she looks very young) look
LJ: Then who is the best daddy and the worst daddy? GO: Why are you suddenly asking that?
Umma#2: Best daddy? LJ: Yes!
Umma#2: GO daddy
GO: You're saying I'm the best daddy?
Who is the worst daddy?
Umma#2: LJ daddy
Yes you won it twice Joon..
LJ: She said she monitored hello babby (watched all the shows)
LJ: You are lying.
GO: I hope you make good memories with the kids.
Umma#2: Thank you. All: Thank you.
Umma number 3!
This familiar song is.. Tara's Roly Poly?
Oh~! She's pretty good at dancing!!
Umma#3: I messed up!
L: I don't know this song..
What are the papas thinking?
SH: She danced to one of the T-ara's song.
SH: But the judges are Mblaq.
SH: If she had danced to one of the Mblaq's song,
SH: I think we would have gave her more points
SH: And we could have also danced with her.
Whatever, the kids are very focused!
Umma#3's stage is over
Umma#3: Hello, I'm Abigail
Umma #3 is from Paraguay
Umma#3: Becuase I was so tensed, I messed up a little bit.
GO: How come you speak Korean so well?
Umma#3: My uncle is Korean.
Umma#3: So I have a lot of relative who are Korean.
Umma#3: I have a lot of mixed-bloods too, Korean and Paraguayan, in my family.
Mir: Then I guess you grew up with all these multicultural kids?
Umma#3: Yes, because I see a lot of mixed-blood kids and I'm also a foreigner so
Umma#3: I know how the culturals are different and I think I would understand the kids a little more better than other people.
GO: Thank you.
GO: Now, let's meet our umma number 4!
GO: Let's call her with a loud voice
LJ: 1, 2, 3, Umma number 4!
This serious music is..?
eyes opened wide
Umma number 4 performs doesn't mind the noisy atmosphere.
L: wow~
What is she doing..
What else should we say, The daddies are just admiring her.
Cool ending~!
Daddies! It's the first time seeing them so focused like this.
Umma#4: To be honest, one of my friend is here.
Mir: Actually we went to the same school
It was you?
GO: She doesn't look like she's from Jang-Sung
Mir: Right?
Then, among other 4 Mblaq daddies..
There is a classmate of her?
Which one is it?
Umma#4: Hye! LJ!
Umma#4: You.
LJ: How did you come here? Umma#4: Ya!
Nice to see you my friend~ LJ: We are in the same class
GO: So you guys are friends but it feels a little weird.
GO: Did you go out with her?
LJ: What the heck? No I didn't! I haven't seen her in 4 years!
Whatever.. CD: You did go with her.
CD: (I feel something) Are you a "parachute"? (meaning he was accepted because he knew someone who works there or close with him. So didn't really work hard to get in but just landed there.)
Mir papa felt a prick of conscience at what CD said. (Mir became Mblaq very easily becuase his brother-in-law was the ceo of J.tune camp.)
LJ: I'm also amaized right now. Mir: What's wrong with a "parachute"
GO: Well-known "parachute"
GO: So you guys where in the same school (Korea National University of Arts) and you both majored in dance.
LJ: I took classes with her everyday.
GO: Korea National University of Arts, modern dance.
GO: Then, show us some dance moves together.
LJ: No way. I'm so bad. Joon papa hasen't danced for 4 years.
Will he going to be showing us Lee Chang Sun's look today?
GO: Because this is a very rare chance to see these kinds of things.
Umma#4: Changsun always did the turns
GO: Oh don't worry, he still does the turns these days too.
Umma#4: He always practiced the turns in the corner of the room Anyways! Nice to see you! Friedn!
Anyways! Nice to see you Friends!
Umma#4: He's good at turns
GO papa is doing a great job as a MC today.
GO: Okay, so could you please do an improvisation dance to the music you just played?
They are trying an improvisation couple dance to the same music! GO: Improvisation!
GO: Is LJ's (classical) dance abilities still a live?
LJ: I don't know what to do..
Leo: (What is Joon papa doing?)
He hurries to finish up the stage because he hasn't stretched before the show.
Whatever, Joon papa gained another "talent"
LJ: By looking at her feet, I think she really prepared for it, but..
GO: Umma#4's performance was just for the daddies
GO: So I really had a great time.
GO: But the kids seemed a little.. serious, but
GO: we also had a chance to watch Joon's dance so
GO: it was good to see Joon's dance that we haven't seen for a long time.
GO: Yeah.. it was very cool.
SH: Now last.. Now the only one who is left is umma number 5
SH: Let's call her out. 1, 2, 3..
All: Umma number 5!
Interjections coming out
Umma#5: Hello
Mir: She looks similar to Song, Ji Hyo.
Umma#5: Thank you.
Umma#5: My music files were incorrectly sent to the staffs
Umma#5: I have to dance with no song.
All: It's fine. It's fine.
Umma#5: It's even a dance song. (She was planning to do a Jazz dance)
Umma#5: So I think I will feel less awkward if you give me more enthusiastic reactions.
SH: Don't worry about that.
L: (Oh darn..)
LJ: We will sing for you.
Mblaq papas promise not to worry about the reactions.
What is the backgound music that the papas wanted to sing?
Oh no..
This is a noise pollution!
GO: Let's change the music. Are you guys really trying to help her?
Umma#5: I will just do it quietly myself.
Umma#5: Please, only give me reactions.
She tries the Jazz dance once again.
One bye one, she just gave it a touch.
A herd of zombies appears.
What is this?
She doesn't cares about them and keeps on dancing.
They are even moving up on stage?
What should we do with these zombies?
Whatever, the no-music-dance was successfully finished because of the zombies
CD: It was a real eyesore.
CD: I think they were appealing to her to escape from the left overs.
GO: When you ever try a sexy dance in front of Mblaq,
GO: you have to keep in mind that the show could be aborted.
GO: That was pretty impressive though.. there was no song playing..
Umma#5: Yeah..
GO: It's not easy to dance without a music
Umma#5: But I couldn't give up performing this because I really prepared a lot.
Mir: Wait, this is really heavy. LJ: This is Dae-Back (amazing)
LJ: you know when you're in danger you can instantly pick up really heavy things?
LJ: How in the hell did we put this up there? This is really heavy!
Mir: I was out of my mind.
LJ: Why did I do that?
LJ: The desk was connected to Mir.
LJ: I think I was dragged into her naturally.
LJ: I'm not.. that kind of person who love a woman at first sight.
LJ: It was my first time like that.
CD: We haven't heard umma number 5's self-introduction.
Umma#5: (suddenly) DaYoung~!
Umma#5: Please look at mommy.
DY: You are my mom?
Umma#5: I am umma number 5 Sohn, Da Heui
LJ: You're last name is Sohn?
LJ: My mom's last name is also Sohn.
Umma#5: I was a member of a backup national swimmer team Friends with Park, Tae Hwan?
SH: (what?) Could you should us that right now?
Umma#5: I can do some poses.
A sports mom who will take care of the kids health
Umma#5: I will take care of the kids health today.
Umma#5: I'm not very dexterous but hope you like me.
LJ: Leo likes to play water!
LJ: You should learn to swim
Mir: Leo, you like water. LJ: you like water, right Leo?
GO: Do you wanna learn swimming?
GO: He only likes the water. Leo only likes the pool not swimming.
Umma#5: We are gonna play water later.
GO: Okay, thank you!
GO: We met five umma candidates today.
GO: but we had a thought that "do we really need five ummas?"
CD: If you like one of their special abilities or
CD: it could also be their look.. I think everyone has someone who they like
CD: Let's hold an anonymous voting.
GO: An anonymous voting?
Mir: Hello baby
Chul Young what is wrong with you today?
Which umma caught hello family's heart?
Hello family's hello mommy, anonymous voting start!
Q: who do you consider as your rival? A: Umma#3
Umma#3: Will the babies like me?
Rival? I guess.. Umma #2?
Umma#2: I was following DY all day today and I said hi to her. I think DY would pick me?
Who did DY pick?
DY: This one!
Q: why did you pick her? DY: Cuz she's pretty.
Now Leo's turn.
Which umma caught Leo's heart?
Umma#5: Leo didn't say hi to me.
Umma#5: But I want to be chosen by Leo because of that.
Who did Leo choose?
Leo picked, umma #3
Last Lauren also picked umma #3
Umma#3 receive all the votes from the babies
Now it's time for Mblaq papas to vote.
GO: Personally, number 1, I will choose Choi, Da Eun. That is because
GO: She is nice and she is really like a mom when she talks to the kids.
GO: Above all, she chose me as a best dad so..
Second voter, CD daddy! CD: My choice will be..
CD: This lady. CD also picked umma #1
CD: I think she is the right person.. Did I pick the right person?
CD: I don't remember her face. I think it's her.
The third voter, Mir papa.
Mir: Number 5 Da Heui.
Mir: Her first image was so good.
Mir: Her smile was sincere
Mir: I was happy because she could swim.
The forth voter, SH daddy.
SH: The person I chose is number 1
SH: I think Joon will pick his friend..
The last voter, LJ daddy enters.
LJ: ah.. I don't know.
LJ: Because everyone didn't like me.
LJ: I have no one that I want to vote for.
LJ: But.. to be honest, I wanna help out my friend once so..
LJ: I chose my friend. SH daddy's guess is 100% correct
LJ: You should thank me. Even though you didn't choose me, I chose you.
Shocking truth Hello Mommy's, Do they really have an ability to become a mom?
?: Do you wanna try again making a longer one?
The kids are having a great time with the moms.
The living room seems very peaceful.
Wanted Daddy, where are the Mblaq daddies?
?: You are pretty good!
We are watching you.
CD: DY really opens up her mind easily to the unnies.
GO: The kids like it, once there are 5 moms.
LJ: Why aren't they shy in front of strangers anymore?
LJ: They were so shy to us at the beginning.. especially DY..
The daddies are little upset on the fact that DY opens up her mind to the ummas so easily
SH: but.. something is a little weird right now.
CD: We look like perverts
GO: yeah we are watching the secretly.
Mir: Yeah like when we did Joon's secret camera.
CD: I think that was actually better than this. We are not even looking at a monitor.
SH: Five guys stuck at the window and watching them..
SH: Could you do one for us?
GO: They might change their attitudes when we are not there.
SH: To be honest, we didn't have much information on the moms.
SH: So to collect information and see their real characteristics..
SH: The things that come out when they are unconscious is very important, so I wanted to see.
Placing observation cameras
A secret code to turn on the observation cameras. We will take a 30 min break.
May I speak to DY?
Watching carefully Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom
They are trying hard to figure out the best mom
Let's go to the bathroom
SH: huh!
GO: As soon as the break was given, that.. is that umma #3?
LJ: #3
GO: The umma from Paraguay..
GO: She lay down right away.
CD: It means she is not really enthusiastic Umma#3 get a warning
CD: Why is Leo so quiet?
LJ: Because he's in front of girls
Mir: Leo's a boy too.
LJ: He just want to be chic and charismatic.
Leo: Leo is into them.
Leo: Ummas were nice to me
Same situation on this side
Papa's are deleted, DY became close with the ummas
#3: At the Lotte Department store?
Mir: DY is showing her AeGyo (cute behaviors)
LJ: She never showed us that AeGyo.. wearing glasses..
?: How do I look?
Hello? Is DY there?
DY: Hello
LJ: She said "Hello" How can she do this to us
Is that the same kid who was show shy in front of us?
It took 2 months to get close to DY.
The daddies are forgotten
DY: I was so excited
DY: They were nice to me.
LJ: My heart was breaking down
LJ: I tried really hard to get the kids heart but the moms did it at once.
LJ: that thought came to my mind so..
LJ: Maybe I should dress like a girl
LJ: I really had many different thoughts.
SH: I was actually very happy
SH: Because the kids became more out going and
SH: And I think we've done that
SH: If the ummas met the kids before we met them, they were gonna have so much trouble.
SH: You should be thankful to us.
Mir: I cannot accept this happy atmosphere.
SH: Should we go down stairs and stay there for 10 secs and come up again?
GO: No, let's do this. SH goes down there and don't say anything
GO: and sit and play with them
LJ: Don't answer them even though they talk to you
SH: So don't answer anything.
GO: Yeah and sit there for like 2 minutes
SH's mission time is 2 minutes
LJ: Without any expressions,
SH: I will be back
Mir: SH hyung is there!
Mission start, SH papa appears in front of moms.
What will happen to the ummas?
Someone is watching you
Who will be the best Hello Mommy?
open the door!