Sibling rivalry at the Army-Navy game

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The Army-Navy game is an event full of tradition and history.
Army Sergeant Justin Puetz shows us how it's also a sibling rivalry.
[cheering] Stop going towards him! Go around him!
[cheering continues] [Puetz] It's all about competition...
Navy is probably celebrating while we're in the throes of despair.
[Puetz] and, of course, bragging rights.
If we continue at this pace, I'm going to have a very unpleasant evening
because I'm never going to hear the end of it.
[Puetz] For this cadet and midshipman, the Army-Navy game is personal.
[cheering continues] Oh, yeah!
I hope that he never gets the experience to win against Navy.
We're highly competitive,
and this just is kind of the culminating event of our rivalry.
[announcer on PA] Touchdown Army.
You don't need to film this.
[Puetz] There's nothing like good sibling rivalry.
No, no!
[Puetz] Brothers Everett and Granger Benson have chosen to serve their country
but took different paths to come to that decision.
Ever since I was really young, the idea of coming to West Point was intriguing to me.
And as I grew older, I was always motivated by my desire to serve my country.
It was always his kind of dream to go to West Point, and I saw that.
We went to the academies for some sports camps,
and I really enjoyed the structure, and I decided that's what I want to do.
No, that's not it! >>[Puetz] This is Granger's last year at the Naval Academy.
He will be commissioned a Marine Corps lieutenant following graduation.
He's the best. These guys are the best. >>Family of Americans right here.
Family of Americans.
[Puetz] His brother hopes to follow in his footsteps two years from now.
Let's go, Army!
I expect to be commissioned as an infantry officer upon graduation,
as long as everything goes according to plan.
[Puetz] The West Point and Naval Academy football rivalry aside,
it's all about duty, honor, country.
And at the end of the day, we're on the same team against a common enemy.
We're one team, one fight.
[Puetz] Things didn't work out for Everett and the Black Knights this year...
It's going to be a tough night for him, tough couple days.
[Puetz] but for next year... >>Go Army! Beat Navy!
Army Sergeant Justin Puetz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Well, you have to admire Cadet Benson.
It's tough to be upbeat after a 31-17 loss to the Navy.
Well, there's always next year.