Smash - Season 1 Episode 8 - The Coup - Luan Legacy Recap

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My name is Luan Legacy, and thanks for tuning into another
episode of your Smash recap.
This week's episode was full of tense drama and scheming
among our characters.
So let's jump right into it.
The episode opens up, and the mood is
tense between everyone.
No one is returning phone calls.
Ivy doesn't know her role as Marilyn.
And Derek meet privately with Karen, telling her about
experimenting as a possible modern twist on Marilyn.
We'll see how that works out in the end.
Meanwhile, Ivy is with the chorus at a bowling alley,
uncertain of her role as Marilyn.
They try to cheer her up and have a dance party.
And not gonna lie, I've always wanted to use the lanes at the
bowling alley as my own personal runway.
Can you blame me?
You probably thought of it too.
Ivy receives some light on her situation when she runs into
Ellis, who casually tells her about Karen's involvement in
the direction of the new Marilyn.
And she's ready to find out what's going for herself.
After working hand in hand with Ryan Tedder, lead singer
of One Republic, Derek and Karen are ready to present
their possible twist on Marilyn for
the rest of the crew.
Karen gives a seductive performance as a modern
Marilyn to the original song, "Touch Me."
Although Karen did amazing, Tom and Julia despise the idea
and voice their disapproval and reprimand Eileen and Derek
for going behind their back and hijacking their
Derek, however, is unremorseful, for he feels
change is necessary.
I'm not sure how I feel about the situation.
I mean, I like the performance, but the idea of
it being on Broadway, not too much.
But definitely, change is necessary.
Derek and Tom have a serious throwdown as they bring up
their past.
And I'm sure you know, once you bring up the past, it's
about to go down.
Apparently the two used to be close friends before Derek
allegedly threw Tom under the bus, criticizing
his work to the press.
Despite this, neither of them are giving up their parts in
the production.
The show closes with Tom breaking the news to Ivy that
they want a new voice for the role.
She's completely heartbroken until Derek shows up at her
doorstep to help her through this rough time.
And guess what they did.

Classy, girls.
Other important things that happened in this episode.
Julia and Michael's relationship
is officially over.
They've both come to their senses.
Woo, go family.
And Eileen has a daughter named Mahatma Katie.
I Like her.
She's a good person.
Still can't stand Ellis, though.
And on that note, thanks for watching.
I'm Luan Legacy.
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