CCHR Jim Marrs: The Brave New World of Psychiatry (Psykiatrian uusi uljas maailma)

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In my research, it's plain to me that there is a intensive effort going on
today too
each member of the society and they're starting with the very youngest as
school kids
with these screening for so-called mental health.
Just answer this question:
Have you ever felt sad?
Well evaluator say, everyone's going to say yes
Well you can take that, they use that came to formulate a diagnosis of
late depression or perhaps even active depression which means you need to take
a pill.
In about 1951 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
of the American Psychiatric Association had identified about 151

mental disorders.
Today it's up to 374 and is still growing.
And of course every time they come out with the new mental disorder then they
come out with the new drug
to counteract it.
use of chemicals to alter,
or try to alter, human behavior has, just in my opinion, got out of hand.
These psychotropic drugs
that are pushing borderline people over into madness and violence and even
stimulating otherwise normal kids
into just uncausable acts. What have to do is look at the record, the incidents
of school shootings, teenage suicides, violence
has just sky rocketed.
This wholesale
drugging of
an entire generation children the recently she was a little grateful
because these are the people who will be determining the path where
society and our country in the future and if we turn them into drugs
induced zombies.
We're going to have a problem.
Is that the world you want, where everybody goes around drugged up as an
Aldous Huxleys
Brave New World and and that they march along to the same drummer is in George
Orwell's 1984 if that's what you really want then
you know I'm off for democracy but I just really don't think that's what we
We must
develop a public dialogue
about these psychotropic drugs, their uses and abuses.
We have just simply got to
return to some normalcy in, some
sanity instead of putting a whole generation of americans
on drugs.