Every-Day Minimal Make-up by xBextahx

Uploaded by xBextahx on 06.07.2010

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Hiya everybody this is Beckii here and um I'm going to show you how to do
everyday Beckii makeup\ People have asked me how do you do your make
up and I'm gonna tell you\ If there are any tutorials which you would
like me to do in the near future like maybe nail tutorials but these are my mac application
nails I didn't make this idea up myself I got it from the internet but I thought it
was really cool so if there are any which you want me to do then I'll try and do it
for you so Ill see you soon bye\ Okay so first of all I use this this is my
Clarins One-Step Water Comfort Cleanser and it's really great and it takes off your makeup
as well which is really great for me\ Um secondly I use this HydraQuench moisturiser
cream light em but I just its its right for me so um I recommend these a lot\
Secondly if I use foundation then I use this other Clarins product which is um Everlasting
Foundation and its SPF 15 um and its its really good\
Ive already done all those things Ive already cleansed and moisturised\
So firstly I just live by Concealer these days um I don't really want to use foundation
in the summer because its just too heavy in your skin\
And these are the areas where i put my concealer um I try not to use too much again because
i mean Ive got fairly good skin anyway so um I just put it along my nose under my eyes
down there and there around my nose and on my chin and I just use my finger to rub it
in\ And there we are I look no different I think
I hope I hope I have naturally nice skin but Okay so step number 2 is powder this is okay
the lid is on upside down but this is Max Factor translucent powder and its translucent
so it doesnt add any orange to my skin so I just like put a bit on and dab it on my
hand and then \ and just like put it everywhere\
and I live by loose powder because it sets your foundation and it just like finishes
your face off because if you just put on foundation then it just I dunno I just have to use this
or ill never be happy\ So my next step would be blusher um I tend
to love these I don't like the brushes which come with them which is here i dont like these
cause i don't like the shape of them \ But yeah I use this brush for my blusher because
i put it on quite differently I don't do this I don't do that kind of thing because its
like I dunno i just don't like it so wheat I generally do is i like dab it onto my cheek
and I like blend it out I don't even know if you can see the difference its probably
too light for that yeah so I do that for both cheeks\
Okay so now I get m eyeshadow I tend to use a cream eyeshadow um this is I got this in
Japan um Kurimu Aishado and its made in China\ And what I do is just get a bit on my finger
and I oh can you see me I and I just put it on my lid and I don't do the whole sort of
like shadow your crease kind of thing because I don't well this is how I do my make up
\ And okay that was creepy \
The sun has gone away now but basically now what i do after I've applied the cream shadow
is I take this shimmering powder stuff which is again brandless um and I just like take
a little bit like this chu chu chu um just about just like that much so I take that and
then what i do is I just close my eye and apply it on the corner and I sort of I dunno
I think its a bit different so i do that on both eyes \
Sometimes I also use this its just its just this is just plain white eyeshadow and um
when Im in Japan a lot of the make up artists they do this to me to make my eyes look bigger
but um what you do is you just put a bit either side of your nose there and just rub it in
and it widens your eyes a lot so I got myself some an I don't do it all the time because
whenever I take this is the Rimmel London Colour Loose um loose eyeshadow but whenever
you take it out it like fires a little bomb of white eyeshadow everywhere\
Next off I use eyeliner um I swear by this this is Maybelline Line Define Liquid Eyeliner
in Black but the thing is its not like a normal liquid eyeliner which I cant use cause they're
so liquify and they go all down your face and into your eye and make a big splurge cause
this is like a pen and its really really easy to use so generally what I do is I just \
I just like have it on its side and just do a line and then i do that closed and then
i open my eye and just bring it out a tiny little bit so far that you cant even see it
go past these eyelashes \ I start in the middle if you can see it i
start in the middle of my eye and its just I don't like going all the way because it
closes off your eyes quite a bit um and then at the bottom I just do the bottom corner
and were done\ And so there are my eyes there \
All we have left to do on the eyes is mascara now these are my two favourite mascaras ever
this this is probability my favourite one because this is the Revlon Double Twist Mascara
um um its a really thick brush \ And then here we are with the colossal volume
express by mabelline and this is a semi thick brush its not as thick as the other one um
this is the waterproof version um this is also a good one its more of an easy application
but um this one sometimes when its on it sort of like feels sticky its i dunno so i don't
tend to use this one as much I genuinely use this one genera generally That was clever
i just tried to take the cotton wool off with cotton wool and I don't know how thats meant
to work um but here we go \ the suns gone out its a shame I don't tend
to curl my eyelashes at all so I just do it all in an outwards direction and then for
the bottom lashes i just sort of aim for the corner because i hate putting mascara on my
bottom lashes at all so if I do its just there \
Okay were nearly done the last thing i always do is lipgloss i gen generally im just gonna
stop saying that word I generally just put on lipgloss i don't like lipstick as much
i mean sometimes i do but I put it on with lipgloss so um I got this for my birthday
its Benefit makeup and this is the lip balm and vie fallen in love with this so much it
looks really dark in there but its quite nice when its on and the other one i love as well
is the 6 hour Glam Shine Gloss Brilliance L'Oreal Pala Paris in 200 Mauve Mauve I have
no idea how to say that word at all\ so this brush is a really really nice brush
its in a nice shape and everything I use this one more in the evening and for everyday i
use this one so im a definite finger user for this kind of makeup because I don't like
brushes\ So I definitely suit having a fringe but yeah
this is my everyday makeup My hair looks a bit green in this light its a bit weird the
sun has indeed gone away but we're ok so um there we go this is my everyday makeup um
whichever make up you want to wear is fine i mean this is just how i do mine everybody
is different so just work with it and see what you like!}