The Accu-Sim Revolution by Jaggyroad Films

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I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.
Just off the top of my head, just to begin any kind of discussion on Accusim...
I think you have to consider the fact that Accu-Sim changes everything.
As a pilot, I was looking for as close to the real life experience that I could get on the computer,
and when the first Accu-Sim airplane came out that I flew, it was like a light had gone on.
For me, if you had to describe what Accu-Sim was, it's not only the modeling of the aircraft,
but also of the underlying system and the underlying mechanics that makes the aircraft tick and work.
The first moment that we were talking about Accu-Sim, it didn't mean too much at the moment,
it meant quite a lot the moment I started flying with,
because it's something when people ask me what is Accu-Sim about, I just tell them...
...just try it and you will see nothing is as before.
In the summer of 2008, A2A Simulations released their first Accu-Sim product for the Wings of Silver 377 Stratocruiser
At the time, it was a major gamble, there was a lot at stake
With over a year of development, the company released a simulation of an aircraft that few people had even heard of.
Had they picked the right aircraft? Did people want the realism that the 377 offered?
These questions and more weighed heavily on the minds of everyone at A2A.
With stoicism and a deep breath they released the product to the public.
The Accu-Sim Revolution had begun.
Walk with us in our journey as we listen to many professionals throughout various industries,
their words, not A2A's or mine are important.
Every person in this interview agreed to speak candidly and openly about Accu-Sim.
None of this is prescripted.
The moment you get used to it, to the way it flies because it flies very well, then suddenly you realize... pleasant it is to fly it. You really have the sensation that it's a flight sim, not a paper plane.
That's what I like mostly about all of your products, you are not wasting your time with just a nice panel...
...or a nice plane. You really can feel the engine, how it's working and you have the sense of the mechanics.
It gives a soul to the engine.
It's an amazing thing to be able to monitor the systems of the airplane the way I knew I had always done and knew how to do.
That was for me just a revelation and I know that others have said it and I just have to repeat it.
It really was different from everything that had come before.
When the Accu-Sim P-47 came along, the more I got into it, the more I learned
It put flight simulation onto a new plateau.
It raised the bar not only say on the visual side, but in every aspect of the product.
So for me, when I finished reviewing the product, I was comparing it to everything that had gone before...
...and it kind of had moved on so much that I felt well I can't give it what we usually gave, you know...
...high scoring products a classic award because it was much better than those, so with that in mind...
...I thought, "well let's create a new award that reflects that."
Once the Accu-Sim part of it kicked in... and the airframe vibrations when you started it up... and the subtlties of ...
...the things you feel on the ground and the prop physics, then all of a sudden you think ok...
...this doesn't feel like any other FSX add-on I've ever flown before, this thing is talking to me.
How could I put it? I's like jumping into a real aircraft.
I don't know how to word it. It's just hard to explain.
The interesting thing about it is, that I have friends who've used my flight simulator, and they fly, and they're good pilots...
...and they fly light aircraft and some of them are flying instructors and all sorts of things...
...and they can't fly the aircraft in the simulator... at all... apart from your ones, which is very interesting I think.
What you guys have done with Accu-Sim is unbelievable.
The spin dynamics on the cub are excellent.
I noticed it especially in the recovery.
Where the correct amount of rudder lag was there, the rudder application,
and the lag in the recovery stopping the auto rotation.
There is a depth of fidelity in Accu-Sim that simply isn't available anywhere else, at least I haven't seen it.
The fellow that built my airplane, he was surprised at how accurate it was,
and for me it's so similiar in all the way it reacts and everything is just incredible.
All FSX payware aircraft will say "real physics modeling" and stuff like that,
in which I guess they can do up to the point that they can do it.
But just with the extra Accu-Sim pack it's just things that we've never seen in an aircraft,
and the first time seeing it, it was just incredible to us.
One of the things I most remember is when I had this crosswind landing setup,
and just bringing that thing in, side slipping, it just felt amazing.
It was like, wow, nothing else made me that convinced before....
and I remember just having a big grin on my face when I got the thing down thinking,
...OK, I just feel like I stepped out of a real Piper.
The Stratocruiser was the first ever Accu-Simmed aircraft,
then of course it has been developed to an absolutely astounding level within the Spitfire
And now for me, the Captain of the Ship career model that has now been introduced, it's something very interesting
Even for me sometimes I really could hate myself when I spoil a landing, or spoil whatever part of a flight
And it's funny, it would never have happened before.
But with this Captain of the Ship, it happens to me that I have to say,
Oh, come on now, you can do it better.
It's funny, but that's the way it works and
I think this is the thing that this Captain of the Ship virtual reality that really comes into play and
it's just something that hasn't been there before and now it really adds to the fun
because you not only have to conduct the flight as a pilot
You have to conduct the flight as what the captain is.
Even now a days it is more and more that he has become a manager, he manages a flight from A to B
and that is exactly what we can do on Captain of the Ship now.
We'll start with the propeller. If we get the propeller right, everything else will follow,
and you were absolutely right about that. It just followed the way that propeller pulled it and pushed it and...
and that part of it made it simply the best airplane of it's type I had ever flown on a flight sim.
And of course it's easy enough to turn all the Accu-Sim stuff off and just go and fly the plane...
...if you just want to look at pretty pictures but that just killed the experience to me.
The whole point is to have the Accu-Sim component.
That all of a sudden is the difference between a beautifully modeled aircraft in terms of graphics...
and then a tremendously modeled aircraft in terms of every single aspect of the airframe,
including subtle vibrations right through too, how it flies.
I have four or five thousand hours of instructing time, so with Accu-Sim I found that... a real airplane, you have to pay attention to what's going on.
Just being able to have a real engine to look at your pressures and temps and to ...
...handle properly without breaking an airplane.
That's the greatest part. You just don't get that in any other flight simulator airplane.
The flight modeling in the Spitfire and the depth of fidelity in the systems... it's unbelievable.
I could actually use this program as a potential checkout in the airplane, it's than accurate.
The behavior, the left turning forces, the effect of temperature on the engine, the varying pressures ...
... the need to monitor the systems. It's all their with Accu-Sim.
I can't fault Accu-Sim anywhere I look.
The Spitfire is probably one of the greatest expressions of aerodynamic art that has ever been produced.
It's a gorgeous looking, flying, and operating airplane.
And once Accu-Sim came in, now everything made sense; everything was in proportion.
Not only did it sound right and feel right, but it performed the way airplanes perform.
Accu-Sim, I suppose the word I am looking for is alive, I suppose. It's when it brings an aircraft ... alive.
It says it all in three words, Accu-Sim changes everything.
You could talk about it all day long. You couldn't sum it up any better than those three words.