Dr. David Hollander - Gastroenterologist

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Hello, my name is David Hollander. I'm a gastroenterologist physician and I work in the private practice
group of Gastroenterology Associates. And we provide consultation for the Community
Health Network at the east campus at Community Hospital, the north campus, and The Indiana
Heart Hospital.
We do our gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures at two different sites. In the hospital, we
do our endoscopy procedures in a unit that's within the inpatient surgery suite. We do
some outpatients there who require anesthetic support, an anesthesiologist, or need to be
monitored overnight. We also do most of our outpatient procedures in a facility called
the Indianapolis Endoscopy Center. That's in a sequence of buildings that Community
has on 56th Street, just off I-465. It is a specialty endoscopy center that's built
just to do GI endoscopy. And we've been open there for over 18 years and we think it's
the best facility in the central state of Indiana.
The outpatient GI endoscopy setting is so important because screening colonoscopy is
recommended for everyone in the population over age 50 with regards to colon cancer screening,
and in the African-American population starting at age 45. So there's a opportunity for patients
to come have their screening done. But it is sometimes an embarrassing event for patients
to come and go through a prep, changed into a gown, and have this procedure done. So we
built this facility so that there is an extremely private setting, private rooms - there's no
curtains between patients. We were the first in the city to build an outpatient center
with walls and private rooms.
And we've taken great care to have a waiting room for families that are comfortable while
they're waiting here. And we've had a longstanding policy that have staff that have worked with
us from the start, many of them for 18 years, so it's an experienced facility and we're
very proud of it. And we think it's one of the shining stars of the Community network
to have this endoscopy center for patients to come to.
My specialty is gastroenterology. In our practice we do basic GI and tract endoscopy. We do
upper endoscopy - look down through the mouth for ulcers - and we look through the rectum
to enter the colon and do colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer, polyps and various disorders
involving belly pains, bleeding and so forth.
Common symptoms that are referred to gastroenterologists would include abdominal pain, bleeding disorders,
diarrhea, vomiting and nausea problems, and we all see a lot of patients who have heartburn
problems chronically - a very important reason to see a gastroenterologist if you've had
it for years.
When patients are referred to a gastroenterologist, the benefits of coming to see us would involve
a specific diagnosis that can be gained by drawing blood work, by doing endoscopy of
the GI tract, and sometimes imaging studies ordered by us will give a specific answer
and then lead to a treatment in most cases.
Screening colonoscopy is such a talked about test for all patients, like mammograms, Pap
smears, prostate exams. And the population at large is seeing this advertised on TV to
get done. What's unique about gastroenterologists doing colonoscopy is that we're trained to
do this in a fellowship setting. We're the specialty that's done the most of these procedures
before we go into private practice. And these procedures can be done by other specialists,
but gastroenterologists are clearly the experts in doing colonoscopy.
And many patients are afraid of the pain and the technique and the cleanup. And they want
to make it as easy and painless as possible. We think that as gastroenterologists we're
able to perform that in a painless environment and a comfortable environment, particularly
as an outpatient. So we really think that gastroenterologists should be the first option
for screening for colonoscopy.
We do have a few unique procedures that are only performed by our physicians in the practice
at Community Health Network. One of those is endoscopic ultrasound, which is performed
on the North campus. Dr. Ciaccia performs that procedure. He has the most experience
in Central Indiana and we're very proud that he's able to do that. He gets wide referral.
We also have small-bowel video capsule, which involves a small capsule with a digital camera
that is swallowed by the patient to provide computer images of the small intestine. We're
the only practice that has that at Community Health Network. And I read those capsules
along with Dr. Henderson and Dr. Shah. It's a very unique technology that we have that
folks do not have to leave the Community Health Network to have. We can do them here at Community.
We're proud of the access to those procedures.
In our practice we are proud to say that we have two female nurse practitioners, one in
each office. And those nurse practitioners are able to see patients in consultation,
and make recommendations with our guidance about endoscopic evaluation. And when it comes
to colonoscopy and rectal exams and so forth, there are many women who are quite comfortable
seeing our nurse practitioners first before they get referred to have their colonoscopy
procedure. So we are proud of them. All of them are well trained. And our physician assistants
at the hospital are both females as well. We take pride in their warm care and their
unique ability to make the patient feel comfortable when they're seen.
So our access to care is what we take pride in. We have a large group and we want all
patients to have immediate, urgent access for GI consultation if it's needed. And we
try to provide that at Community.