The Breakfast Club (2/8) Movie CLIP - Social Clubs (1985) HD

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Just becauseyou live in here doesn't giveyou the right to be a pain in the ass.
So knock it om It's a free county.
He'sjust doing it to get a rise out ofyou. Just ignore him.
You couldn't ignore me ifyou tried.
areyou guys like boyfriend-girlfriend?
Steady dates?
Come on, sporto. Level with me.
Doyou slip her the hot-beefinjection?
Go to hell! Enough!
Hey! What's going on in there?
Spoiled little pricks.
What doyou say we close that door?
Can't have any kind ofpartywith Vernon checking us evey few seconds.
You know the door's supposed to stay open.
So what?
- There's four other people in here, you know? - God, you can count.
l knewyou had to be smart to be a wrgst/eR
Who the hell areyou tojudge anybody an_ay?
[ Boy] You know, Bender, you don't even count.
lfyou disappear forever, it wouldn't make any difference.
You mayas well not even exist at this school.
Well, l'll run right out andjoin the wrestling team.
- [ Both Chuckle ] - Maybe the prep club too. Student council.
Nah. Theywouldn't takeyou.
- l'm hurt. -You knowwhyguys likeyou knockeveything?
This should be stunning. Because you're afraid.
Oh, God. You richies are so smart. That's exactlywhy l'm not heavy in activities.
- You're a big coward. - l'm in a Math Club.
You're afraid that theywon't takeyou, you don't belong, soyou dump all over it.
Well, it wouldn't have anything to do with you activities people being assholes, would it?
Well, you wouldn't know. You don't even know any ofus.
Well, l don't know any lepers either...
but l'm not going to run andjoin one oftheir fucking clubs.
Hey, let's watch the mouth, huh?
Excuse me a sec. What areyou babbling about?
What l said was that l'm in the Math Club...
uh, the Latin Club and the Physics Club-- Physics Club.
Hey. Chery.
Doyou belong to the Physics Club?
That's an academic club. So?
Academic clubs aren't the same as other kinds ofclubs.
Ah, but to dorks like him, they are.
What doyou guys do in your club?
ln physics, well, we talk about physics. Properties ofphysics.
So it's sort ofsocial. Demented and sad, but social, right?
[Iohnson ] l guess you could consider it a social situation.