Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Change How You Use Smartphones (Multitasking, split screen demonstration)

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 22.10.2012

hi everyone once again this is the samsung galaxy note 2 in front of us this
device has the most ram the fastest processor for any galaxy device
the biggest screen size
the biggest storage up to 64 gigabytes amazing battery life
and the most amazing stylus called S Pen and i'm here to tell you that this
device for absolutely change how you smartphones
so traditionally
with smartphones how i was using it
I would play games maybe read a couple articles
and i would do some of the
tasks that i would do in front of a computer
but in a limited fashion
but I'm here to tell you that this brings you so many steps to
in front of a real desktop computer
and I'm realizing or I'm seeing myself do less smartphony things like play games
and watch videos
and i'm actually using the internet browser
uh... most of the time when I'm on the smart phone and i've never really used a
smartphone like this and
i'm just automatically
just seeing myself do this so i find it interesting
the first thing i do is when i open up the web browser i immediately
disable the mobile version of the web browser
and use the full version of the web browser because it the screen
is big enough for that and
this runs flash also you could easily install it
even though it's official not supported
so you get the full browsing experience
so for example
i'll just do this all day right now i'm
uploading videos if you've been following my channel
or i'll read something on xda developers
or i'll read something on stocks
i'll read up on my hobbies
which are video games and i want to show you
as long as we're here
another thing that really makes this a for browsing experience
this S Pen makes
the mouse hover functionalities
possible for example
on a real computer
when you hover with the mouse you get extra information you can interact with
the webpage
differently than you would on a smartphone and you just didn't have that
hover functionality but
this is the first device that can do this
it brings up a little cursor and and you could see there are these
hover drop-down menus on this web page i'm hovering over xbox
three sixty .pc PS3
i could go to these sub menu items
that you're not able to access with a regular smartphone
not in a easy way
another thing is

all websites have some
mouse hover functionalities for example i'm just hovering over these menu
items here
and as you the
content is changing again
i'm hovering over this list of items
and you could see this part change
and this is a big leap forward
bringing real internet browser
to the smartphone
let's move on to multi-tasking

this is the first phone that could truly do multi-tasking
and what i mean that is other phones might might say it does multi-tasking
what it really does is it you may keep it in the memory of you know if it does
have the ram for it
and you can switch to it but it actually

that app
you're not running two applications at once
this device is a true
multitasking device and it can do it with these
split screen function functionalities
so lets open up two apps here
say you're a real social person
so you love the social experienece
so you can
you can be browsing on facebook
you can be
or say you're a business person
you're more about
sending people of work to do
or you found a link that looks interesting that you want people to look into
you're browsing the web and see something interesting
you see
this website link
you want to tell your assistant

do some research on this web page
so you could just
paste this link and send it to the right person
ok so a lot of people get these
text messages for example
so your friend messages you
and says that he's lost and he needs your help finding out
you get that message and you could just open up
google maps
then you could look
where he's at and where he needs to go and
the great thing is you don't need to go back and forth from the map

to text message to the map because he keeps
messaging you with other information
you could just do it with the split screen
and i think it's amazing
well one more thing about this list here
this list is a list of
currently all the apps
that supports split screen
and it's not locked into
android OS or samsung
when you install apps that support this feature they'll get added to this list
and then you could just add it back on right now aren't too many apps that
support it but they're starting to trickle in
so that should be exciting to look forward to
as more and more apps gets support the split screen feature feature
so i just wanted to give you a glimpse
how this device will change the way you a smartphone
and it's
and you're going to start using it more and more like a real computer
and i want to share that experience because it's very exciting for me
to see myself to do this
so once again thank you for viewing my video
and i have
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thank you for watching